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(announced July 11, 2017)

NOW IT IS TIME to open your mind to new ideas, and to remember who you are. The history of Earth is far different than current standards of knowledge might lead you to believe. What is gathered here are some pieces of information to fill in the gaps of what has been left out of your history lessons, and some isolated instances of ignorance may be transformed by study and contemplation. In the meantime, until truth makes itself known far and wide, may these few links to what has been unknown serve the awakening of the mind of humanity, and lead to greater remembrance by all.

Once upon a time, we all knew who we were, where we came from, how to connect to source, and basically all the things we like to think we'll be able to do again, with ease. Naturally. What stops us from having that is less a function of anything from outside of us, or any fault of our own, and more a function of awakening to remembrance. In coming to full consciousness, we have the knowledge that we may have feared was lost. We have the ability to tap into that knowing now. What you find on these pages is offered in service to that awakening, individual by individual, until the whole planet literally blossoms with the light of awareness.

Click on the links to explore. I have gathered links to sources that are triggers to remembering. Be free in your use of the information you find here, as it applies to nurturing your inner memories and latent knowing.


Video Collections

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