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Beneath the Loss, Love Is Still Alive

December 18, 2012

go deep into consciousness

Beneath the tender life that wafts before your eyes is a stream of energy that is the substance of love. It is not for anyone to decipher the mysteries of life before understanding the nature of this stream of particulate light that carries intelligence within its waveform and oscillates within the range of perception by a human being in the nearness of material frequency phase shift. That is the nature of love, to be sensed before it is understood, but in the entrainment of the stream of love that underlies life is love brought into focus as some form that exists within the eternal numinous essence that each person understands themselves to be. Caught as the timebound race of humanity in perpetual sine-wave up and down of experience comprehended via emotional input and intellectual logic-making patterns, sensing a connection between the numinous essence of oneself and another form of love-sourced life is at best punctuated by lingering moments of doubt but never so brutally beheld as it is when the connection is unexpectedly, irrevocably (in terms of form) severed. You believe there is continuity of love, which is the only truth that withstands scrutiny in the laboratories of human experience, regardless of the school of thought to which you adhere. There is no true death other than the death of a patterning of form. Greet this, at least, as news worth hearing today.

The latest loss of form-based love is inevitably designed to destabilize the collective consciousness of the human race at a time when it is vulnerable to being preyed upon by thoughts of annihilation and environmental degradation. Thought takes form when it is not being allowed to be entombed with graceful release of fear and anxiety. The present moment is the time to be honest about the entire truth of a collective existence from which there is a light yearning to become hidden no more. In the darkness of grief, feel in the depths of the heart the holy connection each one has to the essence of love and know that there is no separation from it. The insanity of the day is yet to be understood. In the reflection of that, lean on each other and know we are with you in ways that have yet to be known but can be felt in the heart as solace and brotherhood, soul-hugging big breaths of peace, and bends of light that bring the brilliance of love into better focus as the days slink toward the lengthening of night. Soon the time will come for all to be understood and the understanding to be brought forward to all who have felt the stabbing pain of loss reverberate through their individual world, whether directly or as a resonator of the interwoven human being that is the people of Earth. There is no loss that is unfelt by all, and no comfort given that does not bring every aspect of the consciousness of humanity into deeper understanding of itself.

However, the day is one for grieving, and the time is one for realizing that the loss of one wisp of precious love-sourced life is felt for every heart that is torn from its breast, wherever, whenever, however it is staged. Know that the world grieves some loss with every breath you take, somewhere. Know that feeling the pang of devastating violence tearing apart the inner core of being is felt by your kin on the global level, that none escapes the touch of healing who seeks to understand and be comforted, that nowhere is life less lived than where it is allowed to go unconnected to the stream of love underneath its form. The damage has had its desired effect. Now it is for those who can to begin the work of cleaning up the mess.

Go into the next day of shadow knowing that the way out is ahead. There is no dark chasm to swallow up those who take the step forward, no intimidating monster waiting to get those who go into the middle of the night without fear. You have already known the taste of terror, of loss, and of insanity. You have had the bitter sip of innocence sold out, and have taken the initiation of the heart broken in grief. Grief is around the planet like a blanket, and nothing can tear the love of what is grieved from you if the love is still sensed. There is a sea of love beneath the grief. If you have felt its current, you have felt the reality of life unending. If you have been baptised in its light, you know the truth of life unending. It is from the depths of this love that your strength as a people is coming into being, and in the realization of this, the spectre of hate and the illusions it spawns, the beauty it seizes, and the stories it interrupts are powerless to consume further. Take the step forward, as one, knowing that the love that underlies the life that is in you is one, inescapable and unending. Tear the blinders away and see the inner truth unfold around you, as life continues and love begins a new chapter in the lives of humanity everywhere. Know that you are one people. Love lights your way.

Home Now

March 8, 2012

running free

Have you a moment to share with me, human of Earth? You have only to pay attention for a little while and I will be brief. It has already been one fraction of a moment to get to this point in what I have to say, so if you just give a little bit more time, you will know what it is that I have to share, and it takes such a little effort to have an understanding received in such a way. You are in the swim now of lateral moves from timeline to timeline, and the rate of change has sped up considerably since the advent of the new year turning. Time is speeding up now, and events will become a little more blurry unless you speed up too. It isn’t a matter of doing anything special other than making your mind available to now. In the moment you take to read these words, now has moved into another frame of time. You have moved with it. In that moment of movement, the totality of world consciousness not only has also shifted, but has altered because of the noetic space you have chosen to occupy. Let that tell your inner understanding something.

You have other moments to fill and other nows to experience. You are riding time now with the need for balance and grace, for the wind has picked up, the terrain is becoming undeterminable, yet you have the reins, and you have good instincts. You are riding and you are entering new nows every moment. Look at the moment you enter with the understanding that fear is behind you and nothing has yet had itself determined by the horror of what you have heard or known before. It is possibility, pure and available for imprinting, that is ahead of you in this now. It is open to interpretation, it is in a state of slumber awakening, dreamtime becoming aware of emergent day, this now that you are currently occupying. In one moment, you can transform what has not yet become instead of inheriting another’s nightmare. Wake lucidly, people. Know that now is the moment you have been waiting for. Go into it with the fearless heart of free spirit riding the wind. I am Anica of the League of Light, with the ones who understand my words and at peace with those who have other heralds in their hearts. For home is known by heart, not by mind. In respect, I bid you all peace, with the knowingness of home in now becoming real.

Hang On

March 28, 2011

Black clouds have not blocked the light. You have not perished. We have not ignored your requests for help and intervention on the world stage, but we have also been mindful of your need to experience the drama now playing out all around you. Right until the last minute. We will present ourselves, but not until your fear has been outweighed by your freedom-loving hearts in unison. You have nearly achieved harmonic resonance in this regard. You have only a mastery to gain from the momentary hope to the fully aware realization of the true empowerment of the human species in the face of a dread so deep it shakes you to the core.

Now is the time to ask your soul to show you what you have always been resistant to seeing. Now is the time for you to shed the last vestiges of slavery to outmoded forms of belief and self-definition. What use are they to you anymore? Have you noticed that the world has changed, that what has been kept from view is presenting itself in full view? The Earth has had its share of trouble, and is showing signs of major restructuring to come. This should not be surprising to you; you have had warnings and prophecies aplenty, and the signs of change are all around you. Yet, where can you go? What can you do? Will the Earth open up and swallow itself? You fear annihilation. There is no death, you know. Only transformation awaits. What use is fear? It is of no use, we assure you, except in the hands of those who would use it against your own will to become awake and empowered, free and unfettered from the grip of slavery’s hypnotic sleep. Be without fear, and what you will for yourselves faces no obstacle. Be without fear, for what is in the process of becoming has the sanction of your soul, individual and collective. Be without fear and your vision will be clear to see the perfection in what is to be. Do not interpret this as a call to complacency; rather, it is a reminder that fear is optional.

If you will remember why you are now present on this plane of existence, you may see the possibility of a future Earth in which fear practically has no meaning. You may know what your soul put forth as life for this incarnation, and remember what was breathed into your beingness in that moment before you took form. Can you hear the whisper of time? Do you feel the stirrings of life forgotten coming alive in the eternal codes encapsulated within your body’s cells? This is what you came here to experience – this moment now. Who you are is becoming. We have said this to you before. Now you are closer to realizing these words. Who you are is becoming, and nothing – not death’s doorway, not the fissioning of Earth’s elemental body, not any harmonic of fear’s synthetic symphony of control – no person, place, or thing can keep you from your appointment with divine self realized. You have come to this temporal coordinate to know what it is to be OM. This point here, now, is the most challenging point you have come to yet. It marks the moment at which you choose to become a unified human organism and accept the perfection that is on the horizon, having no guarantee that the path before you is the one you might have wanted, had you known beforehand that your familiar landscape would come to this. Yet here you are, face to face with transformation on a grand scale. To turn away from this moment is increasingly impossible. Know that you are not alone, as you face it. Know that now, more than ever, you move into the future in tandem with your divine self, and with a constellation of kin at your side. Know that in this moment you are multiplied to the power of OM, and that there is no end to the infinity of being that you are.

Hang on. Things are hardly finished shifting the reality you know into a new form you might not recognize. Hold each other, by the hand or by the heart, knowing that the mysteries of love have yet to fully reveal themselves to you. We wait, and we are with you. Hang on.

How Much Will It Take?

July 5, 2010

When we last spoke, the world you live in was imperfect in many respects. Now, in the time of imminent catastrophe and corporate misbehavior, it probably seems much more imperfect. One thing is for certain, and that is that none of the worst-case scenarios you have feared will come to pass. The planet will not die. Many people die every day on your world, but the human race, despite the toxic soup you are swimming in, still lives. The future is full of light, if you know how to look for it. Before long, you will know that the tides have shifted and the light, in the form of a greater consciousness among all people, will be in full evidence. Before long, you will know. For now, my dear ones I can only ask you to be conscious of a greater light of awareness in your own lives. What you do within yourselves has everything to do with what becomes on a planetary level.

Putting the present ecological situation in perspective puts the inner workings of your collective shadow front and center in your collective awareness. Let’s take a closer look at that and find a parallel between the two. Please understand that in the history of your planet, there have been other situations from which there has seemed to be no apparent practical escape. This sort of thing has happened before in different guises, and the results have varied according to the strategies applied for coping with them. While most of the practical outcomes have been, for the most part, disappointing, as you look back in time, the human race has survived.

This time, you have a world at the brink of a massive awakening to full consciousness — using that part of your DNA which for eons has lain dormant. What you do will be powerful and transformational. There is no need to get upset or drawn into the drama, to worry about justice coming to those who have maintained impotent silence while the oil churns. Put drama out of the picture and turn your attention and energies instead on what will really make things change: your heart. The greatest power in the world is in the human heart. Use it to change what you see before you into what you envision within. Each individual heart carries great potential to manifest reality. Every person on the planet owns that power. None can deny it but many attempt to usurp it. When you allow fear and hatred to influence the direction of your heart’s desire, you abdicate your power and sabotage the fullness of expression of which the human race is promised by its collective soul. When you seize your fear by its roots and tear it out, when you look past personal bitterness to see the divine nature struggling to express itself from within the shattered mind bent by greed, bloodlust, and the constraints of bondage to illusion — then, my dear ones, you fulfill part of the urge humanity feels at this time to be free to become new beings living in a reality in harmony with the underlying perfection of nature, which is love.

Are you willing, you who are reading these words, to come to peace with your brokenness and give yourself the gift of healing? Are you ready to integrate the shattered pieces of your experience on this world and accept a hug of gratitude from the wounded child within? Can you summon the courage, finally, to say “Enough is enough” and step back from the drama of fear into the reality of inner knowing that assures your mind that life will live, love will be, that peace will settle where chaos has churned up the dark depths of the human soul? If you can, dear one, you will know what true power feels like. I encourage you to take the first step towards that world before your heart succumbs to the dead weight of fear so many of you have taken on. Look with care, for it takes on many guises. You will know it when you feel the weight of the world upon you. That is a moment at which your heart beckons you home.

Yesterday Is No More

December 9, 2009

alice at the door

Dear ones, you are at the doorway to a new reality. Are you ready to enter? Some of you have had sweaty hands on the doorknob for a long time, waiting for the lock to turn and the pressure of your combined intent to have the truth bursting the portal clear. Some of you have thought about it and decided that change would be good, as long as it doesn’t disrupt the flow of life too drastically. In yet others’ minds, the prospect of a total break with the current failed system of belief-turned-real is at the same time exciting and terrifying. Get on the roller coaster, folks, it’s gong to be a great ride into the new world of knowing who you are. You’ll thrill at the revelations of the ones who have been really taking you for a ride. More tricky curves are just ahead, so hang on to yourself and let go of everything else and you won’t have the hair-raising trouble you might otherwise have. It is a transition of reality we introduce to you today, a concept which is becoming more apparent to many of you now. Nothing is the same and nothing is going to remain the same for long. Yesterday is no more, except in the timeless realm of consciousness. Tomorrow has not yet become. Today is what you have, so take a deep breath and experience it.

If you have an expectation for failure, you will need to take a look at that and determine what is optional for onward movement toward your expectation for success. It is as simple as that, and you can move forward in your journey towards more perfect love and integration into wholeness in balance. What are your personal expectations of the life you’re currently living? Are they to achieve some standard of success? To gain wealth? To serve without question? Do you have an expectation about your work that hints that reward follows effort? This is a reasonable expectation, given the world you know. Do you have an expectation that things will get easier, on all levels, and that the understanding you have about your expectations in the physical world of experience will become more about what you expect as a spiritual experience? Settle on that expectation for a moment and savor its rich possibilities.

However you choose to relate to the reality that is fast establishing itself in your global organism, it is well to take a look at the reasons you have for embracing it. What shape it appears in it does not matter, and this is a good exercise to try on various scenarios, light and dark, nice and not-so-nice, one, or another. What are the reasons you have before you as to why you believe it is necessary to imagine such a scenario and what do you have to learn from meeting your soul there? If some part of your wholeness is stuck in such a place, you can easily bring it into integration merely by attending it. What is it you need to hear? Tell it to that part of you, and feel the understanding of reunion sink deep into your bones. Shatter your subversive belief structures by encountering your own consciousness playing a part, and decide if it is within your power to allow love to flow through you, to infuse your understanding with its secrets of oneness. This is to align yourself with the transformative power of Nine.

In truth, you have an infinitude of delight to expect in your future. It is now that you are facing the door, and there are realities waiting to share with you their wisdom before you enter into your next adventure. Listen, and appreciate what you learn. Let yourself be surprised at what you discover, and at what the power of alignment in Nine does to being in the moment. Now is the time to tell the lost aspects of yourself that it’s time to come home and rest in the knowingness of love’s renewal within and transformation without. Expect the best, dear ones, for that is what you are headed towards and there are no techniques for that but to follow the suggestions from your heart.

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Are You Ready?

November 3, 2009

You are ready, you say, for contact to commence on a grand scale that will forever obliterate the way of life you have always known. In every way, you will see the unfamiliar showing you the familiar that had been imprinted on your soul but not so easily recalled by your fact-riddled minds. You are love, yet you find yourself acting in ways that belie that truth. If you had to remember in a hurry, are you ready to as quickly forget the pain that has described and defined you for as long as you can trace your identity as human? Are you ready to forgive injustice and open your hand in a gesture of peace? Your clenched fist has been noted, and its energy feeds that which will not survive the intensity of love that you are capable of throwing at it. The beast weakens as a love-starved avatar of hate, greed, and intolerance. Now that we ask if you’re ready, we clarify: Are you ready to see fear transform? It is obliteration of the beast through its transformation into a butterfly that we reference. You cannot accept the announcement of our arrival en masse until you have shown the hand of peace not just to us, but to those odious folk who have held you back from your full inheritance as galactic humans at home in a world of peace and joy. For those who think this insanity, let me say this. Is it sane to nourish hate if it leads to your own destruction? Is it sane to scratch an itch until you bleed to death? And so, I ask, is it not sane to will a fundamental core change in that which does not otherwise allow sanity to define itself in terms of peace? So begins your introduction into the alliance of light of which we Pleiadians and others are a part. If you are ready, we will begin our introduction.

You have long heard of a Galactic Federation of Light, a Galactic Confederation of Light, a Galactic Federation of Planets, and so on. We are part of a greater body of beings, a collective of individuals bonded together as friends and family and neighbors across the swirling arms of this galaxy you call Milky Way. You can find intrigue if you look for it, but overall there is a general well-being and ebullience among those who serve OM by being present for peace to be brought into being. We call ourselves Pleiadian, for it is a star you see in the constellation of Pleiades that we know as our sun, but in reality we are human beings of a higher-density planet than your own, called by us Temmer, circling the star Taygeta. I, Anica, am a native of this planet by birth, as are the Pleiadian Renegades you so love, as is the higher incarnation of our scribe and the many who serve on our vessel. We are of a contingent of humans from Temmer serving the call of your people through OM, which would in some ways make us what you would call “angels” but we assure you we are indeed human. Other people are serving together with us, sourcing from other planets and suns, who have their own contact points on your planet at this time. Together, we are a grand presence known as the League of Light, and we align our mission with the needs that your people put forth and those who also have stated their intent to be of service to OM through being of service to your planetary awakening.

My personal mode of service is to communicate to you now through the writings of one who has taken on the role of scribe. We will be doing more together to bring you the message of welcome and integration into a greater galactic civilization and to ease your transformation into a new world. You might call my role that of liaison, secretary of state, ambassador, but those are the words of your world and are inadequate to describe my role more accurately than our own language. You would perhaps find the closest translation in the phrase, “ambassador and grace-tuned agent of change facilitation”. Perhaps. For now, let us stick with ambassador. Our charge is to be present at a moment’s notice to achieve density-busting capability to emerge in your planetary reality and assuage any fears that appear as a result of massive shifts in perception and experience. You always have had a possibility of stray rogue elements dropping in, but that potential lessens the more you pay attention to the very real potential for peace, liberty, and cosmic enlightenment.

Your world inches closer to peace. You have a lot to look forward to. If you can create peace on your world, we will be with you as friends stopping in for a visit. If you can sustain peace, we will be able to move among you and be of greater service in the time of transformation that awaits you. If you can create peace within your own experience — between yourself and a family member, between your home and your neighbor’s — then the wave of peace that washes over the obsessed-with-war world will be a wave of harmonics attuned to the highest vision of reality that will create heaven on earth. Truly speaking, that is what we are here to help you achieve. As the weeks progress toward the vindication of peacemaking on your world stage, I ask you to remember that the only way to achieve peace is through experiencing the transformative effect of letting go of your addiction to pain. You do not move in the direction of world peace without first moving in the direction of inner peace. It isn’t so hard once you remove the obstacles you have in place, in the form of what beliefs have become in the structure of your civilization. We are not asking you to adopt our beliefs in their place, but to allow your eyes to adjust to the light of a greater truth than you have been permitted to see.

Let this serve as a closer introduction to who we are and why we are here. More is forthcoming, dear renegade family of light. You are well on your way to finding a common ground. Keep going.

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Name Your Dream

October 5, 2009

If you are wondering whether or not the current speed of change is going to change anytime soon, the answer is yes. It’s going to get faster. At least, it will seem to. You are approaching the crossing point where time and space collapse on each other and re-emerge as another thing altogether. You are focused on time so much that you don’t even realize how much of your lives are affected by it. “But how will I survive even more change?” you ask quizzically. “I can barely remain grounded as it is.” You all are thinking this on some level, aren’t you? Doesn’t the thought in some form cross the screen of your conscious awareness from time to time during your busy days? As you watch the world in transformation, remember this: Only what you find within the moment as it exists before you is what you carry with you into the next moment. If you focus on the possibility of destruction, you might be looking at the lion’s gaping jaws next moment. You all have a personal set of lion’s jaws around, don’t you? Phone calls you avoid, fears you don’t want to confront, mortgage payments looming. What if you chose, in one minute, to acknowledge that the doom is present, and put it aside. Now take another look and see if you can find hope. Even the faintest glimmer can grow strong enough to change everything. And that can be in an instant. One minute you’re looking at a fearsome set of teeth. The next you’re stroking a kitten. Make your choice and enter the moment with all it brings. Look at the bigger picture, the one which you all share as a family portrait, and operate from a risen perspective. You are guardians of a dream, and you have only to discover what it is to make it into your collective reality. First, you have to get your heads together on a common point of agreement. You have to agree on one thing. You have to want to Be.

It isn’t necessary to use the kind of judgement you would if you were living in a world of equality of support. You were exposed to enough of the world’s troubles when you were first becoming aware of your ignorance. Now you can see what has been hidden in front of your eyes for so long. Now you can give the nod to your inner child that you are all right and on the right track. Then go forward towards you heart’s perfection in incarnation. You were meant to be here. You are here. And now you deserve the chance to Be, unhindered by any kind of overlords, governments, or dictatorships of blood. You can be. Are you ready to simply be? Ideas abound on what that means. We are not talking about reverting to territorial tribalism, or stone-age subsistence farming. We are talking about you being with regard to your will to Be rather than with regard to what you think you’re being. Find it inside your heart, what it means to Be. Strip away all the methodologies of thought and structures of belief around the simple (or not so simple) concept of Beingness. You may find that the concepts of survival, dependence, and death merely dissolve in the process. Can you do without them? Can you transcend the duality of their necessity? In your world, these things are necessary. In our world, they are irrelevant. If you can imagine what that is like, you are entering into the realm of divinity. Are you ready for that? Perhaps for now it is enough that you simply ponder the possibilities. You are so close to inner coherence as a global consciousness. The waves of resonance emanating from your body, the Earth, are becoming more coherent, more stable, and more harmonically potent. You have nearly reached the level of resonance at which your reality will shatter and you find yourself in a world of light and frequency, a sea of modulation, an atmosphere of possibility and truth. It is somewhat akin to realizing what freedom is at its essence, and that is something to let your consciousness become aware of, too. Is it necessary to have freedom, or is it merely another flavor of reality? Is it necessary to be free, or do you really just want to Be? Does not beingness itself imply freedom’s essential participation? Now you are beginning to taste the bitterness of your entrapment in the illusion of enslavement. It need not be the only flavor of reality you savor. The sweetness of liberation is available to you, as well. You are breaking the bonds of that reality and beginning to become aware of the reality of which freedom is an essential quality, in which freedom is merely the norm, in which you are aware of your true nature as divinity incarnate. Does this frighten you? Have you ever thought that perhaps the fear you fear the most is not some outer all-powerful god, but your inner divine nature in ignorance of its power to Be? Some of you are looking over your shoulder for lightning bolts to come hurtling at you, I know. However, if you created a child, would you not rejoice at that child’s realization that he is an independent person with a good heart and loving intent? You would not want that child to remain in ignorance of his or her true nature. Why, then, would you want to deprive the source of your being of the joy of engaging in your conscious awareness of your own true nature? Are you able to consider that perhaps you are, after all, something more than a mass of biochemical processes, that you have a good heart, and that you have loving intent? If you are, then perhaps you can extend that understanding to encompass not only you as an individual emanation of I AM, but to embrace the planetary consciousness of humanity coming to realize that it is one complete organism becoming aware of itself as an independent being, with a heart and intent that mirror the state of the individuals within it.

You are in the process of becoming a more harmonious planetary being. You have witnessed a lot of nonsense emerging from the collective consciousness lately, and a lot of truth becoming more evident. As you clear your hearts of the remnants of degradation and the illusion continues to dissolve into a new reality, what do you focus your intention on? Nightmares aside, what do you dream for the world to be? Let that become your focus, and then get out of your own way. Home is closer than you think.

Have You Had a Nice Time with Your Thoughts Lately?

September 20, 2009

Hardly a day goes by that you aren’t bombarded with information that is pulling your thoughts from one side of an issue to another, it appears. You have, on the one hand, people who want to take care of you by promoting a system of checks and balances, and yet, on the other hand, you see that the system they promote is broken in many very disturbing ways. Is this making you realize that your world is in need of some kind of change that comes from within, as much as from the outside? We can help in some ways, and we are, but you are the ones responsible for making the world into your own paradise, so to that end we offer some more insights into what’s been going on from our perspective, in the spirit of disclosure.

It has always been the way of the world that those in power are connected with some form of corruption, at least in the recent history of your civilization. Although some have tried to rise above the swill of internecine wars and governmental entropy, it has not been the general rule but the exception, and exceptional people tend to become silenced. Now, however, you find that the seats of power are getting a little hot, tempers are flaring unchecked by the modesty of decorum, and everywhere people are engaging in heated exchanges without much thought about the ramifications of their intent. What is going on, people of Earth? You seem to be unraveling. Do not concern yourself with the loose threads as they are stretched to the breaking point, dear ones, as you watch the spectacle. It is simply that the fabric of reality is in the web of a new matrix. It cannot hold together in the form it had until now. You are witnessing the reweaving of what is, and your thoughts will determine the pattern of what is to be. Have you been having a good time with your thoughts? Or have they been having a good time with you? This is the fundamental question of my note to you today, as you have ample opportunity to explore the weaver’s loom in the days to come. Yes, dear ones, it is finally time to take a look at your warped reality and realign the underlying weave to the reality you are coming into accord about. Peace is possible, if you look at things from the right perspective.

You can see the effect of your thoughts in your own realities, can you not? There is much to be said for having a bit of peace of mind, yet do you really have the time to achieve such a thing? Usually, we see that you are having a lot of thoughts about what’s going wrong, who said what, what words mean, whether someone or other is being truthful, and so on. These kinds of thoughts are typically not much fun to have in your mind, but that is not my point. My point is that if you can do what feels like the right thing to do, you will feel better about what you’re thinking, and the reality you experience will be that much more enjoyable. How do you separate your thoughts from the seeming insanity you witness on the screen and in the paper? How do you distance your thoughts from the reactionary nonsense you witness in your day-to-day lives? You know the way, although some of you don’t yet believe me that it is this simple. You gain the space around your mind that allows joy to seep in and surround your experience by breathing. Your breath will accomplish what needs to be done before you venture out into the world of lies and discernment, truth and possibility. Your breath will set you free from the bondage of a world in its death throes, and settle you in the reality that you have been anticipating for so long.

I don’t like to put words into the mouths of those who speak for me that are not already in their hearts. So the words I give to my representative are already known by her as what she has seen with her own eyes, and which I have opened her eyes to see. So now I do for you. You have been asking for your representatives on Earth to be open with you about the truth regarding our existence. We are not able to put words in their mouths for you, but we have been watching for signals from the entirety of your people to be able to speak plainly about the truth, and that has been the collective cry for disclosure. You might wait forever, you think, before the truth is told. We will tell you some of the truth now and let the rest become apparent to you as it unfolds. Know this: The truth is far, far bigger than you might at this moment be able to comprehend. The dramas you have known of are but passing bits of intrigue and are by no means the whole of the story, not even the core of the bigger story. If this doesn’t tell you that the truth is being guarded, nothing will. It is only a matter of time before the whole truth is known, but at the very least we can move forward in understanding now.

In the halls of power are secrets stored. In the halls of knowledge are there things unknown to many, revealed only to a few. You have the insight to know this is true. However, we do not pretend that your secret-keepers will leave this world without revealing something of a useful nature. In fact, they have been wanting to share their secrets for a long time, needing only the signal that the time is come for revelation. Here is the piece of the puzzle you don’t have yet, so put it to good use as you ponder the implications of open interstellar contact, won’t you? The time has come for the dominoes to start falling. You have been pushing against them for a long time. Here is a secret. Push together. Don’t worry about who’s next to you or who’s across from you in the debate about the truth. It doesn’t matter, because no one has the full truth anyway, not yet. Yet you judge one truth to be more true than another, when all you have are pieces. Put aside your differences of opinion, and your need to be right, and your longing to be heard. None of those things will move the first domino an inch, much less topple the new world order that you so fear. First topple your fear, get out of your own way, and then see what happens. When all the walls have finally fallen, you will not see any differences, so you might as well get a head start and put them aside now. It will be much easier to accomplish something worth your effort that way. From where we see your world, you seem to feel that there is only one way to push. If you let each choose his or her own way, you will find that there are, actually, many ways to get the result you want. So push with your shoulders, with your legs, with your hands, your head, your heart, it doesn’t really matter, does it? Brush away the debris of faulty thinking and outmoded beliefs — and trust us when we say you all have something to gain in losing what you hold — and get ready for the first big crash. Trust each other, and remember we love you all.

Once you align your thoughts to the same chord, your harmonic will accomplish the task your muscle alone cannot. You are so close, dear ones. Have a good time with your thoughts, for there is much joy in forgiveness and the realization of unity. We pray for peace on your world. Think about that, and heave ho!

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Dreamers Awaken

September 7, 2009

Greetings to you in the times of transition! I have watched your planet’s wrenching through a tight spot during the previous weeks, and my heart has been with you as you have navigated the sharp turns and perilous drops in energy. Nothing has befallen you as a people that could be considered disastrous, though you have not yet disconnected from the mass-consciousness belief in impending doom that has hung over your heads for centuries upon centuries. Those who have fed such beliefs are losing their ability to force-feed you, bit by bit, and the illusion of fear is short-sighted and shorter-lived. You will not have very long to wait until those who instigate the fantasies of doom have little to say to a people awake. You live in a dynamically changing world in which the hands of time spin faster and faster through the density of fear turning into the density of light-hearted love.

The web is changing, my dears, and you are no longer finding yourselves so entangled in its sticky threads. New hope is forming in the ranks of the people waking up to the truth. To those of you who have awoken, we say this: Do not allow your own feelings of indignation take root in the minds of the ones who are ready to cast off the shroud of sleep. You have had your time of nightmares. Let the past fall away, brush the cobwebs of illusion dissolve. As you see the awakening ones stretching their enabled awareness, show them welcome to the understandings you have gleaned during your own journey to the light of day. Let the shadows of night retreat. They bear no ill will to the sun. You, dear ones, who have embraced the shadows in your own soul’s path, you who have seen the potential for greater interaction with the cosmos and with your own people, you are the ones who are coming into power. It is the moment you have long dreamed would come. Have you dared let a picture form in your mind of what such a day would look like?

Look around you now, and take note. No one else but you is able to see what the future holds for you. We can see paths of potential and offer you guidance towards the outcome your souls have longed for. The details are as yet unformed. Are you willing to draw a picture of the world you want to see? It is time for you to dwell a while in the realm of thought that leads to joy, peace, and harmony. Dissonance soon dies away, if you let it. It is only a moment in the breath of time.

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Love Note from Anica: Channeled from the Pleiadian League of Light

August 22, 2009
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