Welcome to the Opalescent Blogosphere!

Gearing up for a great opening…. Now the doors are open for members of the Opalescent Collective to create and post to their own blogs, right here on the Opalescent Nine site!

If you have something to share (and we all do), why not create a blog? It’s easy and you can start posting right away. Best of all, the blogs are powered by WordPress, so you have all the basics and a lot more to satisfy your reality-creating urges.

The blogs are open to all who sign up on the site, and I only ask that you respect the standards of posting and keep your blog relevant to the spirit of Opalescence: Be free to be, share what’s in your heart, open your mind to new pathways, and offer something to the community that resonates with divinity in whatever flavor it presents from within your beingness.

You’ll find a lithe and light-filled community of writings here, knowledge that’s unique and inspiring, artwork that may alter the way you approach your world, and so much more. there are no limitations to the aspects of light in opalescence, just a shimmering that beckons deeper understanding and wholehearted loving participation in the adventure of being human. For that is why we have come here, after all, right? Dive in!

Click here to start your own blog.

Know that you are most warmly welcome to open the door to deeper aspects of yourself here. The intent is to create the platform for you to create the community. There is more to come.

Wishing everyone a great moment of now, always,
Maryann (“Opal”)


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