A Renegade Pleiadian Lexicon

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Garden of Unknowable Things

a renegade pleiadian lexicon


August 2, 2011

Being of physical solidity, your rockets and missiles have a defined envelope within which they can perform. Would you be able to pilot one to a distant star and survive within the space-time environment between here and there? With your current state of technological knowledge, the answer is “No.” However, there is a way of traversing the vastness of nothing, and from the body of knowledge your scientists have obtained from secrets they have kept from the general public, it is possible for there to be assembled rudimentary vessels from which to launch exploratory forays. Have the promises of countless communications from those who truly know what is possible finally fallen on deaf ears? Are you at the point of rejecting the notion of ever seeing such a craft in operation with your own eyes, and not trusting the camerawork of some unknown witness to show you what your belief has always intended to know firsthand? You are the ones for whom the idea of space travel is to be demonstrated directly. You are the ones who we asked for a bit more patience from while readiness was made and events aligned for a stark eventuality to present itself in the sky. You are the ones who asked for a sign, and we are the ones who are listening and responding in loving alignment with the collective soul of humanity, not too soon or too late for the greatest soul benefit to generate the greatest vibratory impact on the Now of your time. High expectations revealed, we anticipate the imminent co-realities of our worlds to integrate in the shape of a vessel of light which may in good faith be called a spaceship, and which we call our lighthouse for Planet Earth.

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