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(announced July 11, 2017)

Feedback from Personal Readings

Thank you so much. When I first read the reading, I was struck at how they were so pointed in their understanding of me. And each time I read it, there is a bit more depth than the previous reading and doubt seems a distant memory. Most profoundly I've felt their love, compassion and support behind the words. They are a gift, as are you dear Maryann. With deepest gratitude, I Thank You.

♥ Theresa C.

I was deep in the throes of my 1st read of Opalescence when I sent in the Soul Reading Request & immediately began knowing that the Words of your book were speaking to me, in direct response to the insanity of questions (bitterness & anger) that I had whirling at the time. Also, I began waking in the Pure Knowing that I had been taught whilst I thought I was asleep. I felt that I had New Teachers that had immediately begun helping my unknowable need.

You, Maryann, have left an indelible imprint on my Life, this Experience. I am Eternally grateful for You, Your Work, Your Courage, Your Shining Example. I admire you Immensely and am a HUGE fan of your writing! But I gush... I can't wait to dive in to these Words. I know that my Life is going to change and I very much look forward to it. Wishing You and Your Loved Ones the very Best.

In Love,
♥ Jess S. : )

I am overwhelmed, overjoyed and inspired by your beautiful words. Such beauty, poetry and guidance in each phrase, sentence and paragraph of your reading. Priceless is the only word which comes close to describing your prose. Thank you for taking such time and care in responding to me. Your ability to weave a tapestry of thoughts and inspirations through your writing is amazing. It is unmeasurable. I have read the reading twice, once out loud and am still shivering with recognition of its message. Thank you again. I can’t wait till future readings of the PDF. Such a service you have gifted to me. I will never give up my efforts to serve, yet I have often felt like a voice crying in the wilderness. Your words have filled me with joyful energies sufficient to ignite a new sun. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

♥ R. H. Wellington


For some time I had been wanting to have a personal reading done. My questions were likely the common ones many have (am I on the right path, doing the right things, will everything be ok with all that's going on, etc). But I hesitated because of uncertainty in choosing the reading to be done by a person with whom I would have confidence in completing a clear reading and then in accurately communicating what they received. What I did not want is someone who would just generate a largely generic response and tell me what they thought I wanted to hear. How do you pick someone right for you from the many who are out there?

Today I received my reading and clearly I had found the right person to help me. Maryann Rada provided a great reading for me. Quite specific in answering the questions I had raised. Clear. No sugariness, just stating what came through in a true and heartfelt manner. The reading has had a tremendously positive affect in providing confirmation for me in regards to changes I foresee in my life situation and in providing additional pointers for me for the coming year to help keep me making good progress on the path I'm on.

THANK YOU Laron for having formed this wonderful group [at]. A place where good souls can come together in love and trust and share openly and safely. Through it I found Maryann.

THANK YOU Maryann for the reading. You connected with my guides and higher self and provided me the insights I sought, and need, at a level of detail that is perfectly suited for me at this time. You are truly gifted in what you do and the world is a better place from the love and the light that you bring forth and share. You rock! 

 ♥ Bill Houston


I wanted to say “Thank You” for the reading that you sent. Honestly, I was (and am) a little bit surprised. I’ve traveled the “spiritual path” (insert your own definition of “spiritual” here) for quite a while now. For me, I really just seem to get more and more practical, and the types of things (the shiny, cool, “spiritual” things) that used to appeal to me don’t so much anymore. So although I still kind of like readings and approach them with an open mind, I don’t focus on them the way that I used to and kind of move through life based off of my own internal compass (if that makes any sense at all).

So I was surprised when I was reading this material and found myself crying several times. The words were meaningful, yes, but there were other things happening here too and it was really quite cool.

You probably hear this kind of stuff all of the time but I just wanted to follow up again and thank you for the reading. It was really very powerful and exciting too, in its way.

 ♥ Steve Martin


Maryann, Thank you so, so much for this beautiful message today!  I wanted to email you right away but took your advice and waited and read it multiple times throughout the day.  The more I read it, the more information I got out of it. There is energy between the lines as well!
You have no idea how deeply this touched me.  I had no idea what to expect from my reading and the information was extremely personal and full of beautiful and precise guidance with regards to my questions. The information regarding conscious breathing during meditation was priceless and extremely synchronous because just today, during my morning meditation, I had begun integrating conscious breathing and visualization of light particles flowing into my body.  To have the conscious breathing information referenced in my reading really blew my mind as today was the first time I had ever done this technique!

You must know what a wonderful and caring gift your services are to those of us on our spiritual paths.  For those of us who have yet to penetrate the veil and open communication lines with our higher selves and guides, your readings are a very precious gift as well as aid in spiritual development.

To say that I was satisfied with your services would be a great understatement.  I can't think of a purchase in my lifetime that has had more value for the price than this reading!  Words cannot express my gratitude for what you do. You are a bright and shining light in this world.

Peace and love to you!
♥ Don Patch


Years ago, Maryann did a reading for my wife and I. We were both very happy with the accuracy and how personal the experience was for us. Very encouraging too!

♥ Mike Shore, webmaster,


Hi Maryann! Thank you so much for the message! I wanted to reply you earlier, but I still can't seem to find accurate words to tell you how "on-point" the message was on soooo many levels. 


There are some parts of the message I'm actively trying to decode, and it's leaving me with even more questions. I wasn't expecting to hear the planet, star, & Pleiadian name of myself....that was icing on the cake :)  Now, I feel more grounded in my acceptance of the "star" & "earth" natures swimming through me. I'm playing with the integration process more, and seeing new heights in my ability to create the Aligned I AM that I know me to be. Thank you again for carrying that signature of Truth within you; so that I could feel, see, & share in that frequency of resonant harmony. 

+Thrive in Love,

♥ Victor Adegbola



Thank you so much Maryann Rada for your reading. I want to thank your guides and power source! I was in tears last night after reading my message and am still embodying the words. So eloquent and heartfelt, so powerful in its flow and divine message, I am truly humbled by the experience. I feel more connected in terms of being able to know that I am not crazy and that I am sensing, experiencing and hearing the things I am and more importantly that I need to step up and step out of the "Galactic" closet as one friend told me recently.  I am working on it. Slowly but surely. I have more work to do and am beginning to feel "content" in working in my present state here on this planet while other parts of my soul is doing work on other life systems.   

I will admit for the past 14 years I've had this overwhelming feeling of "homesickness" and that "I want to go home" feeling. At times I just weep. It's truly NOT EASY being here. The message you provided settled that feeling, made me "woman up" in terms of me understanding not only did I choose it, but it's a part of my mission. I just feel so darn old! But I can work through that sensation when it happens again with more ease.

I will be re-reading this message from time to time to keep aligned and to allow the frequency of their message even further. 

(((hugs))) to you and yours and a million cosmic thanks.  

♥ Maia Moon High Priestess

I read this wonderful reading a couple times and am getting it.  I know there will be more to understand as I read it in the future but boy for now I have some clear steps to take.  I thank you for opening yourself to them for me and now I feel like I have an avenue to connect myself.  I will be in touch as time goes on and am very grateful to you for the work you do. 

♥ Sally G.


Thank you so much for carrying through such a beautiful and deeply meaningful message foe me. I can sense there's much information woven throughout the reading and I know I will continue to get much more from it in times to come. Thank you so much and many blessings!

♥ Margaret F.

Thanks SO much - just awesome! I really am at a loss for words.......I cannot imagine where I would Be right Now if I had never been blessed with your friendship. You are a dear soul to me, and I really have learned a whole new meaning of the word Love because of you! 

Thank you.

♥ Gregory T.

I had a reading done for my teenage son's birthday. The Pleiadians seem to know him as well as we do almost. They are kind, funny and the way they use language is truly amazing and beautiful!!  The lovely Maryann they speak through is down-to-earth with a huge heart!!  This reading really helped us!!

♥ Danielle S.

I really appreciate this message, and I think it attenuated something locked in me... and I think it still continues to act now... As open to something new.
♥ Lorriah

Like wow! This part [of my personal message] hit my heart and made me teary. I am so ready and open to new teachers and teachings, but most of all to hear my 'home school' and recognizing? … Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVED the whole thing!

♥ Yvonne O.

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