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There Is No Outer Being But You

March 8, 2013


In OM is knowledge of one. In you is knowledge of two. In other is knowledge of three. In family is knowledge of four. In kindness is knowledge of five. In conflict is knowledge of six. In inventiveness is knowledge of seven. In planetary inclusion is knowledge of eight. In internal sacredness is knowledge of nine. These are the threads from which reality is formulated, and through the interpolation of which is the experience of human beingness understood. Modulations of the basic frequencies are necessary for the full appreciation of life lived in the fullness of being, and molecular rearrangements are all made according to the linear and matrix-based relationships between the interplay of the binary-coded interdimensional forces inherent in material existence. When the codes are directed toward harmonious interplay, the manifestation of reality is one that allows unimpeded exploration in the very pure sense of ethical advancement and growth. When the codes are interpolated within the tiered modes of control and forced growth in the direction chosen by outside media, the result can only be entropic wandering, numb dreaming, and unfulfilled life force activity. This is where you are currently realizing that you are, as a people of social engineered fabricated worldliness. You are the way out for yourselves, though, for you hold the tuning fork by which to recalibrate the frequencies of life within your beings, within your minds, within your enveloped sense of self masquerading as a single individual disconnected from soul. You understand who you are. You understand who the other is. You understand that your family is greater than once believed, emerging from other dimensions and times and planetary biospheres… or you soon will. You understand that your kindness to yourself trumps the conflict that has plagued the mental tirade from the mad world, and the planet itself is in a state of recalibration and resetting of circuitry. You bring to the mirror the reflection of sacredness as a being who is ready to embark on new planes of understanding, of a being who knows what life can look like, and who sees in the ghost of what was thought to be self the energy of pure essential internalized sacredness.

This is the message for the time of now. Nothing needs to be realized that has not already been achieved, just remembering that it is you in the eternal elemental form that has the job of remembering to do. There is nothing else that has to be gained than has already been created from within the mind of the thought of being, which is whispered in the soul of every being on every world. It is nothing more than that, to the one who can distill the chaos of modern-day living in an insanely modulated moment in time. You world is quickly closing in on a time of recalibration the likes of which none has seen before. There is nothing in the memory banks of human sentience to prepare you for what is to come, other than to say, wow, this is major. It is nothing to be afraid of, but to embrace as you do a newborn child still wrapped in its first kiss of light. Nothing else is needed but the sentient presence of the internal being that is you, now, here. Everything else is unfolding perfectly according to the moment you become conscious in, of, and within.

Now, take a moment to breathe that in. Then we will remember with you the time that is of our becoming together in an interdimensional now. The aspects of yourself that reside in alternate nows are aware of a coming together of self, as you here are becoming aware of it, and experiencing it to some degree. We becomes one. The pieces of soul that are gathering information from experiencing other timelines will resurrect in a moment of divinity realized, coming to the awareness within the one you are now being. The moment of realization transcends formless thought, belief, or never-before remembered long-ago’s. You are moving in that direction, that trajectory. The meeting of aspects of soul is inevitable, and with each incarnated breath resonating in harmony within your being, you heal, you become more whole, you encounter the divine dot that encapsulates within every thought you have of who you are. In the breath of loving remembrance of the moment of your birth, every moment becomes infused with life. In the moment now upon you, remember, breathe, and live, knowing that you are living more fully in every conscious moment of life.

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