A Renegade Pleiadian Lexicon

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Garden of Unknowable Things

a renegade pleiadian lexicon


April 20, 2008

A point of view is a singularity; it is only one point no one but the person viewing can hold. Thus, it cannot be shared, but it can be understood. By communicating one’s point of view to others, greater clarity can be achieved to an infinite degree. Articulation of one’s favorite way of seeing things can often have the unexpected effect of altering it, refining it, carrying one closer to truth. As men keep abdicating their own sense of power in favor of following a group mentality, they can watch their own points of view become more and more indistinct and less and less pure. There is no such thing as a group point of view. There is, however, a group node of approximate understanding which converges as a point of agreement in veracity for all. A node of light understands under which lock it belongs according to its frequency signature. Certain very powerful realizations known as epiphanies or initiations have the effect of rearranging the consciousness settings learned through experience and maintained through habit, movers of single bits of light which represent individual embodiments of conscious awareness. Light acts as an attractor and, as it gathers strength and clarity, other bits of light gravitate toward it. As more and more lights gather around the idea of the central nexus, an organization of thought occurs and belief is born.

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