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The present website will be undergoing a complete re-design, so that the mission of the League of Light and the Pleiadian Renegades can reach more people more easily. In the meantime, enjoy browsing the pages here, and look forward to a totally new experience, coming soon!

(announced July 11, 2017)


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The latest word... 

Core matrix change: the absolute and total dimensional realignment of what we see as reality. Explore the intricacies of the revolution, enjoy the rich tapestry of story and code woven into the words, and enter into knowing the true meaning of what higher consciousness recognizes as fully human being.  
A handbook for a new revolution… no less than the transformation and full empowerment of humanity. 
> Introduction to Insight 
> Low and Slow 
> Nemesis 
> Angelic Vision 
> Memory and Projection 
> Mind of Man 
> Someone Else's Shoes 
> Mother and Father 
>Taking It to the Limit 
> Love

5.25 x 8" paperback, 130 pages

Available from (print and Kindle versions), CreateSpace (print), and Smashwords (for all digital formats). Check to see if your favorite retailer is selling this title!

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