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(announced July 11, 2017)

Borders between the numbers of creation blow away in the crosswinds of belief. Order finds a path even where outlines are not. Between order and chaos plays consciousness, aware of itself only as delights the soul.

The Science of Nine is about the creation of reality.

Right here is the portal to another dimension of understanding what is meant by the divinity of all things, the perfection within everything, and how reality is fashioned by conscious awareness from the seed thought, "I AM." Enter the world from Nine's point of view, and discover peace and power, fun and freedom, in the world of transformation.

Can a being come into being in a void, in a matrix without any motivating factors with which to make progress? It is true that beingness exists wherever it can, but to truly be, a being needs knowledge of its own nature; it needs to on some level say I AM and be able to put his own name with his own interpretation in place upon his awareness of self. There must be some intelligence to ask and in answering, to become aware of what is meant by the answer. There is only the Self as awareness. Everything takes on the imparted qualities of beingness from the awareness of Self, not only the individual embodiment called the self with a lower-case “s” but as well every other individual, creature, object, and interactivity. With the awareness of self a being can be said to become a being, to have come into being in awareness. And with awareness of self has begun the experience of the weave of creation, the experience of One. All that is encountered within the weave also is in the awareness of the individual self — and that includes Nemesis.


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