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Diagram of a Download

This drawing, transmitted during a communication with the Pleiadians, shows the activity going on in a channeling session. Click the image to see a larger version.

The figure in the middle is a representation of me holding my notebook, seated cross-legged as is my habit. To the left is an etheric human form talking to me, and above that form is the package of information being downloaded from the source of the transmission. To the left of me is a small spirit with the number 9 above it, whispering in my ear. Below are the words "Nine is... " followed by something I can't decipher.

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About Anica

In the world you inhabit, you would have a hard time spotting me, because I am human, and because the world I inhabit is phased to a higher frequency than yours presently is. To you, I would appear almost diaphanous, made more of light than matter. Your world is breaking free of that harmonic, however, and is already in the process of re-integrating within the structure of a finer, lighter density. Soon your eyes will register this shift and I might appear more solidly human. Know that is because your address, in a manner of speaking, has changed. The world you inhabit is restructuring itself, and you along with it.

Lyran roots we share, your race and mine. We are human. The time of our reunion fast approaches, as every day your world organizes itself anew. The day soon will dawn when you can deny no longer the truth of a greater reality than the 3-D Earth you know, and we will meet again as family. We are so happy! This is our greatest wish, that you awaken to enjoy the dawn and not sleep through it unaware. We can reach your attention more easily as the morning approaches, and I am of a lineage of writers and wisdom-seekers and teachers, reaching your attention to share the wisdom of Nine.

My name is Anica. My family name is Colinion, which means “Col of Lyra, in knowledge of the ways of the elders high, his family.” I live, most of the time, on a craft traveling the tunnels of space and time, but my home planet circles a sun you would see as part of the Pleiades. My family line has been there since the first settlement from Lyra. There are some twists and turns of time involved, but our families, yours and those of my world, are linked.

This is, in part, a website which I have created. Maryann listened while I “spoke”, diligently transcribing and carrying the energy of what you find in these pages. It is a partnership which we both agreed to work in to bring the wisdom of Nine to the Earth’s global awareness at this point in time. She does the ground work and I unravel the code. We are very much in harmony, and the manifestation of this site has kept us both busy. For those who wish to, but who cannot see the possibility to pay, as energy exchange and gratitude offering is currently arranged in your world, I say this: To have what you truly desire, ask that it be so. Allow your kind thoughts of gratitude and support draw to you the means of expression. Sincerity, of course, helps. As you study, you will be able to grow more adept at interpolating reality towards perfection in joy. When the heart is sincere, the frequency of materialization conforms to Nine, and in that is understanding made real.

Study materials for navigation of the weave of creation will be made available to subscribers soon. The course will cover the basics of Nine as a fundamental function of being; the understanding of Nine as the essence of consciousness; the application of Nine as the perfecting impulse of love; the integration of Nine into the awareness of the individual and the human psyche’s remembrance of Nine awareness as its natural state. From there, you can more fully appreciate the wisdom in your everyday life and more deeply interact with the divine in all. When the time comes, I will have more detailed information; until then, there is much information already available to ponder.

As the site grows, there will be more to discover. It is our joint intention that this place be one of healing, wisdom, joy and transformation to a finer state of being. This is just the beginning.

My name is Anica. You may, of course, contact me through e-mail — I will ask Maryann to answer them as it is appropriate, publicly, as they pertain to the site. However, I will be giving regular personal updates in the newsletter. Technical questions can be addressed to Maryann, who will answer as best as she is able. For anyone looking for Amanda R. Ryan, look no further. That name is, as you likely know by now, a playful rearrangement of my partner’s name. It does bear mention, though, as “a man to Orion” is what each of you is, as an awakened being in awareness of your history in the cosmos, with one voice addressing the form of Nemesis and saying “I love you.”

You can change any reality, if you know how to. Nine teaches the way of perfection, of love, of peace and power and joy. I will have more to say about this in the coming months as your collective reality unfolds. Knowledge of the science of Nine as the understanding of the nature of love is one way to a future of overwhelming delight. The journey on the path of Nine is just beginning in earnest. But with a twist, and that is that you have a resource of understanding how to navigate it towards the perfection of experience and expression of being, whole, in harmony with the core frequency of divinity, with OM. This is a way of peace, of wisdom, of christedness, of transformation. It is a way of nature, of science, of alchemy, of understanding. It is a way that has been buried in ancient texts and monuments, in DNA and the halls of memory of the collective human psyche. I am with great love and respect to all beings the messenger. I greet you as family. Welcome to the beginning.

Once I was certain about life’s order. “Be normal like everyone else,” I thought, “and you’ll be guaranteed a life of happiness. Keep a low profile and you’ll be free.”

Correction to those misconceptions came over a period of years and through a series of dramatic turns of events that brought me to where I began to write the words of the Pleiadians to share with the world: in the cradle of the mountains living a simple life far removed from the destiny I thought I could fit into. I have since moved on, closer to peace, definitely closer to the heart of love. I never left my “destiny.” I never left my “normal” life. I only redefined what such nebulous words meant. Regular use has obliterated any sense of meaning from either. Same for “name” and “number.” I have redefined myself so many times I have rendered those words useless as well. Both are restrictive illusions of order under the guise of normalcy. By “name” I now understand “self-certain whom.” By “number” I bestow “network locator.” We are all becoming more relaxed as to order imposed from without and more organized as to being a cunningly created self-ordered organism of “you”s and “me”s reflecting the mirror image of each other from within.

It is from this place that I write – but to satisfy your curiosity about the path I followed to get here, I add the following facts about who I used to be. I have worked in scholarly publishing, at a restaurant more near than far from paradise, in the biotech industry (of all places) and as a healer. I also sported a variety of titles at a handful of other businesses as befits a member of the working class you might call Generation X – whatever that means. Exactly. I have a degree in English with honors from a small college in more normal days, a lifetime membership in Phi Beta Kappa, and an eminent almost-master’s degree from a prestigious university. Am I sounding a bit pompous yet? I bore myself with such banalities.

I have met new knowledge in denying that all that ever mattered, really, if you will allow me that nugget of mediocrity to be both denied and valued for its illusionary quality. What I derailed on was nothing less than what I realize now was love answering my desperate pleas for its appearance. And sanity rearranged itself accordingly. Life offered rich opportunities for healing and doing what I really love, which is nurturing remembrance of who one naturally is as a being of light–which, as one reading this page, you of course are. The observations I have gleaned in the past several years are collected rather haphazardly in the blog Bends of Light.

With great respect I offer this in the more than hope that it will make a crystallization of understanding grow larger and you laugh a little, too. Peace to you, and certainly love. Remember who you are becoming–I’ll meet you there and we can have a laugh about who we thought we were.

— a personal note from Maryann


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