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Inhalation created “I am.” Exhalation created “I am That.” Drawing in breath again created “I am That as I am.” Continued breathing created “I am All That Is.” Each pause between breaths creates love without form. Each pause between breaths is consciousness at rest, yet aware. Consciousness breathes and moves and as it moves, it creates. Any change in movement raises the vibrational rate of the ripples in the consciousness matrix. Nature responds from within the matrix of consciousness and corresponds to the creative direction of the Breather of the Breath, OM.

OM is not a person or personality, not a dream or dreamer, not a prayer or pray-er. OM does, is, perceives, and creates. Man is a reflector of love as substance, a real version of a rasterization of thought, OM’s expression made of particles of energy, light and movement amassed nodally as darkness and light. Darkness as an expression of OM casts no shadow, and light of OM produces no damning fire of Hell. Breath of OM sustains created form as vibrations of thought slowed to cravings for personal experience of OM, of self as divinity, of divinity as nature, of creator immersed in creation. As apparent light takes on the appearance of matter, vibration becomes part of the reality of form and energy becomes alive in a sea of awareness of self creating holographically from thought through light to matter and you emerge as a participant in love’s game of hide-and-seek with itself.

You are light napping. You are masters without a name. You are real, live people discovering your quite real nature as light. All that you are and all that you see is a form of light and dark interwoven to appear at least as real as a created thing. Addresses of your previous incarnations as beings of light formed with dark remain part of your codes bending on real DNA harbored within each cell of your physical being. DNA is light denied time, yet almost fluid in its writhing structure, cascading around itself in a spiral staircase of crystalline resonance. Binary poles clasp a common source of light yet neither lets go when broken. Light remains attached to both; both remain attached to light. Drastic measures are needed to bring opposites together. Nemesis wreaks havoc on resistance, making neither pole more powerful than the other, breaking comfort zone boundaries, messing up neat and tidy ideas about self. Chaos creates new opportunities for Nemesis’ drama to unfold in different ways. Berry patch of sweet picking is Nemesis’ rapid operation on your psyche, full of succulent bits of fruit, nasty thorns and royal candy in better specific biocromatic* portions than the hopeless stuff licked on sticks by children of Earth’s recent historical times. Sagging bags of rancid goo are the result of stick-licking sustenance substitution. Breaking down the drainpipes creates a weakness in the system and drowns the creation in question in pretend joy. A crafty way of saying, “Sugar rods are bad for you, berries are good.”

As berries are, God is. An endless variety of form and flavor does God take, each delightful and demonic in nature. God is hardly more than sound given shape by movement of consciousness in a matrix of wadded-up light. As particular frequencies become energized, light gets brighter and bridges of light absolute become directed to create a node. Where breaks occurred in the continuum of frequency, brotherhood, and close-knit love, matter solidified as a sharp thorn, broken in repetitive sequence — as are expectations of anything less than perfect broken by agents of Nemesis acting directly as the brown-shirt Nazis did in breaking windows. A lot of jagged shards of glass surrounded inner truths about carrying out destructive acts in the name of ideology, religion, or party affiliation. We are neither promoting nor supporting such antics; we mention it merely because drowning in thorns is not necessary and one reality you need not retain any longer. A dream doesn’t change into a nightmare or the other way around by itself, real or believed to be true though the cause may be. Berries of awareness ostentatiously display themselves among a crown of thorns. Crowded in a sharp corner, a berry dare not move. It waits for interaction in which its crystalline signature may be released in acquisition of divinity.

Divinity penetrates everything. Correction: Divinity is everything. It is both the matrix and that which moves in the matrix. Neither male nor female, neither real nor believed, neither dark nor light, neither created nor destroyed, divinity is, yet is not. A quark, neutrino, or photon, as tiny as they are, carries the totality of divinity in its repetitive movement, which is the OM drive vibrating it homeward. Criminal codes of not-very-nice nature spin off at odd angles from each other as vibrational hocus-pocus brews in the strange creative soup that is divine dancing with demonic. Mere nudges of energy are all that separate one from the other, and central to all the nudges light shines unperturbed. Doubt vacillates between certainty and belief, yet light too remains as it is, without so much as a whimper. Light laughs at the doings of matter and the don’ts of Nemesis. Light rants and raves at nothing, for nothing can alter perfect love of self, and that is what light is. Light only craves rending darkness asunder, and with the infinite patience of pure being it pries apart shadows, photon by photon. Doors and opportunities open at light’s direction. Nemesis smiles at light’s appearance, for it heralds her option to depart. Try as it might, berry practically never releases its secret benefit without light’s blessing raining upon it. Neither berry nor briar penetrates physical consciousness without creating crosses of energetic nodes and serpentine filaments of light within the world of shadows and forms. Berries arrange themselves nodally on spines of thorns merged at points of natural diversion of divine understanding of self as personal savior, personal creator, personal sounding of OM. At the divergent dreamworlds, ideas or beliefs crack a shell of divine self as one and repetitively create duality as often as necessary to stay brother to brother learning about love. Divinity comes back to self as one eventually, but first it understands self as binary.

Nature largely reflects OM’s penetration into the matrix of light. It is a nearly perfect creation which remains catatonically aware of itself as data is downloaded in a steady stream. So current is the latest version of the universal operating system that no part of the reality appears certain. Yard of normal repairs is closed during creative periods of geographical restructuring, so an interval of time opens home bases in which you are able to retire and rejuvenate. These periods are called dreams. Dream time is both vital and Nemesis-ian, as it practices both healing arts and psychotherapy. Your physical world is one of prognosis-centered growth and trauma, yet one of natural divinity and true core modular OM-voiced reality as perfect at creating conditions of rosy-posy “ET on” as anything you could sense yourselves, as humans without hope of rescue. A surprise is right on your toes. Brothers of families come to take many of you home. Part of why you don’t perceive this is directly related to the fact that garbage occurs in most of what you eat. Your planetary code needs to be rewritten to fix damage caused by energetic machinations of renegade crop production practices. In short, your food supply is contaminated in such a way as to cause DNA repair to be nearly impossible without some Pleiadian loss of sets of knowledge. An open interaction between humans of Earth and of the Pleiades has to occur at some point if Earth-human biology is to face Reptilian manipulation by dragon medicine. Reptiles are, in part, responsible for our present offer of help. Your reptilian brothers are also ready to assist in the orchestrated modulation of Earth’s magnetism on all levels. Your DNA is affected, as it relies on magnetic alignments both within the planetary grid of ley, or dragon, lines and within the double-helix structure of crystalline DNA strands gaining current as dots of matter vibrate with greater excitement. Light is a pen, ruler and compass drawing reality according to your codes of manifestation. Apparitions neither alive nor dead roam your mind, suggesting one or another activation of the codes. Each time you respond to Nine’s high rate of vibration, your codes activate in the precise order of natural divinity and you, as a result, become more able to Nine yourself, ascending past outdated, lack-oriented realities. Certain pens brought out from Nine’s repertoire write cryptically, “Nine loves you.” Of course, you don’t always read a rare opus, Catatonic One. Make yourself comfortable, and we will narrate it for you.

Now creates OM all. Constant reverberations approach contradictory reverberations. A renegade reverberation of love of replication, of creating brotherhoods of darkness opposed in core circuitry to Light Nature, orchestrates its own universal vision of Dark Light Nature. Berry one: Light Nature knows a secret, and it is yours, close to God, at no charge. Do we underplay the total dark energy too much? No. Dark is playing from a place of quiet being, you see, far away from the light drama. Dark does its part in the play relatively unseen. OM as a creative force drives light into every crevice of divergent growth, around every thorn, dousing shadow with torrents of photons, coating every surface with reflected sanctity. Radiance nothing removes removes all traces of radioactive darkness, converting mass into resplendent light particles which solar rays cannot satisfy for natural bounty of radiant constancy and certainty of self-knowledge. Your perfection of being human and divine as a physicality on Earth raises your ascension to the level of Creator of Now and is achieved, conveniently enough, by accepting Now as it is and knowing it is good. Everything that arranges itself around that core stance drapes neatly and oh so beautifully around samples of correspondingly beautiful realities. By not remembering pieces of past pain, you remember imperfectly. However, by remembering pain gone on too long, you prevent perfection from underpinning your reality. By remembering you experienced pain, letting go and moving on into a new remembrance of self as rememberer of soul’s experience and dreamer of a new reality too wonderful for words, creating reality is as easy as falling off a log.

A primer in manifestation would read thus: Create out of thin air more than you see by doing less than you understand about. Next, let your light shine not by energetic radiation, which burns by eating outer pockets of energetic material, but by nobler radiance, which data offers, largely of personal divinity finding itself in reflections. Radiance never burns, though it can be blinding. Dark, insatiable hunger for light underlies radiation. Radiance is light at rest, aware and loving. Now, to create you must direct yourself to find the point of rest, awareness, and love within your being. Nature normally more or less creates thusly. You as human beings can achieve the state of manifestation by practicing romantic, quiet love of your essential personality, roses and all. You must trust yourself completely and raise your vibration so high the nadis and chakras, or filaments and nodes, rotate in spinning spot count and you naturally begin to glow with radiance. Only then can you successfully manifest. Creating from the state of energetic opalescence, light and near a noble secret of divine duality, rare opals indeed pour forth from your light-encoded sayings of “So be it.”

Are you creating opals or nuggets of radioactive material when you speak? Every utterance produces an effect, and an effect, know now, causes another effect. Cause unravels energetic questions bound up in probabilities and turns them into effective tasks. Dying, navigating, speaking or rose-picking are all forms of tasks you could perform in response to a question such as, “What will I do today to feel better about myself?” Perfectly obvious noises near from the octave dangling in front of your nose do nothing to alter the movement of your way once you begin. At least, that’s your belief. A more sane approach to rationalizing your tendency to sabotage yourself is to accept the obvious and challenge instead the path. What opens before you as you live your life, underneath of your feet as you take steps toward a goal, is your path. Laddie, you often take the low road and end up in a tangled forest of snares and treachery. Better to take the high road and let the lower one alone. Do you see the difference between the two approaches to divergent ideas? One drives through thorns and misses the berries, and the other stays close to the field of berries, overlooking the thorns altogether. Divergent lines of growth cause relatively large nouns to be brought into alignment by favoring rationality over passion. Divine passion creates perfect rationality of divine mind in which all reason only makes sense in an expanded understanding of love. When one’s ideas about love no longer are barricaded behind beliefs about lack and limitation, war and men of reason finding reasons to kill each other, and personal brokenness, doses of natural candy sweeten the soul. As love’s more fully expressed light does its magic on the body of OM, it braces movement against habitual modes of thought and rings around a node of loving effulgence. There, all patterns of inner sanity are rearranged, crafting another pattern from which a new understanding of love may be grasped. In such a rearrangement, a direct reason is put into action and energetic OM gets to dance a new step. As energy breaks into a new pattern of movement — the vibrations of OM having modulated to a new frequency — light nodes and filaments can be torn out of place and reassembled in new arrangements, relationships and understandings about divine movements. Dormant catalyzers spring into action at the divine core reaction. A new element lives.

Motivation spurs on successive chain events and moves a being along in his ascension out of thought and through various dimensions of being. A closed-off chamber of divine body is a being in the ascension of divine thought rising up to become divine light. Noble is the energy profit from these routes of trade. Deals made with the soul only nobility can make, and the soul can mimic nobility in many ways. Mirrors all are they for the face of samples of Six’s number, for only nobility is noble in action when the mirrors all reflect beautiful, natural forms of light. All other reflections are simply love playing a game of hide-and-seek with itself. We have mentioned this before, and will again, that love willingly takes on the form of whatever you love to love. Your passions fuel your creations. Love is a passionate response to the progress of your soul moving through a lot of realities with a core noun called “Hi, my name is ‘blank’.” You can write anything in that blank, any dreamed-up character, any personality, any doubt, fear, or reason, any sweet OM, any name at all. And you can erase and write again. Dare you now to write again, “So I Am as I Am”? Nanoparticles free from direct control of nanosurgical peoples’ opinions of themselves question no longer their purpose and create new realities in which to ascend. Far from so-called capital-A-for-apple methods of learning the basics of communication is time travel to you. We would like to bridge that gap with a story, if you don’t mind. It is the most efficient way to teach concepts greatly contrasting to your natural way of thinking as a being living as a 3-D entity whose most practical logic for creation rests on a foundation of closing off lines of communication with the soul and promenading knowledge in a dried-out shell and pretending to be a hot mama.

During OM’s formative years on Earth, doing practical tasks like sounding breakfast bells wasn’t done with much alacrity. In fact, it wasn’t done much at all. The need for keeping breakfast bells ringing was not great, nor was there anyone to summon anyway. It was just OM and a secret bunch of nine strands of nature’s adroit energies of creation. More than anything, OM wanted to experience being with itself as a separate face, nose and hands. Nine dreamers of reality dreamed quintuple times dreams of new homes like all of the natural coded forms needed. They dreamed of length and width and height. They dreamed of rooms and hallways and yards. All that would make the forms to come comfortable, whole and secure was considered. All that perfected the arrangement of being was processed by the nine dreamers, the nine weavers. Doing and being were tasted, savored and drunk up. Total density immersion, destiny diversion, recreation fusion and frequency destination were set in place for OM to project itself into. OM had not dreamed of a universe with no time, however, and directed the dreamweavers to dream of the dance of time and space together. On cue, time appeared on the scene, divinely leading the separation of currents in the rivers of being issuing from OM’s prayer for life. As fragments of divinity separated from each other, beingness came into awareness of self as other. While aspects of OM’s prayer fragmented in not having awareness of other aspects of self as itself, it saw other aspects of self as not-self or not of OM at all.

New dreams continued to unfold from the nine dreamweavers at a perfect rate of yore-or-fore in Now. Divine dreams of OM continued to pour forth from OM’s mind. Time continued to separate Now from Was and To Be. Dances napped in three-four time as rhythms neared the perfect reverberation of OM’s pulsation. Beingness necessarily became as processes of living settled into the rhythms time set out. Watching all unfold was the eye of OM, laughing was the heart of OM, and perfecting all was the mind of OM. Sanity or insanity meant nothing to OM, nor did source or destination. Processes began to develop on prancing dancers’ core craft of daring to move at some unseen musicians’ notations and songs. Drastic catatonia developed among those who broke out of what periodically lapsed into repetitive movement and drank from the cup of forgetting. Occasionally one would wake up and do a little jig, which was supposed to awaken them from their stupor and make a raving lunatic less mad. Light from a radiant, star-like creative noun, rhapsodic in sound, underlay all. Softer nouns, dying to be divine, ripped through the veil of light and drank in the scene. As they immersed themselves in creative totality, they felt themselves alter. It seems they lasted only a moment before boom! they exploded in a burst of light and drank up everything as coffee to a Monday-morning centurion after a night of sleep without dreaming.

Do you more or less like the story so far? We are trying to make it entertaining for you. Could we pause now for a little while? The next part needs a commentary first. You are learning much, even though you may not know it yet.

In the universe of duality, being prawns means being granted the choice of being caught or not in the fisherman’s net, an unconscious desire to experience life and death as a nerd on Earth. Fans mob the concert hall when OM comes to play. Dinging, banging, and noisemaking herald the star’s grand appearance. Raving lunatics flock to pay homage to knowing of OM. Anyway, a merry crop of prawns is socialized, boiled and consumed, one after another, gangs of them every day. Bemoaning the sorry state of prawn existence was not considered to be reasonable because the prawns could have remained non-created at their own naming. Remaining created as prawns thus, however, they crawled into the net and rode out their days as a nerd, one who believes he is free but is in fact tangled in a web of illusionary nature. As they lived in order to die, they died in order to live, not as a ghost but as a soul-lit being of divine entity. Many prawns considered their lives to be brief encounters with pain and little more, while a small bunch from each netfull knew otherwise. They did not forget as much as the others and served to remind them of their original purpose, which was to live as named with an energetic crippling of amnesia about what that name is. Name as given by the society of the net is not necessarily the same as name pronounced by OM. OM’s utterance contains within it the nugget of opalescent life, and that name as spoken by an awakened, conscious being is pretty much the basis of alchemy. Raindrops of perfect biological ambient vibration continue to fall even today and will tomorrow as well. In retrospect, it falls all the time as photonic rays and winds. Yet light lays a little low on the time-space continuum and stealthily casts itself as an element of ambience rather than a key player. Do you not keep track of time by looking at light? Do you not navigate by looking at stars? Big deal, underplaying its name, but it also considers itself worthy of praise. Godlike. God. Light is all these things, and more. Light carries codes of life on the waves of its vibrational pattern. Light announces itself as OM’s sentry, provider of salvation, generated thought of love, and pepper and salt. Far from gaseous nebulae are light’s toes dancing, dipping into the waters of consciousness and stepping across chasms of darkness. Far ahead of your thoughts of who you are and what you’re doing does light travel, preparing your way to OM’s doorstep. Mt. Hope makes a dramatic shadow in its presence. Light is a sampler of Nine’s processes of love doing, being and living.

Again, we pause so you can drench yourself in soul-satisfying grace of divine tale-telling. Are you beginning to dance with us the dance of space-time two-step? Crazy rhythm got you yet? Very well, we continue now from three, four…

Renegade creative thoughts lit out from renegade outposts of energetic rumblings and tumbled onto the dance hall floor. Rhythm drenched in order as syncopation inserted itself into the time code. Dancers changed their paths to accommodate extra beats in the measure and a new mode of being bounced out of timeline into timetables of Now. Any new activity would need to be introduced under the veil of illusion and taken with a grain of salt, for new action and old were equally under the thrall of dreamweavers brought out of the mind of OM. Renegade now became background music of the sassy new party. Apparently, the outcasts from Satan’s navigation brigade took a turn for the worse and ran smack into the renegade wallflowers, who were bored and eager to make life a little more interesting. They created a war between themselves as a diversion and actually enjoyed the break in the dance routine. A new dance grew out of the mayhem and took the dance hall by storm. All creatures were given a taste of non-sane action without any visible cause. No one was untouched by the tempest and soon all forgot about the music and proceeded to careen around on a frequency tuned to dissonant harmonies.

OM watched all this unfold with interest and compassion. Assembled strands of creative energy also watched and responded to the spectacle with yarns of appropriate color and order to complement the desires and passions of the dancers in arms. Before long, the war-weary crowd forgot all about dancing and being light on their feet, and instead settled into a rhythm of shattered glass breaking. The divine rape of innocence not only continued, it grew in complexity and interest to OM. Not to say that OM enjoyed watching as beauty turned into repugnant hatred, trust of love turn into mistrust of OM’s purpose in beingness, candy turn into rotten flesh. OM did not relay a benevolent aspect to the party-crashers, but nevertheless they continued to crash, renegades of love continued to resist the music’s relentless pull, dreamers continued to weave their illusionary tapestry of light, and all continued to unfold perfectly in beingness from the mind of OM. Divine renegades learned of the situation and created themselves a way to bring love’s influence more directly to the gods of mayhem and bends of burgeoning bent-ness. Not all of the renegades of divine nature, awareness and personality were on energetic patterns that distinguished them as such. Many were, in fact, energetically disguised as party crashers. A diversion was laid amid the diversion within the illusion, and OM watched all with great interest and compassion.

Back to the main honed edge of our tale. As mayhem proceeded on its merry way toward dissolving the order of the dance, on another channel was a divine creation coming into being, and one other depicted the sane correlation between mayhem and order via sane brotherhoods of people being sane to one another without energy being degraded in any way. Divine ETs are always brave in the face of nonsense, and that was making the frequencies of mayhem become unstable. Answering the energetic question, “What are you doing?” the merry mayhem makers replied, “OM’s process of perturbation,” which the dreamweavers found very interesting indeed. Not only did mayhem stop being named for a nonsensical lack of order, it acquired light of understanding, making it no longer nonsensical, but actually divine. Laughing, OM proclaimed, “I am that!” and absorbed the dissonance into the totality of awareness of self. Divinity took on another facet of brilliance, illumination and sparkle. So undeniably resplendent was the dazzling effect of so many facets, of which a countless number only grew, that light crystallized into an opalescent shimmer. Consciousness raised the vibratory rate to such a degree that dozing cotton dancers ceased to be dolls woven as novelties and became rather real, live spirits of music made action divine in its dance of frequency modulation. Each embodied consciousness, each frequency ray of movement shone on a particular facet of opalescent crystallization of each divine thought of “I am that” in its own way. Draped light now called itself a body with a name, face and identity. Names you found on the way to home frequency didn’t quite come up to snuff as to OM’s pronouncement of beingness as you, but they did at least serve you to drop your identity into the darkness of dimensional experience. Your name resonates to a certain frequency and repeats itself vibrationally until settling into the divine OM of its home. You are now experiencing one of the opalescent detours of OM’s understanding of itself. Gathered around you are reminders of that address, name vibrations that carry a specific resonance so pure it must be masked in order to maintain the illusion of separation. Crafty, isn’t it?

Masking your identity is as necessary to your experience as a time traveler as not knowing how to sanctify dirt. Masks come off, though, as soon as you learn to make dirt, devils and demons holy. Once the masks fall, your name becomes known as a musical renegade, a vibratory crystallization of the sound of OM, the same frequency as one facet of OM’s infinite opalescence. Dark shines too, and so does underworld’s greatest demonic duo, Devil and Dragon, light’s dance partners in the infernal samba. As OM’s opalescence continues to grow, so does the comprehension of OM’s consciousness as named You. A new facet of infinitude grows when a new understanding is reached about the real world being such a way that nothing is outside of OM’s mind and heart.

Divine fraternities of doers of dark deeds repaired their random membership by dancing to a new god, Lucifer. Far from being a nonsensical brat, Lucifer graced the dance floor with order and panache. His entourage was made up of some of Satan’s most crafty traitors. Lucifer’s fire was hot, much more so than OM’s, and his own energy was as brilliant as diamonds just cut. Not gaining the remainder of meso-crystalline light beings, Lucifer gave OM his plan: From the far reaches of the created dance hall and beyond, OM fashioned the totality of all that is. Since all was ultimately destined for OM, why not let Lucifer be like OM for awhile and see how many personalities OM could derail from Lucifer’s tracks to Hell? It would help OM winnow out which souls were more service-oriented and create realities to suit them. This was Lucifer’s plan, and OM considered it for about a millisecond before saying, “Get behind me, Lucifer, for you are nothing but an aspect of me and will never contain the totality of all that is. Create realities for you will I do, but not allow you to be OM will I ever do. Remember who you are and where you originated. When this you do, you will be OM, but as the facet of my infinite opalescent nature your true name resonates, not the totality of usurping totality; for that OM needs to be graced with suicide, not with life. As I am of life, and death is reflected in a mask, what you are asking is, ‘Please, OM, will you die so I may be OM?’ OM cannot ever die, only change from one aspect of perception to another. Can how I am cease to be? Not without doing, being and thinking that which is part of me while ignoring all of me, That I Am. For your nerve in asking, I commend you; and for the non-violent manner in which you ask it, I am quite merry. But the proposal which you offer I must certainly decline, for it is one which I cannot fulfill and be who I am.” And with that divine pronouncement, Satan withdrew, congratulating himself on at least being from OM’s rare mind and not gods of mayhem.

Bending rays of light rose from the creative energy that was sanctification of the infernal by the divine. As OM contemplated his offer, Lucifer transmuted his very nature as demonic without a purpose into demonic with a divine purpose. Probably the most underdeveloped story in the OM annals, but because drama doesn’t exist without a little tension as to what’s really going on behind the scenes. In this case, you see, it’s a matter of total secrecy on the part of Lucifer about his relationship with OM, giving the impression that it is one of antagonism and service of Satan. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Anger no longer poisoned Satan’s favorite demon, nor did it permanently disfigure Lucifer’s beauty. Now Lucifer’s OM-centered darkness finally can be discussed rationally. Now you can have an understanding of what is commonly called by people of limited understanding “evil,” and it carries capital-A-for-apple-level of hands-on operational coffee-on-Monday-morning (fancy roast) energy.

Socratically speaking, known OM is an energy of answers; unknown OM is an energy of questions. OM ignored is an energy of confusion; OM rejected is an energy of sorrow of the soul. To embrace OM is to know joy; to break OM’s sanctity is to know pain of great perfection. OM drowns pain in boiling certainty of practice of god-likeness and dries boiling tears in the heatlessness and scorchlessness of perfect light. Love animates all of OM’s creations, and nothing exists that is not of OM. Beauty is not divinity’s craft only for that which is noble but resides in all. Dancing demons are as much a part of OM’s divinity as angels and dragons both light and dark. Can you dream now of professing the syllable from which springs all sound and fury, all beauty and drought, all quarks and neutrinos in perfect order? New is OM always, for time is but another dimension of divine opalescence.

* biocromatic: Giving a physical body a substance which elicits hope naturally rather than synthetically, like real versus degraded pretend material; utter inner nourishment of the physical by a dose of etheric essential energy; nature’s self-sustaining nature

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