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New Day Dawning: 9-9-9 and Your New Reality

September 9, 2009

Near the center of your soul is a point of light, and in the center of that point of light is a portal to OM. You are always in possession of the key to open that portal, yet in the game of forgetfulness that you are playing on your planet, you get sidetracked and lose your awareness temporarily. You are at a time when the awareness of that key is again in focus. You have the knowledge, and you have the ability to change your reality now. What you have is what has always been yours, do you understand? Your world relaxes into the unified breath of one awareness at this auspicious date on your calendar. You are already creating a new world by noticing the alignment of nines. Now, do you align yourself with your individual points to join in the now? As you celebrate the dawning of a new day, celebrate the power you possess and allow the nines to coalesce into the now you wish to see become. It is becoming. You are moving your reality closer to the one you have waited for. Of all possible futures, you are choosing the one with greatest benefit to humanity. You have the power to do this, and you are taking it. Your next step will cross the threshold of now into a world of peace, if you so choose. This is the nature of Nine.

Nine has a certain mystique, as you have seen in the writings we have shared with you already. We have more to share yet, and on this day of nine’s triplicate celebration, we share an aspect of its nature that will help you to reach a higher level of understanding, useful even on dates that have no bearing with the numerical value. You see, the power you invest in the observation of a single day of unusual numerical significance is based in your communal agreement to make it a day of auspicious probabilities. You have gathered, meditated, prayed, wished, intended, and set your sights together toward a reality in the making that will carry you past the troubled waters you have encountered and which doomsayers have forecast as only the beginning of more trouble. Not so, you have collectively said. And so it is that you have tipped the scales in the favor of your group-consciousness vision. You have created a tomorrow you can look upon with satisfaction, knowing that even though chaos may still rise up, the outcome will be most decidedly to your liking. If you missed the timetable of events, don’t worry. Time is merely a relative reckoning, whereas your intention is transcendent. You can always add your juice to the mix of 9-9-9 energies and with confidence know that your packet of intention arrives temporally appropriately at the moment of harmonic entrainment. This is true not only for the world meditations and celebrations of this day, but for any temporal schism in which your mental and emotional input can have an effect of shifting reality. The more the merrier, we like to say.

In the annals of time, never before have your people come together on a scale that they are coming together now. It is to your benefit to add your energies to the mass consciousness engineering that is taking place today, and to know that you can tap into the power that you are opening up to, and greater, anytime you wish. You are, each of you, equipped with a device that grants you access to the universal power of reality-making, and that is the point within the point of light that is within each cell, each atom of your being. You are accessing the power of OM when you center yourself into this vortex of stillness. How do you reach it? Well, that is the opportunity for us to relate a great secret of Nine in a story. Indulge us a moment, if you will.

A long time ago, your people were traveling in a cloud of unformed massless stuff, pure potential held together by an agreement to experience the potential of diversity within a sphere called Gaia. Some call it Terra, others call it Urth. Such is the nature of diversity that there is not a commonality of language, but there was, at that point in timelessness, and there is still today, an agreement that you would together experience a unified cosmic moment in this particular construct. And there was light. And there was land, separated by ocean, and sky separated by nothing more than perspective from a perfectly-formed energetic ball of thought which you inhabited as individuated beingnesses, expressions of I AM, walking along the linear track of time and space beneath the stars you once called home. Then you allowed forgetfulness to seep in, stories to arise, and so it continued both day and night for eons and eons of enfolded weaves of the strands of creation taking form and movement and volition to achieve what once the unified mass of thought had set out to achieve. What was that? You stand in front of it now: The creation of a world in which you can, as a unified consciousness, live as a single organism of diverse individuated beingnesses in harmonic accord with the resonant strand of I AM. All the eons upon eons of time from the initial thought to the manifest response have carried you to this point of divine ascendance. It is not a moment in which everything changes, but it is a moment in which your reality takes on a new impetus toward peace, harmony, and fulfillment… if you so intend it to be.

What are you waiting for, human of Earth? What is it you wish to become? As the time for decisive intention has come upon you, are you awake? It is up to you to step through the threshold of the corridor of Nine and proceed in the direction of your perfection as a human being, as a species, as a planetary organism and spiritual body. Nine meets you now and welcomes you to a new day. Now, what are you going to do tomorrow?

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