The present website will be undergoing a complete re-design, so that the mission of the League of Light and the Pleiadian Renegades can reach more people more easily. In the meantime, enjoy browsing the pages here, and look forward to a totally new experience, coming soon!

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Welcome to the Energetic Home of Nine

Certainty hears questions while harmony leads to remembrance of knowing. Soon we will begin to remember all. Now, decide for yourself whether the answers you have are forgetting or re-membering. Opalescent memory questions nothing, except "Who remembers?" The answers rise as certainty dissolves into harmonic divinity restored. Enter the realm of possible reality and allow the code of Nine to open up the world within.
Here you can access all the messages from the Pleiadian Renegades, Anica, Theo, Asket, Semjase, the Isis Soul Collective, and others, brought to you through Maryann Rada, terrestrial contact for the League of Light (LOL). Explore the links to find libraries of written communications, audio teachings, video messages of all kinds, plus other extensions of the energies of the LOL. Enjoy!


So-called marauders may become focal points of interest.

It won’t be long until the truth of all truth is known, and now is as good a time as any to start looking at lies and deception with an eye to transforming them into the truth. You have to start somewhere. Look around. The truth lay around in great shards like a giant glass jigsaw puzzle. Pieces will fit without injury if handled with care. With love. In fact, the effect is quite lovely, once the pieces begin to align in such a way that light bends in angles of perception hitherto seen merely as an edge. It is your own understanding you can see refracted there, and the insight that such perception affords.

It is the beginning of opalescence.


An opening exists in every moment in which the perfection of being is accessible from the world of illusion that is called reality. That perfection is held as crystalline purity in the essence of the element of creation known as Nine. Beyond the edges of the universe, Nine spins a fractal web of time. The known is in

1 as being,
2 as relation,
3 as particulation,
4 as apprehension,
5 as form,
6 as interpretation,
7 as belief,
8 as wholeness,
9 as I AM. 

Back home Nine awaits.

The Mission of this Site

Nine is a path to wholeness. The intention behind the site is to provide a reliable map for the traveler along that path. The way is kept from the one who would reach no further than his own personal experience of the world for total truth, never seeing his reflection in the experience of another. It is hidden from those who would look only as far as their own front door for interaction with a greater cosmos, never venturing to the back door to see what waits for a gracious exit. An opportunity awaits those who take the path of Nine, to interact with a greater Self than they see in the mirror, to take out the trash full of outmoded beliefs and broken illusions, to imagine a greater reality than would be possible imprisoned in the artifice of time and place. The path of Nine is rich with the promise of wholeness achieved of the Self recognized within the eyes of others, perhaps people not so familiar, perhaps somewhat alien. Nine embraces all and in loving arms transforms what is not understanding into the complete perfection of expression.

The mission of Nine is to be. The mission of this site is to make available a path for any who fearlessly seek integration with the greater Self, with divinity, with the perfection of being which is Nine’s greatest service. By allowing Nine in the awareness of your reality, you summon forth a reality in which I AM resounds.

May the pages herein contained benefit all who explore. They are offered with the purest hope for the greatest benefit for beings everywhere, that in reaching the understanding within that divinity is essential to the individual human, the divine may be recognized in all humans, and the collective understanding of who we are reaches the level of inevitability regarding the reality we project.

In service to the eternal reverberation of OM, this site is dedicated to consciousness in all its forms in harmony with the truth, with love, in peace.

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Nine's Highlights

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Introduction to the Science of Nine
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Saren: Pleiadian Language of Light
Introduction Back in 2002-03, my communications with the Pleiadians began to enrich themselves with a huge influx of words I didn’t understand. This was the time of my introduction to a Pleiadian light-based language called Saren. Saren is older than most Earth languages and is sort of related to a form...

Look for the latest transmissions in the Luminous Dimensions blog, including Anica's, as liaison for the League of Light, from various galactic entities. Timely, insightful, and power-packed for NOW!


A Great Secret of Nine

A long time ago, your people were traveling in a cloud of unformed massless stuff, pure potential held together by an agreement to experience the potential of diversity within a sphere called Gaia. Some call it Terra, others call it Urth. Such is the nature of diversity that there is not a commonality of language, but there was, at that point in timelessness, and there is still today, an agreement that you would together experience a unified cosmic moment in this particular construct. And there was light. And there was land, separated by ocean, and sky separated by nothing more than perspective from a perfectly-formed energetic ball of thought which you inhabited as individuated beingnesses, expressions of I AM, walking along the linear track of time and space beneath the stars you once called home. Then you allowed forgetfulness to seep in, stories to arise, and so it continued both day and night for eons and eons of enfolded weaves of the strands of creation taking form and movement and volition to achieve what once the unified mass of thought had set out to achieve. What was that? You stand in front of it now: The creation of a world in which you can, as a unified consciousness, live as a single organism of diverse individuated beingnesses in harmonic accord with the resonant strand of I AM. All the eons upon eons of time from the initial thought to the manifest response have carried you to this point of divine ascendance. It is not a moment in which everything changes, but it is a moment in which your reality takes on a new impetus toward peace, harmony, and fulfillment… if you so intend it to be.

from "New Day Dawning: 9-9-9 and Your New Reality"
Changing Address: Notes about Our Galactic History





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