Pictures, Words, and Extraterrestrial Script

From time to time, I put my pen to paper and long lines flow onto the paper, gradually taking shape as drawings. These are not in the style "I" draw in. Neither are the captions in my style of handwriting. You can also see some samples of what I can only suppose is a Pleiadian-language script. Some of these are personal messages to me, as I learn what 5 is teaching as form, 5 being part of the Science of Nine. Often, in reviewing what appears on the paper after I'm finished (sometimes the next day, if I've fallen asleep while writing/drawing) I'll find tiny 5s and 9s embedded or "signed" on the page. For example, you can see a somewhat curly 9 below the fence at the bottom right of the "mermaid" drawing. 

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Pages from a Pleiadian Notebook

Though all of my notebooks through the years are full of messages, notes, and pictures, I've chosen to share some pages from one I started writing in 2014, as it has a wide variety of "stuff" that gives insight into the process of interdimensional communication with the Pleiadians of the League of Light. While the images are roughly separated into categories as listed below, there is some overlap, especially between ET languages and handwriting styles, and drawings and ET languages. I recommend browsing through all the collections to get a full picture of the richness that the contact has.

Handwriting Samples

Some examples of how different contacts write through my hand. There are distinctive styles of handwriting, all quite different from my own, which I also include a sample of for comparison. Click to view.



Extraterrestrial Languages

Occasionally, either with a drawing, embedded within an English-language message, or all on their own, communications will come through in a script that's apparently not from this world. Some include translations. Click to view.


The drawings from my contacts can be whimsical or educational, or something altogether meaningful for whoever's looking at it. Some of these have a short accompanying text. Click to view.

Messages from Teachers & Family

From time to time, a member of my extended family lineage (the family of Col, surname Colinion) will come through. At one point in time, I was told I would be meeting new teachers, and over the course of several days, various new voices came through. I have a feeling it was just a first meeting and that I'll be hearing from them again. Click to view.



When I write in this printed way, the letters will usually start at the bottom and be drawn up, rather than how I usually print, from the top of the letter to the baseline. The Pleiadian language is written in both the native script (I suppose) and some of it is transliterated, as well. I find these communication session to be really playful and joyful... and since I adore writing, linguistics, symbols, etc. they leave me a lot to study. I hope you find meaning in them.


The Early Work: 2008

Spring 2008

Text reads:

This is a picture of a submarine (mermaid).

Neat little bold something or other.

Somehow it will all work out.

We understand.

(arrow) Meaning: You will be fine even in this time of pain.

Love will move you joy < (increase) means (sheep jumping fence) 9.


April 13, 2008

Text reads:

Your inner compass is set to ???

We come old friend.

Our people are already on the way.

Are you reaady to cancel your palpitation and be made into a new being?

More enthusiasm love!

We are here to help you make yourself anew.

Mol nel lok sotonel os 9.

You more easily can speak with 9.


Pleiadians really BIG people but so are butterflies.

Look out the window now.

We look like you.

9 looks like light.


April 17, 2008

page 1

Text reads:

Maryann we ???

You are loved greatly 9.

OM hears you, we love OM.

Once 9 comes ???

Men of light meet you. So do emotions... elemental...

You can cook energy on the flame of purification.


page 2

Text reads:

We can visit.

(arrow) This is our nebula on the way to visit you.

9 makes all things non-ment.

We will visit you soon. We are Wanil and (?) 9.

Wanil is (?) man from Pleiades.

(?) is a word that sounds like "mol".

Mol mean we, means you and us together.

Mol is love in our midst.

(?) is a word that sounds like... moment, elements are working...

That's a big road in a ???... money first.


May 5, 5008

Text reads:

This is a diagram of what your soul looks like from our perspective.

This is a diagram of what the inner orb of your conscious mind looks like from our perspective.

(infinity symbol) This is what is in your arm. You create this.

This is an area of Tigger's body that needs attention. (Tigger was our cat and well known by the Pleiadians.)

It is not serious but causes him some discomfort.

You can ??, ? is... good... meat of fish.


May 7, 2008

Text reads:

Just over the next ending is a new beginning.

On our mesion mersed (which I translate as mission of mercy).

On mesmerising shafts of light are mind.

Orion is ebony and is modulating to a new frequency.

This is a picture of a sad Orion being.

Orion is dragon land.

Me: Can you draw a picture of a Pleiadian?

Of course!

This is not a Pleiadian. It is a small bird.

It is saying hello as an emotional intro.

This is a Pleiadian saying hello.

You (take a rocket?) to (planetary system?).

This is OM...

It is a delicious morsel for loving Tigs (our cat).


May 29, 2008

Text reads:

Your next step as a human vessel for 9's cusp with the coming knowledge keeper 5 love is here.

5 is in the sky.

This is a star you call ???. This is planet-sized piece of ???

All life will cease to be ignorant of it.

This is the new sun you will see soon.

This is a happy human. Why?

You will see a new day.

(arrow) dragon

It is time for dragons to be welcome. It is not to be a time of fear, but joy.


July 2, 2008

Text reads:

blog: (that's what I had intended to write this day...)

Loads of mellow squashes to ???.

"On the way home"

(arrow) Portal to God

(arrow) OM-doorway, or... critical-mass node of light

(arrow) Star called by you Alcyone

(arrow) Could only be a nebula

Me: 5?

You communicate with 5 as a teacher of ???

Me: English?

5 is part of Nine. All are. 5 teaches you the skill of thought control of yourself, how to be without the doer getting involved and allow the be-er do without interference. It is important for you to learn this now. Much is going to change quickly now and you must be able to help. 5 is about your interaction with core issues in your life as a love do rather than a leave be. 5 is here to help you become more whole through love of self.

... The MODULATOR of the MIND of the THINKER of the THOUGHT "I AM" in the center of your heart, sun, galactic (sun symbol), which leads to the NOW of ??? and ??? NINE, which is the (spiral), the 5+4, the cause and mental 5.

(Fire-breathing dragon) is going to become happy dragon.

Do you want to do this week's message?


Fall 2008

Text reads:

Me: Can you draw this out, is there heirarchy? Diagram?

Very well, we shall show you a rudimentary sketch of how it is from GF's p.o.v. (Galactic Federation's point of view).

(surrounding Earth are):

Motherships of GF, 10s of them (?)

Ships of mixed use

Andromedan ships by the 100s

Sirian league, many hundred ships x many people

Many ships from another galaxy, observing

Some ships of men from the stars you call Pleiades

Wandering aimlessly from other systems, no threat

Other ships in service, from Otherwhere

We broadcast to you from our ship of some 1000 crew.

(arrows pointing to Earth):

* Is it going to hold?

Land of opportunity to grow

We will show up here

HQ of 110-220 volt energetic point of living matter


September 2009

(this started on one tiny piece of note paper and ended up on the fourth piece)


Text reads:

5 is an art.

(heart = love) has many forms.

Meet 5 in Nemesis.

Meet 5 in lovely valor.

Meet 5 in ?? - coach, coach of a lover

Meet 5 in the stars, in your reflection, in your child.


Un-formed beingness

Light pieces of information


Teddy bear

Thus is 5 perfected.

More Drawings

Mediterranean Map?

After this drawing, dated January 1, 2013, took form, I realized it was a sort of map, perhaps of the eastern Mediterranean. The Balkan peninsula could be the shape at the top center, with the Middle Eastern states along the right edge, and Egypt and Libya's north shores trailing off to the left near the bottom of the page. The large figure in the center of the page, for all intents and purposes, appears to be a galloping unicorn/bull. From left to right, starting at the front feet of this creature, the text reads:

5 is world building

No more will be War

die mort NINE

[heart] is here

and from top to bottom on the right side of the page:


Everyone needs 9 now

To see a very large, up-close version of this drawing, click here.


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