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On the journey, some connections have become friendships, and the intrinsic reverberation of the work of these people is evidence of the human spirit in line with higher, deeper, more ancient, and bold purpose. Please visit their sites, support their work, and find greater light on your path.


Marie-Chantal Kindou

Marie-Chantal Kindou Bird of ParadiseMarie-Chantal Kindou creates stunningly vibrant oil paintings with she channels from higher dimensional consciousness. She is much beloved by Asket, who along with others guides her paintbrush to create canvases that enliven the heart. The League of Light works through her artwork and the poems that accompany many of the pieces to manifest transformational art that is alive and communicative. Prints of her art are available through Etsy and Fine Art America. Contact Marie-Chantal for inquiries about original paintings and commissioned pieces.

Visit Marie-Chantal's page on this site (and commission a painting).


Mayan Artisan Goods

Mayan Majix

Bring the vibrant world of today's Maya home, with handcrafted artisan beadwork and weavings, hand-rolled incense, gemstone carvings, and galactic butterfly designs, personalized astrology reports, and silver jewelry. The store supports traditional Central American artisans, preserving their heritage. Lovingly curated by Mike Shore and Madaline Weber, the Mayan Majix website features the work of Ian Lungold, a teacher of profound insight. Well worth visiting to learn more.

Visit the store (and dive into Mayan art and lore).


Metaphysical Tools

Cosmic Healing Discs

Exquisitely hand-crafted by the vibrant Shari Lynn, lovingly attuned to enhance your biology and accelerate spiritual growth, these Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs are unique tools for transformation. High-resolution transparent imaging and meticulous backing and embedding with gold, silver, or copper ensures a refined and powerful tool. With a growing collection of designs from sacred geometry to holy beings to stars, nature, and magick, there is something for every path. Perfect for healing practitioners, to carry in your pocket, or to activate any room. Shari weaves bliss and ecstaticism into everything she does, and maintains a high state of connection to the divine as she creates these special tools.

Visit the store (and get activated — and ecstatic).



Soul Retrieval Manual

A wise woman warrior, artist, and writer, Karla Segura Millán explores the depths of healing through the example of her own life, and she has compiled her knowledge of the many dimensions of healing in her book, which I hope to be featuring here soon. The words of the League of Light accompany the passages of insight which, along with a sublime selection of Marie-Chantal's inspired artwork, triggers a deeper sense of personal empowerment for healing on multiple levels.

Visit Karla's site (and discover new depths of healing)



News & Community

Inspired and maintained by Laron Smith, with whom I enjoy many heart-centered, interesting conversations and have worked alongside in other timelines, Transients has long been a bastion of new thought and thoughtfulness. A community has grown into a vibrant forum; visit there, and join in the conversations (that's where I spend time, too). With articles ranging from timely news to insights gleaned through QHHT sessions, along with daily Unspun News and weekly group distance healing gatherings, there is always something new to discover. A vibrant community that's growing daily!

Visit the Transients website (and join the community).


Revising History

New Earth

Few researchers have inspired me to the depths that Sylvie Ivanova ("New Earth") has. Synthesizing the work of alternative historians, scholars, archaeologists, and visionaries, the result is a body of incisive, exciting revelations of our deep human history. I challenge you to immerse yourself in the lush video documentaries, and watch your understanding of this shared reality broaden your understanding of what it is to be human. Our past has been kept a mystery, and much has been stolen from us, replaced by trauma and scattering. The time for reintegration has come. I know of few better tools to achieve that than the knowledge you'll find in abundance at this site.

Visit New Earth's website, (and participate in research and support).



The Holistic Chef

I met Shakti Grace in a truly serendipitous way, and the connection was instant and high-energy. This vibrant shaman and healer has since set herself on the sunny coast of Australia, where she uses her considerable culinary talents and deep knowledge of plant medicine, nutrition, and healing to cook up truly amazing gourmet meals (lucky Aussies) and shamanic retreats. Her piéce de la résistance, however, is the supercharged selection of Alchemy blends (a key ingredient in many of the delicacies her clients enjoy). The alchemy of love liberally flavors everything she touches!

Visit Shakti's website (and get some real soul food).




Other sites to check out:

Ancients of Atlantis (communications and memories)

Newearth YouTube (ancient history rewritten)

The Thunderbolts Project (electric universe science & ancient myth) 


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