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(announced July 11, 2017)

Borders between the numbers of creation blow away in the crosswinds of belief. Order finds a path even where outlines are not. Between order and chaos plays consciousness, aware of itself only as delights the soul.

The Science of Nine is about the creation of reality.

Right here is the portal to another dimension of understanding what is meant by the divinity of all things, the perfection within everything, and how reality is fashioned by conscious awareness from the seed thought, "I AM." Enter the world from Nine's point of view, and discover peace and power, fun and freedom, in the world of transformation.

In a flash of light, everything can come to an end. The reality of this has been tasted on the planet. However, it is equally true that in a flash of light, everything can come into being. If you have ever attended the birth of a child, you may know this to be true. At the moment a child first becomes aware of light as a sensory experience, the whole of life is brought into the reality of that child as consciousness. You may say, not everything is known by that child that can be known of the world, but for one who is clever, it can be so. How can that be? Simply because everything that exists is holographically contained within even the tiniest particle of matter. Within the tiny acorn is the truth of a mighty oak, and the mysteries of the galaxies are mirrored in the structure of an atom. It’s all a matter of perspective, really.

The mechanistic model of the universe works up to a point. So it is with the theoretical musings of the quantum keepers of reality’s secrets. Yet tinier and tinier seeds are split to discover how a universe and all its leaves and branches can fit inside a materially invisible particle. How holographically minded, how intuitive, yet how incomplete. The truth of this will become apparent soon enough.

Here we may delve into the science of Nine to gain some insight into the nature of reality, and understand the reality of nature. Let’s take a look:

To say that only the most elegant theory can be the one that explains everything is not necessarily the whole truth, unless in its elegance there is some element of uncertainty, of chaos rambling through the well-tended gardens of thought and proposition. It is chaos which ties all the loose ends of emergent possibilities together in a neat package of more or less perfect imbalance. Elegance implies perfection, but perfection need not imply symmetry. It is symmetry that leads to entropy, the exacting roundness of a circle that leads back to the point of origin without deviation. And while that is well and good for clockworks and circuit boards, it is rather boring and tedious for the evolving soul. In the spiral of ascension are countless deviations from the straight mathematically predictable stepwise progression, at least on the big-picture level. The same can be said of the spiraling rhythms of evolution, and this too is true, on the big picture level. They are one and the same, in truth. What may seem like random acts leading to the awakening of awareness is actually the perfectly organised progress of the holographic fractal-like expression of the truth of I AM in the position of a variable in a logarithm of choice and probability, unfolding in concert with a multidimensional array of inter-related, interactive root soul singularities of experience, both on the individual level and within the cosmic understanding. And as the individual makes choices that affect future learning patterns and thus mold through experience the physical expression of the self in a date-specific moment in time, so it is with the physical expression of an entire planet-wide — and even, if you could project your ability to comprehend holographically beyond what you have been taught, galaxy-wide — family of humanity. There is little difference between the two understandings if you truly understand them.

To fully understand the science of Nine, you need only to understand that the basic framework of reality is more like chaos in order than order disrupted by chaos, more like a fractal than a mesh grid, more like the love of parent and child than the mechanical regard of a scientist for his experiment. There is, of course, more to understand, but to reach fullness of understanding you must start somewhere, and this is the most logical place to do that, and the most beneficial to your apprehension of Nine.

Theories abound intent on explaining what reality is, what life is, what energy is, and how it all came into being. This has led nowhere in particular, yet it has advanced the knowledge base toward the eventuality of knowing the truth. All theories contain some element of truth, when seen from the perspective of understanding it. If we are to ever say that we understand anything, it is to our best interest to say that not everything is knowledge-based and that understanding what cannot be known as fact can come through experience. Some things don’t hold up to scrutiny very well, and some things are themselves not knowable, yet try to understand you must. There is nothing wrong with saying “I don’t know.” It obviously is relatively true in some sense, in some moments of a life spent exploring the mind of a human, when forgetting that the human mind has been disconnected from the gnosis that is readily available outside the realm of time/space. Outside that realm, gnosis, direct knowledge is part of reality as, to Earthbound humans, directional movement is part of reality. If you think it’s too easy to be true, that all you need to do is remember God and you will know everything there is to know, then consider this: It is your connection to the divine that we speak of here, and that is always part of your experience, whether you are aware of that or not. To know what you want to know, simply become aware of your own connection to divinity. Allow yourself to pay attention. Gnosis will follow.

The way of Nine is the way of awareness. That is its nature. This is where all paths of Six end, the path of seeking. Dark and light end here, time and space end here, life and death end here too. What remains of this meeting of matter and antimatter defines Nine. Knowledge and ignorance end with the awareness of Nine, so the definition must be experienced and understood rather than learned, captured in neural patternings. It is from the awareness of Nine that consciousness takes form, that thoughtwaves impulse frequency signatures to coalesce into form, that reality is created. Nine is everywhere within the creation of reality, interacting with other weaves and numbers to bring into being a dynamic expression of experience.

However high you count, there is no pattern of creation more fine in density or awareness than Nine. It is the basic reality of nature; all other numbers of creation trap only part of that nature. One entraps the solitary experience, Two the dualistic, Three the derivative, et cetera. Nine envelops these strands and even more love is experienced than in the sum of the parts alone. Because Nine is synthesizing and synergizing all types of experience enformed by the energies of One through Eight, any experience you choose to have in accord with the essential vibratory influence of Nine is one of love understanding itself through the embodiment you experience, which relates to the divine nature of love and creation. Nine is divine. It perfects all influences and creates perfection, joy and peace. This is its nature. When you experience the sublime beauty of a thing in its essential state of perfection — a perfect rose, a pure crystal, a harmony — the joy and peace you sense are the awareness of Nine present within your reality.

Should you seek Nine? Nine is not hiding. To engage in seeking is to experience Six, and to experience a world in conflict and misunderstanding. Realize, instead, that Nine is everywhere, in everything, and to experience it you need only become aware of it. Six is a path to perfection. The long strands of understanding Six-experiences weave get tangled without the awareness of Nine, which teaches trust, compassion, and faith. Thus the awareness of Nine creates a path to understanding through Six.

Do you have to believe in Nine, in order to experience the joy of perfection? Bliss awaits. It is everywhere, whether you believe it or not. Walls with tiny windows go up when the fluid journey through reality solidifies into thought-patterned belief which keeps you from directly accessing understanding. Belief is the maker of bricks, the architect of reality, yet it is endlessly moving and changing as you allow wisdom to shape your journey. Too many beliefs can trap you, yet awareness can teach discernment, purity, and direct manifestation. Doubt and belief end in awareness, and manifestation begins through the understanding of the path of Seven. Nine is that awareness.

Thus the awareness of Nine affects all aspects of reality, from the experience of separation through the experience of planetary consciousness. It is the great shift that lay beyond that experience of Eight. To be immersed in the world of Eight is to experience the sorting out of community, the working together of those who had been enemies, the achieving of balance through the exploration of extremes of group dynamics. To add the extra sensory apparatus of awareness is to have an experience of Eight that is imaginative, transformational, and happy. Let go of the illusion that keeps you from achieving a higher state of consciousness as a human race, the people of a planet that is itself alive, a new experience of love. This is the awareness of Nine and the creation of a pathway to understanding through the experience of Eight.

Do you have what it takes to have the awareness of Nine consciously awaken within and permeate your experience of life and reality? You are hard-wired for divinity. Love is your natural state. The illusion of what you experience as reality as a human forgetful of his or her own nature creates an obstacle course for the soul, and it can be hard to see ahead clearly at times of disconnection, doubt, and fear. With awareness of the real reality, the truth is unedited by the tricks of fear. Fear of what? Separation, disconnection from home, from family, from source of origin. As you fear, it will appear. The awareness of Nine’s ever-present influence can transform an experience of forlorn wondering into one of strength, certainty, and steadiness. The pathway through the reality of individual alone, without audience with the divine parent, toward the understanding of the greater Self of which the self is a part, is made more stable in the awareness however gained that the individual human is an embodied thought that answers the call of I AM with a unique, individual response. Thus is the path of One navigated with awareness of Nine — with the recognition of the self as an emanation of the mind of God, Source, Alpha Point, or whatever you understand OM to be.

What are you? It is not possible to answer that question directly, without first exploring what you are not. This you accomplish through observation and testing the waters of immersion into the experience of self-definition. You compare and contrast and engage with other individual beings, all the time understanding yourself in relation to others. The dream of self as one within the divine cosmos can easily become shattered in the experience of insecurity, rationalization, and finding oneself in a state of imperfection. The experience of Two can be one of imbalance and losing one’s sense of worthiness and relinquishing one’s power. The influence of the awareness of Nine’s ever-perfecting nature transforms the experience of duality — of right or wrong, true or false — into the experience of balance, harmony, and respect. Within Nine, opposites attract — to such an extent that they fuse into something of far greater power than you might think possible. In the crucible of the human experience of relationship in all its forms, from your relationship with your partner, to your dog, or your parent, all duality melts, the pureness of the transmutation of elements shines as awareness of all as one in relationship to OM. Story to one may be fact to another, yet the truth exists, somehow, in each. “Somehow” is awareness, and awareness of Nine’s character is to be aware of the Truth that is in all things. Thus is the balancing act of duality negotiated, and the path to unitary bliss opened up.

To be self-aware, must you be of some merit of blood, belonging, or branch? It is not possible to limit the Self in such a way. Family is the source of your embodiment, your anger, oftentimes, and have had some hand in fashioning your personal mythos. The patterns of belief were to some extent put into place within your consciousness through your experience of family, or your experience of the absence of that. Later, we can explore the intricacies of the complex genetics of your race and the greater human family. For now, let us focus on the path of Three, which can be a path of inclusion, exclusion, or illusion, depending upon how you understand where you come from and from what you derive. That, of course, encompasses the concept of family, and it also encompasses your race, gender, social standing, school of thought, tribe and culture. You can have privilege or sacrifice, encounter the world or be a prisoner, know your history or live a lie based on how you understand yourself as a unique expression of deriving. From there, with Nine awareness, you can alter your own experience as you choose, thus holographically altering the derivational body of awareness, the family. It is not impossible to change hate into respectful favor, or to change that into friendship, or even brotherhood. Any family, from the individual to the national to the planetary and beyond, can be made whole in the awareness of Nine. Thus is Three perfected.

A shift occurs every now and then which usually goes something like this: Self-aware individual chooses otherwise, and nothing is ever the same. This is what can happen with Nine awareness within the realm of Four, experience understood as the individual’s part in a greater whole. Connections are balancing acts in which the individual senses his or her function in a bigger organism, the cog-in-the-machine understanding, and experiences assimilation, modification, and retrofitting. However, Nine’s subtle influence can expand the vision enough to recognize opportunity, shift perspectives, and re-create the self. And choose. Once this awareness is experienced, reality is experienced anew. Four is transmutational, with Nine’s knowledge applied. Why not be who you want to be within your own understanding of self in the world? Now we come to the path of Five.

Why do you want to be part of something outside of yourself as an individual being? To have context for expressing who you understand yourself to be. There is little to say about who you are when the reality you operate within edits your expression. The understanding of self begins within the individual as a longing for other than what is, and reaches fullness of expression along the winding path of Five as appearance, activity, and haute couture. It is the awareness of Nine within the individual on this particular path which perfects mere appearance into inner beauty recognized and acknowledged, which redirects the static circle into the dynamic fractal spin of creative radical doing in harmony with self-understanding, and which changes utterly the trappings of reality to suit your experience with joy, beauty, and home, sweet home. Thus is Five, with Nine, made into a reality of sublime perfection.

Each of these weaves has its own relationship with Nine, and each is always part of your experience as you go through your days. You may have a conflict with a partner with whom you work at a particular agency or endeavor, you may question your beliefs and choose to continue on your individual path or to alter your behavior, inner or outer, which redefines the perceived conflict, the relationship, your self-understanding, your beliefs, reality. Awareness of Nine in any situation changes its harmonic resonance and purifies the vibration from which reality assembles. Binding what had the material emergent character of limited potential for joyful expression to the higher awareness of the individual as creator of his or her own experience is Nine’s particular activity. All is imbued with the possibility of such transformation. In becoming aware of Nine as the innate connection all things, beings, and activity have with the source of everything, the connection of particle with the voidless OM, of chaos with sanity, you can begin to study the science of Nine as an immaterial force within the creation of reality. Have fun exploring the weave!


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