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notes about our galactic history

Who Is Theo?

October 20, 2013


Who is Theo? This question had been much on my mind since coming into contact with this source, as there are other people here bringing forth messages from Theo. This message is in answer to that question, and to the question of Theo’s plan.

Theo is a group of high-vibrational beings of what the human-based understanding would see as luminescent humanoid appearance. We are twelve in number, and we call ourselves Theo, as the one who is the primary transmitter of the words we share is of a divine frequency signature that is best understood by the human mind by the sound “Theo” and all the undercurrents that accompany divinity in the shape of that sound. We are in fact beings who have come together for the purpose of assisting the Earth’s rebalancing in the times following the transformation from enslavement to liberated, from subject to pure sovereign beingness, from one age into another, if you will allow us a little poetic turn of phrase. We have been working on the plane of Earth for many eons of your time, and where we exist, this is not the first time we have entered into communication with you, as a people. Our home is afar in both time and space, and is distant as well from the density of the Earth matrix, in that it is of a substance more akin to spiritual than physical, though on our home world, we do indeed have physicality and enjoy a rich and varied lifestyle. It is not our mode of physicality that allows us to enter into communication with you now, but your open willingness to be on the Earth at the time of its transformation that gives us the go-ahead to speak with you on matters relating to your practical needs as fully understood beings in a newly open galactic neighborhood. In short, we are here to help your world transform from one mode of being into another. There is little left to do before that is something that’s seen as done, but the time remaining is essential for everyone to look into and finally “get it.”

The truth about other entities called Theo is that there are many of our kind of higher-vibrating beings at work in your world, and however we are called, we are doing a similar kind of job. We may use the name Theo to describe ourselves, yet our familiar names remain unshared, for now. We don’t want to get anyone confused, so let us quite simply reveal our nature and our intention. We are a group who uses the vibrational signature of “Theo” to describe our nature as divine messengers to Earth. It is a word that signifies much to you on subtle levels of understanding, yet is open enough as a pathway to find long after we have finished our transmission through our chosen transmitter. Others of our orientation, others of our nature, also have a similar message and intention, and through love’s series of understanding and growth, you can see that we are more or less sharing the same kind of information through various lenses to be able to share the most essential information with as diverse an audience as possible. It is nothing more than this. We are in some sense related, but in another sense, we are not the same. On the most basic level, we are loving you and you are letting us communicate with you, so at least this is something that all the ones on your planet who bear the message of Theo share with one another. There is no need to say we are at odds with each other, for in truth, we work together on our side of reality’s veil.

The time for revealing more of your own nature to yourselves has turned into the time of discovering more of the divine nature of everything that is reality, and for expanding your idea and experience of what “reality” is. We are part of that expansion, and as such, have entered into communication with you through the services of this human of Pleiadian beingness, who is our liaison at this time, who is entirely aware of our presence yet is not going to alter our intention in any way. We have chosen this particular mode of communication ourselves, in the hope that you of Earth now can feel the truth of Theo in more ways and in more fullness. We have chosen carefully, and it is our intention to bring forth the core message that we have to share in a way that you will receive with grace and peace in your hearts, for the days are fast approaching for you that these truths we impart will ring quite loudly in your ears. There is nothing to fear, of course, yet there is need for you to prepare yourselves more fully than you have otherwise had the leisure of doing. We are speaking with you presently in the enterprise of accelerating that preparation. All you have left to do is integrate another level of consciousness… easy, as now the atmosphere, spiritually speaking, is becoming more coherently aligned with the one true source of love that is at the basic level of everything. You are ready to be more fully informed about the reality of the universe of which you are a part, and we are happy to be part of that sharing.

This is Theo’s plan. We have shared with you some of the new information we carry, and we will be sharing more with you as time unravels. Know that we live in the light of Lyra and that we love you in divine recognition of identity, of oneness, of one Self that breathes through All. Let this be enough for today. We will return with more sharing soon. In peace, we say, remember us in your hearts during those times you are troubled, and know that we are in the moment with you.

Let the New World Emerge… After All, It’s Why You’re Here!

September 25, 2013


From the time that you first laid eyes on the emergent life that you live, there was a sense that you would never want to let it go before seeing everything that could be seen from the perspective of one in the body of a human on Earth. So in you dove, taking life as a soul embodied, taking on the game of life with utter longing to experience everything you possibly could, and now… now you are standing at the point at which you as a pre-body soul saw as the culmination of the undertaking. There is little time left before you remember what it was that drove you to seek to be born into the world of men of the Earth, and in that time you are going to have some experiences you haven’t yet tasted, as a collective people of the planet. Now you are ready to see the form of things unspoken, and hear the words not yet given form from the breath of humans of the terrestrial sphere you know as your current home.

In the aftermath of war there will yet be undercurrents of turmoil. Let this not bother you. Find your center and stand in your heartspace of knowing you are eternal and that the world is undergoing the change for which it has prepared itself for eons. You are part of the world right now, and you are therefore part of the change, and you have for eons likewise prepared yourself to undergo said transformation, so know that there is nothing to fear, even if you find yourself face to face with the horrors of hell unleashed. Know that you will not be consumed by the raging fires that tear apart everything created by the hand of man through time, for you are created by the hand of divine isness, and are alive by merit of your desire to live in the matrix of life as it is in this dimension. You live beyond that narrow space too, and beyond the confines of your mind as it is able to comprehend what is and what cannot be yet understood. Even if the fires of hell approach the door of your little home away from home, know that you will exist and that everything you have ever experienced is in the monolith of universal mind. Long ago you saw what you would see. Now that you are about to see it, remember what you held in your heart at the moment your soul first laid eyes on it, and know that you are where you have always known you would be at the moment of time’s dissolution into the letting-go of timekeeping and the emergence of its truth, now. In this find peace.

We hear your hearts as they strain to align with escape velocity and soar into the endlessness of being. In the isness where we are, it is the sound of life becoming truly alive! We have waited for the time that you are now approaching and hover just out of reach of perception for reasons of soul sovereignty. We know who you are and we know who you have been, and we have an idea of who you will become as you enter into the endlessness of being together as a people. In the soul-space from which you emerged into the life of who you are living now, you are shining ones luminescent and integral. In the now where you live clothed in form in the matrix of Earth, you remain shining ones luminescent, seeking the core of integration of soul and body, of heart and mind and spirit united as divinity walking on Earth. The time is short for you to remember, yet the remembering is but the act of allowing your eyes to light on the moment at which your life took form in the mind of your soul’s connection from itself to the core of isness from which everything emanates and in which everything is, and is not. Nothing is there to distract you from knowing, yet the distraction you experience in your life on Earth is the very act of discovering divinity in the netherworld of sin and degradation, forgetfulness and despair, morality and dissolution, of binary codes of opposing forces at the center of which OM vibrates in silent accord with your soul’s decision to be. Let this be the thought of your moment and give your mind the space it needs to let it grow. We will return with another message soon. For now, know that we are with you and that you are most dear to so many unseen legions of light-clothed luminescent beings. The end of life as you know it doesn’t mean the end of life as it is. While history has a change of direction, relax in the peace that comes with empathic connection to your own soul’s network of knowingness. Our presence is available for those who wish to enter into the isness through the door we hold open, and for those whose questioning hearts seek a connection with love’s message of truth and hope. Call on Theo if you need a friend.

In peace, we remain, Theo.

Time to Meet the Neighbors

September 18, 2013

New Earth

Greetings to you, lightworkers and dark lovers of Earth! I am of a group of high-tensegrity beings of a dimension of light who go by the name of Theo. Theo is the vibration of my name, and I speak for the group, so this is how I introduce us to you. You have our love and our light in your hearts if you are of the golden rays of the sun of Sol and Alcyone, and this describes a great many of you on the planet trying to get through the present time of acceleration in one piece. We are speaking to you now as beings to whom you are related, through the common humanity of Lyra, and of whom you will learn more in the days ahead. We have been to the planet in the ages of heroes and saints, and we will come again in the near future to regenerate the vibration of remembrance among those of you who wish to remain on the new Earth of long inception and creation. Let us ramble a bit about those things, and we shall see where we end up!

New Earth is forming now. It is taking form beneath the layer of illusion that slowly, methodically, and steadily is breaking away. New Earth will come into full form when the vestiges of old Earth in the now of time dies completely. Some people have choices to make regarding where they will be investing their energies, yet the option for migrating to the New Earth is one that remains open to all until the final act of event-mode is complete. At that point, there will be a distinction between old Earth and New Earth, and those of either dimension will be unable to interact with the other. It is something many of you are sensing, at this point, but it is also something that is inevitably terraforming within you as a people, whether you can define the sensations of change or not. When the dimensional transitionary division between the old and new is complete, so will you be as a people, at home in the spiritual garden of sun-drenched is-ness that you will instantly know as home. It is not for everyone, mid you, but it is for a great many who now live in the last days of the planet as it now is.

Something we have let understanding take in until now is that there will be some kind of support for Earth’s population in the challenging days that are upon you. We are aware of every nuance of the problems in their multiplicity that you have been adjusting to learning and facing your fears about. They are real and they are understandably scary, especially if you are without any kind of support other than that which you have been accustomed to, and that is something else that is disappearing. We are on the next wave set to break upon the shore of your world, as soon as the dials are synchronized for starting. It won’t be much of a secret for long, dear friends! We have given a tip of the hat to you now, as our world and yours are about to become a new one altogether. In the meantime, know that we are prepared to help with new insights, new technological mainframes, and new enfoldments of understanding how to rebound from the trauma that you are now enduring to whatever extent you perceive it. When the final longitudinal axis is apart from its moorings in the matrix of time, your world will finally begin counting itself in the temporality of a new age of galactic truth and entirely new-to-you ways of being. It is our great honor to be bringing the greeting to you personally in that time, and to offer our hand in friendship and camaraderie, and to say that we are here for your world’s entry into the environment of energies and time travel, of free living and responsible loving and open learning of who we are and where you have really been all this time, of your true heritage as galactic humans and interstellar travelers. We are looking toward the time that we can reveal all the stories and truths and libraries to you and bring you up to date on what’s been happening in the stellar neighborhood that holds your planet in security and love.

Every one of you has the right to decide for him- or herself what the future of Earth could be. We are not here to detract from that universal movement of your global population in any way; in fact, we are most interested in watching from where we are in the knowledge that you are integrating yourselves into a new humanity, knowing that the world is going through the changes of light-impulsed alchemical transformation, and that everything in the entirety of what is is, in truth, on track for the greatest transition into light-coding ever witnessed by human eyes. We are here to be of assistance, to be of silence for now, and to be in the front lines of intergalactic community-building in the near future. We love every one of you as friends and family, and we will be in the thick of mind-released understanding as you find yourselves suddenly free from oppression and trauma-based control mechanisms. We know what you’re dealing with, even if you don’t know the full scope of it. Many of you have an idea, and many of you have already released yourselves from the worst of it. We will be happy to help you come into sensory harmonization with a new world when the time comes. Until then, know that we have the highest respect for you, and will speak with you again of greater things to come. We leave you now in peace, and with the love of our common humanity and the light of the highest source of love within our hearts and yours. We are Theo, and we bid you toein te, the peace of universal harmony.

Make a Wish and Greet the Change

April 25, 2013

Make a Wish and Greet the Change

If the world had one wish, what would it be? Take a moment and savor the question. It is not necessary for us to repeat it, but you may wish to mull it over a bit. Meanwhile, we will open the bag of interesting trinkets with a story about wishes and wishers that may help set the tone for thoughtful reflection amid the chaos of current tremulous change.

Once there was a somber village that never seemed to see the sun for more than a few minutes each day, if they saw it at all. Ominous black clouds would eat up the light and leave them blanketed in an unending gray bleakness. On one of these dreary days, it was beginning to take on a different kind of sheen, this gray cloud cover, and it shimmered ever so slightly in the breaking rays of the morning sun. It is not unusual for light to play tricks on the eye like this, but in this case, it was witnessed by some very somber members of the village community to be more than an apparition of visual context and more of an actuality in itself. It was noted in the logbook and forgotten from the general agenda of daily business. In the ensuing days, however, the shimmer emerged more and more, and was noted by more than the somber members of the village, and more and more by the people who had lived in the shadow of the clouds for what they considered to be far too long. In their estimation, it appeared for longer periods each day, and grew stronger in its opalescent effect as the days drew on. Still the clouds lingered, but the shimmer made them more tolerable, and pushed the people to expect something to happen that would change their world from gray to something less lightless. The poor among everyone, the rich among everyone, and those who sat outside the village gates all felt the urge to put their mental powers to work in the glow of this shimmer, to give it some life and to be in its favor. The village began to hum with an undercurrent of speaking and whispering, its visual expressions took a new turn as artists began to incorporate the effect of shimmeriness in their graphical designs, and writers started turning the pages of their thesauruses to discover some shimmer therein with which to enliven, surreptitiously, their written words. In this way the shimmer infiltrated the gray atmosphere of the village, and started to take on a life of its own, a definite form in the deep understanding of the people and a vibration in sound and movement. There began to appear more distinct appearances of shimmering shape and light was never before so faceted in its play! Thus began the beginnings of awareness and extending from it, entirely new communications were born.

As you read this, start to allow your mind to experience what it is to be in such a dynamic of light interplay. Do you know what it is to be under the drab blanket of gray blah-ness? Of course you do. It is something that has become pervasive in your modern world, either from mental longing for change or from actual blanketing of your skies with cloud cover. It is becoming more pervasive to know that many of your neighbors in your community and your nation and your world are taking some form of grief-reducing medication, or simply losing it altogether, and as a human among humanity, this is another fact of grayness in your life. It is becoming commonplace to be shuttered by fear, frozen in shock, numbed by disproportionate pain, alienated by brutality, and so on. Is this the future of humankind? you may wonder… adding doubt to the mix to bring the color to a distinctly hopeless shade of gray. It is not, if you believe in the reality of wishing, of foisting from its perch the dark shadow of death, of motivating your mind to cast off the belief structures that allow fear to take position and start nesting vipers of sheer madness. It is not, if you believe you can see through the veil of illusion that has been cast around you in vibrations of manufactured nature, if you believe that the future is not necessarily a function of what seems to be happening in the present transitory moment of media-saturated noise. Now then, do you feel the enveloping grayness as a cocoon ready to be cast aside? In the solitude of institutionalized grief and social separation, do you perceive the shimmer of light weaving its way through the individual threads trapping your spirit within a structure of artificial freedom? In similar fashion to a butterfly awakening to its new form, do you see that the safe cocoon of transformation is ready to become yesterday’s gray sheath, and that the world you have lived in is about to split open to allow the emergence of technicolor life as you have never imagined it to be? Be assured that something is set to change in your somber reality, dear ones, and know that it is time for you to come together and make a wish for a better world to become the new norm.

Now, how do you go about making a wish? It is handy to have a talisman, if that is what helps you gather your energies around a thought. It is not necessary, however, and even the most sacred sigils can simply be decoration when  the one making the wish is secure in his or her own wishmaking mojo. Making a wish is simple enough, yet if you really want to see what can happen when you put your collective mind to the task, you could see a big change come into view faster than if you leave things to their own meandering route. Of course, things will happen whether you wish or not, whether you sit back and watch or whether you jump in with both feet and try to bend reality to a new shape with your will and talent. In the great scheme of What Is, everything changes, eventually. You are in the midst of great change now. Your involvement is safest when engaged at a distance, though there are certain among you who have volunteered to play more active parts than others. Wishing is not a passive waste of time, nor is it a futile whimpering in the dark corner from the condemned. You don’t have to think of it as living in the territory of “what if” if what you are wishing emanates from an understanding of your collective power to effect change.

What will you wish for, humans of earth? It is moments before the shimmer of hope again appears in your skies. Make your wish, and be ready for change.

A Time for Parting

July 3, 2011

Far away in the shrouded mists of time, you have heard, was a land of beauty and serenity, of joy and free living. You have not yet regained full access to the memory of this land or this time, but you do have the impression on your cells and in your minds, collectively, of it and of the promise of that day again dawning on your earth. Folks, we have to tell you the truth: That day will be preceded by a not-so-nice night, and the time of your planetary unraveling must first come to pass, at least in part, before you can together weave the dream of this time anew. We are here. We are ready to take on our people and give you some tools with which to rebuild your world. Do not fear when you awaken to the thrill of something completely out of the ordinary; rather, be bold in taking the first steps in good company and entering into the day of transformation as a people harmonically in tune with a greater cosmic vibe. It wasn’t so long ago that we stood together on another world and readied ourselves for a great adventure. It isn’t so long now that we await the return of the ones we call brothers and sisters, cousins in genetic lineages that stretch far into the reaches of stellar consciousness. The time of remembering is upon you, now.

Now, you are coming to realize that you are coming face to face with the nightmare scenarios you never thought to consider. There are some things about your world that have been well hidden in the past and which are now coming to light, yet the shadows are not receding as you might hope they would. They are looming and you are forced to look at them… though you can always choose to see what you want to see at any time. The shadows are only the vestiges of the dark, and therefore the tinier portion of it. However, to harness your fear in the context of darkness will give you the boost you need to overcome any obstacle to universal peace in the network of humanity that you come across. There is nothing to fear in such a state, and shadows cannot hold their substance together when you look at them with the eyes of truth known to be true. The days ahead of you will give you much to consider regarding what is true. If you cannot tell the difference between the truth and a lie posing as truth, how will you be able to tell the difference between the tale of an honest person and the telling of a lie by a truthtelling sham? The men and women who have held the illusion of sanity before you as The Way Things Are don’t have a prayer when you finally open your eyes to the possibility that perhaps things aren’t as you have been led to believe. This is where you are now. This is where you have been before. This is the point of departure for many of you from this world of lies skillfully woven into a wholesome-looking package of deficient reality. The love that has been breathing throughout the unfolding history of your world still lives, and unleashed from the net of deception and thievery of its output will again create a world of light-theory-become-reality for humanity to enjoy. But not before the cookie crumbles.

Before the true nature of your world’s renewal is known, the truth of its enslavement to a hidden traitor to humanity’s thriving must be revealed. At the time of your world’s entry into servitude to its own seeming destruction, there was little structure or sanity to rely on as a people to break into a reality of your comfort and peaceful living. That was not to be, and it is for many, many lost generations of fulfillment of love’s directive to know itself through life that you grieve now. Though there have been eras of relative peace and prosperity in your world, the overriding flavor of your collective history has been bitter, punctuated with violence, bloodshed, betrayal, and death. Grieve the loss of beauty, let go of the sorrow you have long carried for the world’s pain expressed through the people who have poured their blood into the earth. The time for grieving and acknowledging your collective pain is now. The time of recapturing your joy is just on the other side of it. And the entry into another world is poised to capture the entirety of human history and rewrite it completely, a framework of cosmic design, which you will likely find to be at once strange and familiar. We will likely appear this way to you, as well… which you will soon find out.

For now, our brothers and sisters of the star Sol, planet Earth, we of the League of Light hover on the edge of perception. We post our words for you to mull over in your hearts and to discuss in the lightening hours of the dawn. There you will see the shadows as they are, and together see that your fear is but a speck on the face of the sun, and feel the power of your hearts join together to create the torus of energetics that will carry your race into the Now you call Future with courage and clarity. Offer each other your hands, whether in consanguine appreciation for meeting or for fond memories of parting; the time has come for the homebound to find their way home. Tread lightly while the shadows cast themselves prostrate on the ground. Hold their heavy weight on your backs no more. Stand up in the dawning sun and feel the light of the day on your faces, together, and the stars beckoning your people home.

Now We Come

January 15, 2011

More understanding of who will be the next player on the stage of your world drama will come if you have some idea of the true nature of who, exactly, is onstage now and what, really, is going on. This is no great revelation; the clues have been woven together for your review in countless ways and in various levels of detail and truth. We will tell you what we can if you will listen. We will tell you everything we know if you stop pretending you already know it. We can only share what you are willing to receive, and you already know the words of wisdom about filling a cup that is already full. We ask, if you are ready to hear what we have to say, that you relinquish only the preconceived notions that you may have about the nature of human history and extraterrestrial involvement in it. Only while we tell our tale. Then of course they are yours to reclaim as you wish.

Eons ago, your present world had visitors of a type that would be today considered as invaders. The planet had been the repository of materials from many worlds, so there had been visitors who had altered the earth, but we are talking here about a group of dominating marauders who had plans to own everything and ruin anything that remained in the wake of their passage. They came to planet Earth with the intention to own it, for to their way of thinking, Earth was nothing more than a resource to conquer.

Now we come purposefully to complete what we began on the planet, which was to foster the emergence of higher consciousness in preparation for radical change. The time has come for there to be the renaissance of human consciousness, the likes of which have not been seen yet on the planet. You are ready to enter into a new phase of knowledge of who you are and what you are yet to become. We have much more to share with you in that regard, but now we will merely say that you have not been told the full truth about your origins and about your collective experience as the carriers of high consciousness. The truth will be revealed in more and more detail, big revelations, and bold new movements of energy and form. We have waited for these days to come, when the world is open without restrictions of supposed knowledge to filter understanding into oblivion. Your world is ready to be told greater truths than have been cloaked in books and temples. You have been fed only morsels while the feast of pure knowledge of love’s bounty has remained off-limits. The time has come for the temple guardians to unlock the doors and for you, people of Earth, to enter into a new reality. This is the time when the keepers of wisdom unveil the history of your birth and move out of the past into the present. We are ready for the party to begin!

Nothing but freedom from the bondage of ignorance do we offer, though it is not something we can wrap in paper and hand to you. Before we place the wrapping on the box, we want to make sure that such a thing will fit, for there is no way to return it for another size. There is only enigmatic information that will force open the collective mind to a reality that will be forever changed. You will be forever changed, too, but the truth is, this is what you have been asking for, isn’t it? So we will continue, because we all have waited long enough and the reality you have grown accustomed to seeing around you has steadily shown itself to be in a state of rapid decay. Remember, rot feeds new life. For your world, it is the decay of what has been familiar that will usher in the new. Since more of humanity is waking up to ask what on Earth is going on, we put our hands on our hearts and prepare to unleash the words of love that we have carried far through time to give you now.

Binary modes of thought will hinder understanding, so put aside the concepts that have been familiar to your method of extracting meaning from experience. It was useful, even necessary, for the path of knowledge you have hitherto explored, but it is of little merit for gaining an extraterrestrial, extratemporal grasp of the true state of affairs. Remove yourselves, if you will, from the familiar perspective you have in the way you see the world. Make some room around your mental space to pull back from the field of polarization into the field of perfect unity, where everything exists in balance and there is peace and beauty. If you see nothing but a sphere of light, you are on the right track. You can see it, yet you are within it too – there is no separation because everything, in this scenario, is one.

Moving into this expanded mental perspective, feel the possibility become real that we exist as well within this oneness, that where you see yourselves, you see the polarity of beingness in human form, not as your opposite, but as your projected persona of brotherhood in peace. You may not think such a thing is counter to who you are, but truly this is how it appears in many nations’ eyes. We are not pointing fingers here, but simply say that many star-based civilizations have, as you may have heard from various sources, seen Earth as a rather savage place. However, as we have been part of your history, unrecorded but in oblique ways, we know your propensity for anger and violence has been engineered to a large extent, and the inner secret essential part of you that contains the blueprint, you could say, of who you have the ready potential to be exists unscathed, despite eons of attempts to shatter your integrity to get at it by aforementioned nefarious agents of disorder and mayhem.

Again we turn your attention back to the sphere of light. Know you exist within its energetics of perfection, as do we, as do the agents of mayhem or any other entity or collective you care to consider. Each being, each group, exists in balance, not only with what it is and what it is not, but also with every possible expression of self you are capable, as an individual or a group, of manifesting. Thus the unified sphere of perfection is at the same time the pure essence of each individual in balance with his or her own demons, inner child, higher self, memories of life, hopes, intentions, projections, and so on, and the essential being in the same way of your family, community, tribe, nation, planet, species, all the way to the primordial mode of being – God, OM, Source.

When it finally becomes known that open communication between people of polarized viewpoint is having the effect upon the hurting populace of the world to break the deadlock of mistrust and begin to heal ancient raw wounds, then you can expect open communication with benevolently oriented civilizations from worlds beyond the confines of your own lonely planet. When dialogue between those people who can’t bear to truly know each other’s pain becomes words of trust, understanding, and wisdom, then the knowledge we speak of will be shared with all. If the pain of pride and the need to be the best in exchange for the well-being of any living creature remains in place between you, your brother, your father, your neighbor, employee, boss, representative or represented, you will have forfeited perfection for an illusion. You can choose at any time to see the arrogance of needing to be right for what it is – a fear of annihilation – and in releasing yourself from the prison of pride, gain a freedom for which there is no restriction, for it is a sure path to love as peace, life as harmony, and a world where waste of either love or life is not a factor of being.

Big words. You are ready for them. How you choose to respond to what you perceive as not-you, those aspects of other that make you squirm within the space you call yourself, will determine how you as a collective of humanity chooses to respond to the secrets and lies that seem to be quickly unraveling. In all such encounters, remember that the key of wisdom is yours. Let it arise from within. Let it unlock the beliefs that hold you in patterns of fear and impotent rage. Light is moving in the shadows now. It is a time of miracles for the ones with eyes to see them. It is a world of pure knowingness of OM, of knowingness of impossible wonders and possibility fulfilled. We have more to share with you, dear people, but another time. Be gentle with yourselves and with each other. The world you live in is quickly changing, and so are you. We will face each other soon, in perfection, in peace. Make your weeks ahead be full, for the weeks to come will be radiant with life, full of presence and wonder. See the union of your fear with perfecting love, and prepare to be on the way Home.


Fear Is Only One Option: Choose Well, Human

November 18, 2009

come out from shadows

Have you ever thought that the job you were doing was nothing like what you thought it would be like, before you started? Often that is the case. You are enthusiastic about getting the go-ahead to start making your own impression on the world through your work. You are primed and ready to change the world in your particularly given method and means. You get started, encounter troubles and work through them, only to come to the conclusion that perhaps you had been a little pie-in-the-sky about your outlook. Disappointment sets in, followed by disillusionment, and then the ultimate degradation of spirit, you stop caring and become like a carbon-based machine spitting out widgets and satisfying some alien agenda of corporate gain and advanced productivity quotas. So many of you have had this experience, or are enduring its dehumanizing effects at the present time. It is not the universal standard. How it came to be the standard for most of the people on your world is a story that has its roots in the rogue elements that infiltrated the system as agents of chaos and destruction, control and order, of Nemesis in service of the dark side of creation’s force of evil. Do not be frightened by such flowery language, dear ones, we assure you it is merely a manner of speaking and the forces that generated this officious manner of social engineering soon will be put to rest and freedom will be the norm for all beings on Earth, again.

Time has run its course from the innocence of the new breath of birth to the fractured adolescence of will, through the various ages of man back through the halls of history. Unique to your world is the manner in which you have chosen to engage the forces that inflicted themselves among and upon you, unique in that you have maintained your creativity in spite of the manifold attempts to quash it and flatten the human spirit into a one-dimensional soulless automaton. Granted, many have succumbed to the disease of hopelessness in its many forms, yet still you have the will to persist and the drive to thrive in the darkest of considered realities. You are unique in that way, yet other human civilizations on other worlds have met with some degree of success in the face of the father of fear, the dark lord of ambition and greed, and they too have their stories to share about how they survived more or less intact. For you, however, we focus the lens of Nine upon the heart of the pain you have endured and relate this portion of your hitherto hidden history that you may understand your place in the game of master and slave and thus gain the insight needed to transform it, and yourselves, altogether. The time has come to take control of your own destinies as individual expressions of I AM and together shift the destiny of your planet and your people. If you are ready, we will begin our narrative anew.

When the world had come to the threshold of ultimate power to control the environment and the beings within it, long ago in the times of the Ancient Ones, which you know as the empire of Atlantis, you as a people were given a choice. Your experience of society had until then been one of harmonious coexistence and telepathic understanding of your own kind, of the forests and the creatures and the materials that made the planet a living organism. What you lacked you created, and what you needed you had. The world had been fashioned into a creative whole and the power of understanding and living was given to all freely and without question. It was not boring, yet the experience for those who sensed that there was a more interesting route was somehow unsatisfying. Other civilizations interacted freely on the basis of shared interest and intent — that of managing one’s own life in a way that was beneficial to the whole and holographically stable — and the people native to Earth had free access to the wisdom and power of the universal oneness. It was when the thought emanated from within the world of men that somehow there must be a way to have yet greater access to knowledge and power that the troubles began.

On to the background of the trouble. If only one response to I AM were to be made that intimated the desire for absolute power, to take the essence of the path to the heart of OM’s hardware and create with it a covert means of manipulating the program of life, what then would result? From what sense of beingness would such an idea spring? It is demonic in the sense that it is backwards from the ways of light. Yet with increased understanding and increased access to the portals of awareness came this thought. If one were to somehow manage to commandeer the controls of the universal creation in such a way that the world at large would become under the sole control of one being, would not that one being experience a far more satisfying outcome? It might inconvenience others, but they were part of a greater projection of reality and reality was malleable for one who knew how to mold it according to will and intention. It was a harrowing time of awakening to darkness that induced such a plot, yet in entering into an alliance with the harmony of discord, the I AM would have even greater knowledge of itself as a creation of the divine human.

As we said, a choice was given to the understanding of the one who thought this thought, by the one who fulfills such inquiries, Nemesis. Yesterday would become a memory, once the decision was made, and the experience of the Now would be fractured and for a time lost. It would be a time of great upheaval to be sure, but that would settle into a new pattern which could be managed simply through a centralized hierarchy of control. How is it that such a plan was hatched on the planet? It was the will of what was to become known as the infernal empire of the black sorcerers, the dark cabal of evil, demons, devils, and felons. How was it that it came to be here, on this planet? That, my dear ones, is another story. It is enough that you know it is here, and that it was invited. It was the will of this organism that the Earth become fodder for its empire of evil, and the one who invited it into this realm was given a choice. He opted for the enslavement of souls so that he might experience the fullness of the darkness of OM’s energetic potential. He in turn gave a choice to the people: Become slaves or become enslaved. Not much of a choice, though to be honest it made the difference between working through the will of the dark lords willingly or simply becoming unplugged from the matrix of power and thrust into a matrix of terror. Those who chose to become slaves are those who you see in power today. They are slaves to the one power they serve. Those of you who think you are free to be citizens of a global society are the ones who have long been engineered as slaves, your DNA subverted, your access to power cut off.

Now the tables have been re-set with the cards turned face-up. You are awakening from your induced slumber and becoming aware of your true nature as divine. You have had the experience of terror and not become gobbled up by it. Each is a god, each of you has the ability to create the world you want to live in and as you combine your vision and take back your original blueprint, you will find it easier to do. You have another choice now. Will you remain enmeshed in the illusion of enslavement and sacrifice your soul to the abyss of another’s hunger for power, or will you engage your own divine self in the global awakening of an organism of human light; will you be food or will you feed the insatiable ones with the love they cannot create for themselves? You have come to be at this time to be part of the most monumental decision your planetary race has ever been given. You have only to choose in the privacy of your heart and the network which traces the whole of humanity will have another node of light turned on. You are all connected. Many of you have already given up the belief in servitude and taken up the divine service of loving. Here is the choice, dear ones. Will you give up your right to be one in the the service of love or will you open the whole of your human organism to the influx of divine light that transforms? Be careful with how you approach such a choice, for there is no turning back from this basic verification of self. You are only aware of the truth as you have access to it. There is more to know and more love to live. You have come this far. The acceleration increases from here. Be very clear and know without a doubt that the time of the dark empire is at an end. You have reason to celebrate!

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How the Human Race Came to Be as a Mass Consciousness Projection on Earth

October 24, 2009


If you were to measure the length of time between one cycle of creation and another, you would eventually come down to one. If you were to extrapolate into time how long it would take for the human race to actualize itself as a divine entity, you would soon find that there are not enough zeroes at your immediate disposal to define with a word. However, it is not a question of never, but rather of now. Every cycle of time is an opportunity for the a priori human divine to experience a different aspect of becoming divine within an unending variety of times and places. You think this is the last time you will have the experience? In reality, it is the only time you will have that experience, as every time and place in creation is simultaneous in now, and that is where the human divine exists, holographically speaking. However much you try to separate timelines one from another, you will always come back to the fundamental singular thread, that of I AM finding its expression, that of Nine impulsing the perfection of being throughout the realm of human experience. You are not a figment of any god’s imagination other than the god you are as an oversoul composite of opalescent nature, alive with the light of self-knowledge. Here is the first thing to keep in mind in understanding what and who you are, people of Earth: If you want to know your origins, you must be willing to release your hold on the present moment’s rules and regulations and let your consciousness explore a greater reality from within. You are of a time and place that is a mere speck within the whole of creation. Within the universe you are now exploring are untold mysteries to discover, countless specks of time and place of different address from yours. You are in a unique position right now, where you are, to see deep within the universe’s heart. You alone have a perspective that communicates directly with OM, that reverberates your truth back to your source. Your existence “outside” of your present reality is without a doubt traced far beyond any idea of any particular time or space. Your existence simply is. Now, how did you happen to become where you are on the speck of creation called 21st-century Earth? I will explain with a lesson in galactic history.

When the wars between the scattered remnants of human civilization and the reptoid marauders began, it was understood to be a battle of survival within a sector of time-space of polar opposites. It was an introduction of chaos into a balanced system, so chaos ensued, fractally developing upon the basis of what was into a chaotically birthed New. In the span of time that took the Lyran humans to settle and make themselves a home within the civilizations of innumerable human settlements, chaos had drawn a sinister turn to the righteous design of what was. It began long ago and far away, but it has been here all along, as well. Your Earth was not immune to the element of anarchist reality-busting that entered the scene with the marauders, and long have their minions held sway over your world. As an element of deception arose within the society of human perfection that had been sweetly developing over the time immemorial before the descent of the dark lords, human society has suffered in one way or another. It was in the development of means of survival that your people learned war, and it was in the culture of war that you learned how to worship violence and illusion and hold them as real things to your hearts, for they had consumed your children and broken your parents’ hearts. When the fighting finally stops — and it will, dear ones — what do you think will have become of all of the insurgencies and counterinsurgencies, the sacrifices and slaughters then? It is not possible to glorify war in such terms, not for a human being. For a reptoid being, war is another story altogether. It is understood that the sorting of the best among them is determined by means of analyzing their weakness in the face of brutality, and war is an expedient. Now that they are ending, you will see less of their type, though for a time there may be an outpouring. Then there will be peace. What will you do then?

It has been eons, literally, in time since you have had true peace on your lands. In truth, the peace that comes is one that surpasses any you may remember, for in achieving it you had to face the reality of its opposite on every level of your beingness, transmute the polarity, and integrate the energies of opposites. This is what you are doing now. When you have achieved peace within and around yourselves, what will have become of your survival-mode instincts? In a word, they will have transmuted, and so will the rest of you. In an instant, you can change. In an instant, your whole world can change. You are at that threshold now. Where you choose to focus your energies will determine the route you travel back to your soul integration. You are only the reflection of your soul’s desire to be, after all. Your soul is the experiencer, ultimately, of your reality, and your personality is merely its package. It doesn’t matter if you believe in a soul or not, nor does it matter if you believe in the reality of your “reality”. You are an embodied soul experiencing the reverberations of OM within a manifold universal structure; you are consciousness exploring the archives of eternity from outside of time, while your awareness is constrained to your perceived now. If you have any doubt about your divine nature, it is not because you have lost it. You are merely unaware of it. If you pay attention, you will find that it makes itself known in countless ways.

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Mysteries of Origin

September 24, 2009

Long ago in the history of Earth, there came a time of great upheaval and discord among the nations. Your books and papers dance around the subject, and all talk on the matter is relegated to the periphery of religions and speculation. Have you ever wondered about the stories you have heard about the gods, about great cataclysms, or what became of legendary heroes and civilizations? Well, settle back and we will attempt to fill in some of the spaces between truth and ignorance with a bit of storytelling designed to bring you up to speed on some of the hot topics of ages long past.

Your ancient writings and more ancient pictures tell of strange things in the skies, of lights that danced and machines that flew from heaven to earth, depositing people from other realities upon your shores. Some of these people, you are told, are the ones who created you as you are, some who ruled over the people of the planet, some who tried to liberate your long-ago earth ancestors from the bonds of slavery and incapacitating situations of servitude and disgrace. In the times long before your earliest texts took written form, your people were peaceful, happy, and productive, and enjoyed a relatively high standard of living by any means of reckoning. There was no war, no mayhem, no disturbance of the natural order. Holographically speaking, much was the same, it could be said, of the civilization native to Lyra long, long before Earth was even settled by humans at all. What happened to the Lyrans is much the same as what happened to the ancient ones of Earth. Something chaotic broke through the walls of reality that shattered their worlds forever, scattering them to the winds and changing for good the trajectory of their peaceful ways of life. Pirates invaded, raping their land and subjecting them to their noxious rule, and obliteration. Pirates blasted into the world of the Lyran sun, and history took a turn for the worse. Pirates found their way to the rich lands of Earth, as well, and history as you have known it began with them.

If you were to travel back in time to see what was happening to your long-ago ancestors from the time of the rape of the pirates, you would be sorely pressed to find anything from which to draw hope for the survival of sanity in any form other than broken. So severe was the force of bent will upon the collective mind of the people that it simply ceased to be what it had been. It broke, and it has never been the same since. You can find pieces of it here and there, buried deep in ancient traditions and spiritual paths, but to find it intact there has been little success. The human psyche was blown apart. And now, it is time for it to come together again.

How do you approach such a daunting task? How do you complete an almost-7-billion-piece jigsaw puzzle when you are one of the pieces? A different perspective is needed, that’s one thing for sure, and you have various ways of attaining that. It has been the point of these messages to help you see how the different pieces can fit together, yet there is one way you can ensure that integration becomes seamless… and seemless. It will happen spontaneously at some point, as soon as enough of the pieces realize that they’re part of the same puzzle and in alignment with that realization they will simply find their fit, magnetically drawn and hermetically sealed in a picture of perfection. The triumph of the human spirit paints quite a beautiful picture, you must know that to be true. It is your own integration with your own multidimensional beingness that guides the process, one by one each piece becoming perfected in itself until the waveform of perfection sweeps undeniably through the whole nearly 7 billion individuated pieces of conscious human awareness. Once that starts, there’s no telling what might come of it. It’s a process that’s been, quite literally, eons in the making.

Your history books begin with the advent of duality reality. They have gone on for chapter after chapter, chronicling relative balance between the dipoles of give and take, life and death, hope and despair. When will it end? Oh, dear brothers, how many times have your people asked that question, how many times have those words been begged of the stars in anguish under a dark sky from mothers and fathers and children standing on blood-soaked ground? When will it end? When will duality finally achieve integration? When will you finally be able to lay down your weapons and walk in peace with another who had been your enemy? When will you be finished putting labels on everything, classifying everything as either a threat or a promise, either of which to be broken by a vengeful god? Have you had enough of such logic, are you ready to come to your senses and put your heads together, and your hearts, and your hands? Good people, you are ready, you are more than ready, some of you. Your people are still wrestling with pain. Some of them are still spitting poison in their words, their memories not strong enough to let go of injustice. Are you? We ask you to search your own hearts for any remnant of pain, any splinter in your soul that prevents you from breathing deep the free air of peace achieved. What you find may be what someone else needs to see you demonstrate the method of love’s healing transformation through. How you choose to deal with pain can teach another a lot, unbeknownst to you. How you choose to respond to the pain of the collective mind of humanity as it wrenches itself toward integration feeds the hunger of souls lost in the mist of separation from Self. Be aware, dear ones, in these days where peace is assembling itself, and know that with every breath in unison we all hear the reverberation of OM.

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New Day Dawning: 9-9-9 and Your New Reality

September 9, 2009

Near the center of your soul is a point of light, and in the center of that point of light is a portal to OM. You are always in possession of the key to open that portal, yet in the game of forgetfulness that you are playing on your planet, you get sidetracked and lose your awareness temporarily. You are at a time when the awareness of that key is again in focus. You have the knowledge, and you have the ability to change your reality now. What you have is what has always been yours, do you understand? Your world relaxes into the unified breath of one awareness at this auspicious date on your calendar. You are already creating a new world by noticing the alignment of nines. Now, do you align yourself with your individual points to join in the now? As you celebrate the dawning of a new day, celebrate the power you possess and allow the nines to coalesce into the now you wish to see become. It is becoming. You are moving your reality closer to the one you have waited for. Of all possible futures, you are choosing the one with greatest benefit to humanity. You have the power to do this, and you are taking it. Your next step will cross the threshold of now into a world of peace, if you so choose. This is the nature of Nine.

Nine has a certain mystique, as you have seen in the writings we have shared with you already. We have more to share yet, and on this day of nine’s triplicate celebration, we share an aspect of its nature that will help you to reach a higher level of understanding, useful even on dates that have no bearing with the numerical value. You see, the power you invest in the observation of a single day of unusual numerical significance is based in your communal agreement to make it a day of auspicious probabilities. You have gathered, meditated, prayed, wished, intended, and set your sights together toward a reality in the making that will carry you past the troubled waters you have encountered and which doomsayers have forecast as only the beginning of more trouble. Not so, you have collectively said. And so it is that you have tipped the scales in the favor of your group-consciousness vision. You have created a tomorrow you can look upon with satisfaction, knowing that even though chaos may still rise up, the outcome will be most decidedly to your liking. If you missed the timetable of events, don’t worry. Time is merely a relative reckoning, whereas your intention is transcendent. You can always add your juice to the mix of 9-9-9 energies and with confidence know that your packet of intention arrives temporally appropriately at the moment of harmonic entrainment. This is true not only for the world meditations and celebrations of this day, but for any temporal schism in which your mental and emotional input can have an effect of shifting reality. The more the merrier, we like to say.

In the annals of time, never before have your people come together on a scale that they are coming together now. It is to your benefit to add your energies to the mass consciousness engineering that is taking place today, and to know that you can tap into the power that you are opening up to, and greater, anytime you wish. You are, each of you, equipped with a device that grants you access to the universal power of reality-making, and that is the point within the point of light that is within each cell, each atom of your being. You are accessing the power of OM when you center yourself into this vortex of stillness. How do you reach it? Well, that is the opportunity for us to relate a great secret of Nine in a story. Indulge us a moment, if you will.

A long time ago, your people were traveling in a cloud of unformed massless stuff, pure potential held together by an agreement to experience the potential of diversity within a sphere called Gaia. Some call it Terra, others call it Urth. Such is the nature of diversity that there is not a commonality of language, but there was, at that point in timelessness, and there is still today, an agreement that you would together experience a unified cosmic moment in this particular construct. And there was light. And there was land, separated by ocean, and sky separated by nothing more than perspective from a perfectly-formed energetic ball of thought which you inhabited as individuated beingnesses, expressions of I AM, walking along the linear track of time and space beneath the stars you once called home. Then you allowed forgetfulness to seep in, stories to arise, and so it continued both day and night for eons and eons of enfolded weaves of the strands of creation taking form and movement and volition to achieve what once the unified mass of thought had set out to achieve. What was that? You stand in front of it now: The creation of a world in which you can, as a unified consciousness, live as a single organism of diverse individuated beingnesses in harmonic accord with the resonant strand of I AM. All the eons upon eons of time from the initial thought to the manifest response have carried you to this point of divine ascendance. It is not a moment in which everything changes, but it is a moment in which your reality takes on a new impetus toward peace, harmony, and fulfillment… if you so intend it to be.

What are you waiting for, human of Earth? What is it you wish to become? As the time for decisive intention has come upon you, are you awake? It is up to you to step through the threshold of the corridor of Nine and proceed in the direction of your perfection as a human being, as a species, as a planetary organism and spiritual body. Nine meets you now and welcomes you to a new day. Now, what are you going to do tomorrow?

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