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Drawing from the higher realms of human consciousness, Marie-Chantal Kindou's brushstrokes are guided by the heart and mind of the League of Light. She captures in oil a level of vibrancy and vitality that is truly otherworldly, bringing into beautiful form meaning both subtle and profound. Seeing her art is an experience of immersion in the Pleiadian world of art come alive, and each painting is a communication unique to each viewer, revealing layers of understanding that awaken the mind. 

Most of her paintings are accompanied by a poem that follows in the wake of the painting itself, a fluid communiqué from the artwork's source that adds an extra component of life. In some cases, she shares her own inspiration from which the painting has its seed form, and some are left to you to describe in the depths of your own heart. Click the link to the Conscious Imprints blog to see all the poems in full.

This page displays merely a sample of her work, to give you a taste of the multimedia experience that the Pleiadians of the League of Light choose to communicate through. You can see more of her original artwork here, including prices for individual pieces. Prints in many formats are available from Fine Art America. You can also stay up to date with her latest work by liking her Facebook page, Conscious Imprints. 

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Pictured: "Bird of Paradise"



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