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notes about our galactic history

How the Human Race Came to Be as a Mass Consciousness Projection on Earth

October 24, 2009


If you were to measure the length of time between one cycle of creation and another, you would eventually come down to one. If you were to extrapolate into time how long it would take for the human race to actualize itself as a divine entity, you would soon find that there are not enough zeroes at your immediate disposal to define with a word. However, it is not a question of never, but rather of now. Every cycle of time is an opportunity for the a priori human divine to experience a different aspect of becoming divine within an unending variety of times and places. You think this is the last time you will have the experience? In reality, it is the only time you will have that experience, as every time and place in creation is simultaneous in now, and that is where the human divine exists, holographically speaking. However much you try to separate timelines one from another, you will always come back to the fundamental singular thread, that of I AM finding its expression, that of Nine impulsing the perfection of being throughout the realm of human experience. You are not a figment of any god’s imagination other than the god you are as an oversoul composite of opalescent nature, alive with the light of self-knowledge. Here is the first thing to keep in mind in understanding what and who you are, people of Earth: If you want to know your origins, you must be willing to release your hold on the present moment’s rules and regulations and let your consciousness explore a greater reality from within. You are of a time and place that is a mere speck within the whole of creation. Within the universe you are now exploring are untold mysteries to discover, countless specks of time and place of different address from yours. You are in a unique position right now, where you are, to see deep within the universe’s heart. You alone have a perspective that communicates directly with OM, that reverberates your truth back to your source. Your existence “outside” of your present reality is without a doubt traced far beyond any idea of any particular time or space. Your existence simply is. Now, how did you happen to become where you are on the speck of creation called 21st-century Earth? I will explain with a lesson in galactic history.

When the wars between the scattered remnants of human civilization and the reptoid marauders began, it was understood to be a battle of survival within a sector of time-space of polar opposites. It was an introduction of chaos into a balanced system, so chaos ensued, fractally developing upon the basis of what was into a chaotically birthed New. In the span of time that took the Lyran humans to settle and make themselves a home within the civilizations of innumerable human settlements, chaos had drawn a sinister turn to the righteous design of what was. It began long ago and far away, but it has been here all along, as well. Your Earth was not immune to the element of anarchist reality-busting that entered the scene with the marauders, and long have their minions held sway over your world. As an element of deception arose within the society of human perfection that had been sweetly developing over the time immemorial before the descent of the dark lords, human society has suffered in one way or another. It was in the development of means of survival that your people learned war, and it was in the culture of war that you learned how to worship violence and illusion and hold them as real things to your hearts, for they had consumed your children and broken your parents’ hearts. When the fighting finally stops — and it will, dear ones — what do you think will have become of all of the insurgencies and counterinsurgencies, the sacrifices and slaughters then? It is not possible to glorify war in such terms, not for a human being. For a reptoid being, war is another story altogether. It is understood that the sorting of the best among them is determined by means of analyzing their weakness in the face of brutality, and war is an expedient. Now that they are ending, you will see less of their type, though for a time there may be an outpouring. Then there will be peace. What will you do then?

It has been eons, literally, in time since you have had true peace on your lands. In truth, the peace that comes is one that surpasses any you may remember, for in achieving it you had to face the reality of its opposite on every level of your beingness, transmute the polarity, and integrate the energies of opposites. This is what you are doing now. When you have achieved peace within and around yourselves, what will have become of your survival-mode instincts? In a word, they will have transmuted, and so will the rest of you. In an instant, you can change. In an instant, your whole world can change. You are at that threshold now. Where you choose to focus your energies will determine the route you travel back to your soul integration. You are only the reflection of your soul’s desire to be, after all. Your soul is the experiencer, ultimately, of your reality, and your personality is merely its package. It doesn’t matter if you believe in a soul or not, nor does it matter if you believe in the reality of your “reality”. You are an embodied soul experiencing the reverberations of OM within a manifold universal structure; you are consciousness exploring the archives of eternity from outside of time, while your awareness is constrained to your perceived now. If you have any doubt about your divine nature, it is not because you have lost it. You are merely unaware of it. If you pay attention, you will find that it makes itself known in countless ways.

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