The present website will be undergoing a complete re-design, so that the mission of the League of Light and the Pleiadian Renegades can reach more people more easily. In the meantime, enjoy browsing the pages here, and look forward to a totally new experience, coming soon!

(announced July 11, 2017)

PLEASE NOTE: I love hearing from you! Thank you for taking the time to put together thoughtful comments and questions. The responses that come through this contact form are invariably rich and reflect a deep resonance with the League of Light's core essence. Often, I receive quite detailed questions addressed to members of the crew. For personal questions such as regarding your life purpose, relationships, path, etc., please use the contact form under the "Readings" link in the top menu bar. I cannot answer such questions here. Thank you!

If you do submit detailed questions, please also consider making a donation as an energetic exchange, that you may fully own your response.


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