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Opalescent Nine: A growing, flourishing hub of consciousness

A long time ago, in the midst of balancing myself between worlds -- the "real world" of corporate employment and the more grounded world of deep physical and spiritual healing -- I started reconnecting with my source in a very direct way. I began to explore the path of a sort of dimensional intermediary, and soon was filling notebooks with conversations I was having with Pleiadians, angels, spirits of the dead, demons, old teachers... the list goes on.

sleeping boyThen, suddenly, I found myself to be one of many women who had traded the security of a professional career as a marketing copywriter for a big biotech company for the nobler calling of late-in-life motherhood, and devoted what spare time I had to writing. The notebooks of messages revealed the path ahead, and a major book began to take form. Most of the book was written during late nights, and often my son would crawl up to sleep next to me while I wrote. The picture you see here is a quick sketch I made of him one night... a view I enjoyed very much.

I began a free wordpress blog, at the suggestion of a friend who liked the things I was writing and channeling. Soon I was moderating another friend's forum, learning the basics of creating a website, and offering personal readings. Writing books. Putting my training in holistic counseling to work, sharing insights with people who had also peeked through the open door of the dimensions. I still do a lot of that... but the full readings I offer are worth every penny. Just read the comments from people who have had them, in the column to the left.

And cleaning people's houses, scrubbing their floors, and babysitting to make ends meet.

After decades of education and career work, I found I was reinventing myself. But to put it more correctly, I was shedding layers of definition to do what lifetimes had prepared me for. Every step of every part of the path fed into this present work, and led to a very real death and rebirth for me – personally, and on every level of being. (My experience during the creation of this site over the years has been chronicled in the blog "Bends of Light," where you can read about my personal experiences with death, loss, survival, and transformation through the grace of higher love, through the lens of Nine.)

Symbiosis in service

I had gone from fat paychecks to rock bottom, but the reward was in the opalescent jewel you're reading these words from right now. I self-published the book Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity, along with a couple of others, and started doing readings for people seeking higher insights. Wildly successful in terms of being on point and staggeringly helpful to those who got them, not so successful in terms of making a living from. Books and services aside, the bulk of my work is offered online without requiring any form of payment in return.

What you choose to give, however, is another matter... one that keeps me able to do more of this work for humanity.


The site you see before you today, years in the making, is the result of a lot of faith, hard work, late nights, and the generosity of wonderful people who have offered their support, from simple (yet much-appreciated) encouragement to gifts of money to allow me to continue with the work. Thanks to the kindness of so many, I was able to get past the moments when it seemed everything (really everything) would fall apart. I've learned to not worry so much, and trust that the few bills I do have will be paid without too much pain on my part.

And I trust you, in partnership, to join me in living this light that the Pleiadians reveal more and more of in their work through me. They don't give me a paycheck, you see, but they trust you to support as you are able and willing.

I am ever thankful for those who have given from the heart to support this project. Please keep the support coming so I can keep the site alive for you.

The donations don't feed my soul or my ego, and they don't linger in a fat bank account. They quite simply feed my family, help pay basic bills, and keep us in an apartment. I don't have a car, I don't go to restaurants, movies, or other entertainment. I shop at second-hand stores, find my treasures in nature, and trim my own fingernails. Our lifestyle is humble. No one could call me greedy, but some feel it's okay to suggest that I do all my work for free, that it's "un-spiritual" ask for financial support in the form of donations. To those of you who feel this way, if you're still reading, I offer some peace and ask that you read about other ways you can support the mission of this site, with respect and gratitude on all sides.

Today, this site is part of a symbiotic relationship. It works best this way: If you have found value in what is presented in this work -- from the library of messages, writings, recordings, videos, the forum, community, etc. -- see within your heart and your means to make a monetary donation. Besides keeping the website online, it keeps me going. I'm deeply grateful for every penny I receive. Everything you see here is the work of my own hands, shared with love and dedication to humanity's awakening into a new beingness.


Sharing the Benefit

Donations from readers are a tangible form of the words "thank you" that may come up from the depths when you have found some value here. What feeds my soul are the words that so many people have shared about how the words of the Pleiadians have touched their souls and changed their outlook in life for the better. That's why my wish is to keep doing what I'm doing here.

Thank you for supporting the site, and for being part of its future.



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