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First Words

"Generally speaking, we are an extraterrestrial, extratemporal collection of renegade Pleiadians. By 'renegade' we mean we are of a different philosophical bent from the mainstream of close-minded beings you perceive to be running the planet’s affairs into utter nonsense. We understand their motivations, but ours are different. Nasty men are doing their best to make your world into a wasteland. Final fast-forward is a blur but none of it moves in the direction they would have it. It is not possible. Pent-up energies of awareness are about to explode and life as you know it is about to end — not as death but as transformation.
Nemesis is knocking at the door and soon will be inviting herself in for tea. It is always a good idea to offer her a cup first as she has a sampler of sweets to share with you. Renegades are not afraid of Nemesis but, generally speaking, most people are. Let us show you a side of Nemesis you didn’t know existed, perhaps, in the hope that you learn a little about very large nodes of light that are coming your way and the dark brothers who would like to have a pirate’s party on Spaceship Earth."

— from "Meaning of Who We Are," the first public message from the Pleiaidan Renegades, posted on Opalescent Words, January 3, 2008

Preliminary communications


Message Collections

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Pleiadian Language of Light Lexicon

Click here to access the list of words and phrases the Pleiadian Renegades have shared of their language, called Saren. Two lists are available, one in the order as the lexicon developed, and an alphabetical one for reference. Downloadable/printable PDFs are also available.



Click here to find titles by the Pleiadian Renegades. All books are available from



Select articles have been kindly translated into French and Spanish, and are available to read online here.

Channelings: Renegade Nodes

The links below lead to collections within this website:


Luminous Dimensions

Transmissions fron the League of Light.


Know More Earth

Mother Nature comes in many forms.


Asket's ship Time TransformersTime Transformers

Temmerian Transmissions from Asket and Semjase.


nine penseNine Pense

Innermost thoughts of a galactic nature.


opalescent wordsOpalescent Words

The site that started it all, featuring the Renegades' writings from 2008.


renegade thoughtsRenegade Thoughts

New writings and remembrances from the Pleiadian Renegades.


changing address Changing Address

Notes from Nine about our galactic history... and collective future.


anicas notebook Anica's Notebook

Direct communications from a member of the League of Light.


bends of lightBends of Light

Internal communications from the opalescent source.


Garden of Unknowable Things

A renegade Pleiadian lexicon... language redefined.

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