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from certainty to harmony

Remembering the Early Days of ET Contact

March 28, 2013

Waaaay back in 2008, when the world was about to become a-buzz with the possibility — the high probability, depending on which source you read — of huge spaceships appearing in the skies, I began writing this blog. Opalescent Words catalogued an average of a message a week for a year from the Pleiadian Renegades, and introduced a new voice to the channeling spectrum, one that was witty, erudite, compassionate, realistic, and engaging. By the time October 14 rolled around, the channeling world was rocking with debate about the veracity of stories regarding the appearance of said ETs, and though they didn’t show up as expected, the world which had watched for them was forever changed, for better or worse, with more faith or less in the ability of terrestrial humans to relay a truthful vibration of meaning to the masses.

I suppose, looking back, it was a test of faith, but also a test run for what it would be like if ETs did eventually show up in ways that blotted out the twinkling lights in the sky, in ways that were undeniable and would forever change everyone with the absolute truth that not only were we not alone in the universe, but that as humans, we were also suddenly not alone on our own planet. What would it be like to know without a doubt that beings from other star systems were actually here, with us, walking with us, working with us, sharing a world with us?

This was the purpose of the Pleiadian Renegades’ year-long communication, and it wasn’t just for the glitch in the radar that was “October 14, 2008.” It was for today. So… prompted by their direction as always… I’ve gathered all those messages, re-sequenced them, added new material and created a nice little book that speaks even more fluently to us now about the “what if?” of major ET contact. I’m really excited about this, even more so than I was when I published Opalescence last year. This book, Remembrance: Messages for Preparing for Contact, is truly accessible and fun to read, yet unfolds a story that profoundly affects the consciousness of the reader, sparking awareness and broadening understanding. I hope you will read it. You can link to a sneak peek in the image below. Meanwhile, like you, I keep looking up, waiting, hoping, anticipating…

Remembrance: Messages for Preparing for Contact, new edition

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coming soon to a city near you

September 8, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

You stand on the brink of discovering how big love is. What comes next is what you allow to be.

Creatures of habit you tend to be, as a race. It is a way of being that no longer looks like a viable idea. The changes in your personal lives and in your world are slow compared with the changes that loom on the horizon of your collective experience, of that you can be sure. It is a good idea to take a moment, when you find yourself acting, speaking, or thinking from habit, to pause, allow your awareness to settle on what is before you, and release your habitual process to the moment. Can you do that? It is the best practice for transforming an Earthbound consciousness into a galactic one, and pretty soon that is what you will be doing. Let’s take a practical example for a spin and see where we end up. It will likely be a lot closer to home than you now are.

Many of you who read these words have a habit of not allowing yourselves to really believe that you can effectively act to bring about the kind of change that would shift the ambiguity in the mass consciousness of the planet so that you can experience freedom and awareness of our presence in such a way that the question of your present power structure’s honesty and integrity is finally put to rest. You have been traumatized on many levels to the extent that to deviate from the habit of mental slavery causes a learned response of fear to grip you at the core of your being. Effective control over your behavior is practiced by those elements of your current reality matrix, resulting in shock becoming second nature to you in your existence within the matrix. It’s how things have been, and to a great extent it’s how things still are. It’s a dangerous habit, for it leads to the step beyond slavery, which is loss of the ability to dream. Rather, the loss of the belief in your ability to dream leads to a dissolution of your identity as divinely created emanations of love’s exploration of beingness. You are not ever able to be separate from love, but at a certain point of belief tipping towards unbelief in terms of your connection to and identification with love, the belief in your separation from love becomes so strong that without belief being challenged it becomes the perceived reality.

That’s where many people on your planet are at the moment.

If reality as it is perceived is to change on a planetary scale, all that needs to change on the individual level is the belief that it can. It does not have to change for the worse, nor does it merely have to alter its appearance while remaining at the most basic level unchanged. It can change utterly into a new reality, and you can find yourselves free from slavery, free from tyranny, oppression and secret machinations if you believe it. You can believe that you are in the transition from slave to self-determined being. You can believe that your efforts to alter your reality, however minor they may seem at the time, do in fact ripple unhindered and unobstructed into a larger field of play. You can believe that by believing in love as perennially renewable, universally encountered creation, that you are not and never can be separate from it in any of its joyful manifestations of power, wisdom and life undying. There is no law against it. You will not be lost to love by believing in it. In fact, you may just find that everything you had believed heretofore about anything will transform into an undeniable, complete and illusion-busting confirmation of the divine in all things – even that which you had believed was evil. Are you willing to believe in a love so big, so all-encompassing, so powerfully real that nothing can convince you in anything less? If ever there were a time for that to take hold in the consciousness of your people, it is now. You stand on the brink of discovering how big love is. What comes next is what you allow to be. As it is for you, it can be for all. Are you willing to let fall some habits of thought, some ingrained acts of expression, for the sake of recognizing yourselves as something other than slaves to that which has always been? As you mull over the myriad ways in which such a simple practice of being aware can alter the course of your days, know that we are waiting for the moment to come when our appearance is most welcomed in the hearts of humanity. Do not be fooled by imitations, folks – you have the habit of believing everything you hear as truth. The time has come for you to believe in your ability to know without question who you are and what you are not. It is your turn to play the trump card in the deadpan game of What’s Next. Know that the deck is still stacked in your favor. If you play your hand right, you might just tip the score in the direction of peace, prosperity and joy for all.

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are you ready?

September 3, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

Before we arrive in the skies, please know that you are much loved by a civilization that spans the stars.”

Seems the web is abuzz with speculation about dramatic displays of men from outer space showing up in your calendar date of October 14 of this year. We are not here to dispel that rumor, but to ask you one question: Are you ready to meet people who your ancestors called the gods? We do not call ourselves that, and neither should you. We are merely people of a different reality with a different understanding of what it means to be human. Of all the stories you’ve heard of our presence on Earth in other times and places, none of them is true to how our arrival will be for you now. A new reality is coming to your world – not just to a limited few but to everyone everywhere. It is something that in the history of your planet has never happened before, on the scale that it is in simultaneously with the awakening of the planet’s consciousness as it enters a field of living light. It is, however, as has been predicted by ancient scriptures and sculptures. These records exist for a reason, and that is to prepare you not to repeat the past but to step forward into a new way of being. So we ask, are you ready? It is up to you whether our appearance brings you peace or freaks you out completely. We suggest doing a little preparation work as much in advance as you can to avoid any undue stress as realities collide. If you’re ready to be ready, let’s begin.

Before we arrive in the skies, please know that you are much loved by a civilization that spans the stars. All of you together, and each individual close to our hearts we hold. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve screwed things up in your life or your family’s, it doesn’t matter what kind of pain your life has held, it doesn’t matter where you were born, what your name is, or if you’re not a nice person. Each of you is connected together to the fabric of love; each of you is known and cherished as part of the greater Self of whom we speak when we refer to OM. Rhymes with “home”.

When you think about all the ways in which the ancient myths and legends portray the gods of the sky, those clothed in light, those who left cryptic messages about great truths, it is understandably meant as representational of what could not be explained by contemporary technology, right? Myths tell the story of what was observed and recorded by the people experiencing certain events with certain people of ability and knowingness far greater than their own. When a myth tells of gods appearing out of thin air, you must understand there is technology that can do that. This concept is not so alien to viewers of Star Trek, however. It really is as simple as flipping a switch.

For every age, there have been avatars, gods, holy men and saints. In your present age, you do not need any such figurehead to set your world aright. You need only recognize in yourselves and in each other the same spirit, the same power, the same clarity of mind and heart as any whose light has changed the hearts of humanity by lighting the way to love. You are your own messiahs, christs, bodhisattvas and saviors. Those who have come to your reality in other times and places were the preparers. Now the time of your awakening to your own divinity is at hand. Are you ready?

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an old friend comes to visit

June 27, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

Coming to the realization that you might be watched by beings of an eminently friendly, loving disposition is the beginning of a process of welcoming old friends at your doorstep.”

An amicable feeling of past and future meeting in a joyful now may be on the edge of your world. Do you want to know what that would look like? Imagine a long-lost dear friend arriving at your door. After collecting your thoughts, what would you say? How would you feel? In what ways could such a reunion affect your reality? We can say a thing or two about such things, as we have been on both sides of the doorway when coming face to face with an old friend. It is a reunion with yourself in time, to see the face of one with whom you have shared the brightest, darkest, most joyful or violent episodes of your path. Who were you then, and who are you now? What defining moments do you choose to share about how you came to be who you are now? So many questions arise with the idea of joining then with now, and with sharing your visions of what you want to experience in the future. When such a convergence of timelines knocks on your front door, how will you greet it? Let us share a little of our experience thus far with a certain Earth-bound Pleiadian-originating human of no great fame or fortune, the one who transcribes our messages to you, the one who holds the pen and writes as we speak to her. She has no idea we mean to disclose our secret friendship, kinship, mentorship with the world, but it is, as she might say, part of the deal.

We first met Maryann (Amanda R. Ryan being a clever anagram of her name) when she was in service of love as a student of healing some years ago. It was her desire to know herself more fully that spurred our meeting. We merely responded to her invitation. Beyond that, we were unknown to her as her old friends, but due to some complex foldings of long time ago’s, she knew us not when we answered her call, as mentioned. However, she was not unknown to us, as we have shared much in other realities and in the greater reality in which your reality resides. Her invitation hit all the notes we needed to tap her shoulder and introduce ourselves – again. Our joy was great and as she has relaxed into the partnership of purpose, our joy has grown. Now she is beginning to see a remembrance growing, and our joy grows yet. And she has not yet fully opened the door on which we knocked.

Coming to the realization that you might be watched by beings of an eminently friendly, loving disposition is the beginning of a process of welcoming old friends at your doorstep. After all, not only are you not alone in this universe, you are also not the only people. We speak of the human race here, of which you and we are a part. How is it, then, that we can communicate without the use of technology? Maybe we use a type of cellular technology that has a non-local roaming area. Our cell phone is the writer of these messages. Clearly the technology you commonly call cellular is a holographic miniature of a greater phenomenon. There is no mystery, it’s how things move in the reality we both share.

Keeping your motivations pure ensures a good connection, as does integrating the shattered aspects of your soul’s expression in time. This is the groundwork for making contact with new friends. You, whole, healing and healed, with the semblance of peace and power, in harmony with yourself, can answer the door with the conscious awareness that you are love, that you invite love, that love responds to you and that love finds you. Do you want to open your awareness to the prospect of meeting new people who share common interests, who like to enjoy fun times, who said “We will meet again” long ago? It is with great respect for you, our brothers and sisters, with great love for you, our friends and neighbors, that we say now, we come near to your reality, and we have long anticipated reuniting with you in peace, joy and friendship. Be at peace and listen for our arrival. You have invited love. Love responds. Cordial greetings we send. One remembrance is worth a thousand words.

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imagine, briefly, world peace

June 11, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

“Listen when you can, for there is much to learn before the sun breaks open the sky.”

On the cusp of a new day, those shadows which are invisible at night come into view. The twilight time before the sun rises over the horizon has a certain quality of stillness. The shadows of night stop dead in their tracks, discovered under the softening, soon-to-be-lightened canopy of stars. The time of shadows running amok is soon over. As the sun sits poised for the transformation from night to day, even the shadows pause to watch. And then they dissolve. There is much to see even before the sun lights the day. Certain secrets can arrange their song to come through the cadence of a bird-filled backyard or in the pure white noise of surf. Listen when you can, for there is much to learn before the sun breaks open the sky.

In a moment, the change from twilight to morning sets all life in motion, full throttle. Notwithstanding your morning cup of coffee, it is understood that you come to life, too, after several cycles of sleep and dreaming. Irradiated with solar-encoded photon-carried information and love energy, you can in a moment absorb the energy of life and the consciousness energy from the Source of All. The sun is a lens, a portal, a ball of energy around a central core of incomprehensible power. The core of the star you call, some of you, Sol, Lucifer, or God is indeed a link to the source that is at the heart of all. The sun is a transmitter which modulates energy and showers it on your planet. In a short time, relatively speaking, light will be everywhere, and your sun will pale in that light, which beams directly from the heart of your galaxy through the lens of Alcyone. What then you will be, humans of light! What a bright morning that will be to awaken to!

Lest we overlook mentioning this later, we are already familiar with the effects of this light on human populations, having seen through the layers of time on your planet to a time of rebirth under a new sky. Other humans before you have risen early to see the sunrise through awakened eyes. You know of times of legend, times of golden brilliance, of love incarnate from the stories of lost civilizations. These stories are the written memory of a time of prehistorical evolution of life on Earth. Memory, too, is awakening as early risers sense the approach of dawn. You have all been here before. Remember, now, what yet lay in the shadows of night and watch as twilight lightens the dark almost imperceptibly, yet still it is sensed. Shadows soon will falter. Light soon will come.

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love lights the way

April 17, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

“At this point in your collective journey, we again extend our hand, holding a key with which you may discover a flashlight in your own inner being and arrive safely on the other side of the darkness which comes.”

When you were a child, you found your way in the dark by your sense of spatial orientation and your parents’ help. Darkness and blindness were the same thing. Both were states of heightened sensory awareness and the place where the unknown was met. A hand from above guided you to both light and ultimate safety. Things are not so different now, are they? Perhaps you can remember where things are and so avoid bumping into them, or you have trained yourself to move gingerly in unfamiliar surroundings. Yet are you aware of the byways of darkness you navigate without a clue as to how you arrive safely in light? You dream without a source of light to guide you from without, yet you manage to awaken without any bruises from your journey of closed eyes. Abductions aside, you don’t travel through the night needing a light to help you wake up safely. Do you suppose it is so different, then, to travel in ignorance, blind and unaware, yet eventually to awaken to light? It is not. Children and adults alike sometimes need a little helping hand to get to the other side of darkness, and we and others are at the ready.

You have probably sensed such guidance from time to time, as shadows fall around you and your source of light becomes dimmed. It is natural to be lightless and needing a torch on the bends of the journey. When knowledge ceases to light your way, what do you do? You learn more. What, then, when learning only adds to the shadows? There comes a time when getting someplace safe is all that matters and all the learning in the world stops short of your destination – sometimes just at the edge of a gaping abyss. Bright light in the distance can seem as far away as the stars, yet it may be only as far as a single step. How so? Dimension and quantum density hold the key to understanding and unlocking the portal that can carry you safely to love’s bright shores. Those keys are a puzzle no longer, if you want them. Just hold out your hand and grab ours – we’ll take you there.

Knowledge of dark paths need not lead you to oblivion. Often, they are necessary detours which lead to bright, sunshiny meadows of joy. It isn’t the all-encompassing darkness of Abbadon of which we speak, but the lightless ways of forgetfulness and despair. On these paths, light is not discerned, though it may be all around. All-encompassing darkness is another thing altogether. On such a dark creation, light is itself dark. While such dark creations generally do not come into view, understanding that they do exist – when understanding comes from a place of light – alters the vibratory structure of darkness in a way that says “I love you” to deaf ears that they hear. Understanding, of course, is another matter of bringing your eyes to a place of light that nothing can overshadow. Knowledge itself makes light of dark, as knowledge is light. Ignorance cannot stand in its presence without transformation of its beingness. Ignorance, far from being bliss, does itself a favor by allowing that transformation to begin. In purity of darkness, ignorance has its source. In light it completes its journey. Hope is its light, and prayer its handrails over chasms of morbid decay. And by now, you should already know that by prayer we mean communication with divine and joyful amore, love and moi, the generative source of life within your own beingness.

May we discourse a bit on the meaning of prayer? Perhaps the question should be an emotional one, but for us it is a bit more half-and-half emotional and logical. In the balance, we find a more satisfying overview of the word and a clearer path before us. Can you see into the darkness when you’re purely emotional? A capital N-O. You see the darkness, but not beyond. Hope and trust are not emotional states, but rather mental beams on which are built whole cities of light. Emotional aspects of being are magnification lenses with which you sense your relative practical climate within a particular situation. Emotion is an antenna, it is a translator, it is a reality gauge. It is not a beacon, nor is it a source of any neutrality. Emotion is charged. You may think that love is an emotion. Love is substance and energy; it can be sensed and generated, but not more than that. What you sense as love is the energy it generates as joy, bliss, peace, contentment – joy being chief among these that you can sense with the emotional body. Love takes all forms. The amore of love, the generative source within you, is life undying. Fear, despair, indignation and rage are also forms of love which the antenna of emotion transmits to your understanding of your reality, yet they don’t necessarily feel what you call “loving”. Nonetheless, they too are of love. You see the necessity of applying a little logic to the question? Logic and love are indispensable partners to each other. Peace is logic’s state of being. Self-preservation is emotion’s raison d’etre. Together, they simply dance to the ever-changing melody of joy. Prayer is the means to their harmonization.

When you are at a loss to find your way in the dark, you call for light in some form to guide you to pristine arrival in safe haven. Whether you’re lost in the woods or lost in despair, this is generally true, is it not? You call for yourself to be safely guided. You may call on an external source or rely on your own mettle for such guidance, yet you bring to your awareness the possibility that you will arrive safely beyond the darkness. This is prayer. You need not fall on your knees, but you might in the face of such a possibility finding you. Noting your general call for guidance at various times of dramatic samplings of darkness, we have renegade-style answered with messages of light. At this point in your collective journey, we again extend our hand, holding a key with which you may discover a flashlight in your own inner being and arrive safely on the other side of the darkness which comes. That key: Home is a distant star no longer. It burns within the reflection you see in yourselves and makes sense when you consider that Beingness names you as its home star in the darkness of coming around the bend of quiet desperation into certainty of dancing with joy as a day breaks in your own dark night of doubt. You are coming to a time of knowingness of darkness as a path that leads to light. Can you pray for peace within? If you can, you may find yourselves dancing with joy and lit from within. We are here if you need a hand. Just call, if you do.

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demons are listening: speak of love

April 10, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

“Look at the demons hiding in the shadows watching how you use power. Know they seek to learn. What will you teach them?”

In all your comings and goings on Earth, nothing says anything more powerfully than “I love you” spoken by a child. However, there is one other source of power in language felt in the words of demons in the service of love realizing their own OM-lessness and coming to awareness of their role in generating the desire in a person to more closely align him- or herself with love, saying “Love is all there is and I am fine with that.” Such a demon is a soul fragment aligning itself with the call of the soul to again assemble as one. It is the only other voice in all the created universe that neither loves righteousness nor needs to be right in order to claim its power of being transformed through love. It is enough to both the child and the demon that he is loved. Denial of love has the opposite effect – besides changing the child into a demon, it also makes a demon feel utterly hopeless, its only option oblivion. Thus, love denies nothing and embraces everything. It does so with stealth and great intelligence and leaves its path encoded with clues. Only those who understand its code can follow it down the darker pathways without getting lost in a tangle of nonsense. Let us be your guides for a moment and meander down a certain path of demons in search of self. We’ll turn on the streetlights as we go.

A matter-of-fact approach, we find, is the surest way to go without stumbling on mental constructs like philosophy or belief. Can you hang with that? It means you must let go of such things and just look at the way things are. What’s true is true at every level.

Consider this: Demons are fighting about divine power. Nothing more or less, just divine power, where it sources and where it goes. Yet those who love peace and gentleness are also fighting, in their way, for the survival of their understanding of divine power and its path. Same for non-denominational spiritual seekers on the path of recovery, who fight to demonstrate divine power in their lives. On and on it goes, for any and all. Are any wrong? No. If one were, all would be. Remember, reality is holographic. Little changes make big differences in the inner workings of the whole. Thus we approach the subject of demons. In so doing, we are asking you to come face to face with your fears and decide whether or not they live or become transformed. If the former, well, it’s been nice knowing you. But if the latter, we celebrate your arrival to a new level of understanding and experience. We enjoy parties much more than funerals, so we urge you to opt for understanding and joy. The more, the merrier!

So, if demons are fighting for the same thing anyone else is fighting for, each in their own way, what makes them different? Only the love they feel for what they call God. Man’s understanding of love is evolving to eventually know what lay in the heart of a demon, but you first need to lose your fear. Only fear keeps you from more love than you can at this point comprehend. It is only fear which makes a perfect expression of God’s experience into a spectre of awful appearance. Lose your fear. It is neither a source of strength nor power.

Beginning at the close of the week, you may see opportunities arise to de-demonize certain ones you consider demonic. Game gets interesting when all the pieces look the same. What then is the point? If the black and white pieces are all suddenly grey – or better yet, each a shade of light frequency in brilliant color – what does the game become? Ponder this awhile.

Dramatic shifts become commonplace in the days that lay ahead. Uncharted terrain. A jigsaw puzzle without a picture, only color which gains definition in union with others. You are an important piece. Your understanding colors more than just your little patch of reality. It changes how all the pieces fit together in harmonic semblance of nature’s true beauty and power. Look at the demons hiding in the shadows watching how you use power. Know they seek to learn. What will you teach them?

Can you dream of demons dancing in delight, having learned the ultimate secret of love? Maybe you will dance, too. If you let go of fear, you might find you can kick up your heels a little easier. Remember, you are a being of love and power. You can reach the deepest recesses of consciousness calling out for understanding. Joy begins to dance and calls your name to love’s partnership. If fear cuts in, teach it a new two-step. Get a little crazy on the dance floor and let your true spirit move you. It feels good to no longer be in fear. You might be surprised how easy it is to make friends with the demon who’s been following your footsteps. Anything is possible. Even demons are emanations of divine knowingness, and nature’s always living, even in death. In death is new life, and in demons is new love. Teach it by being it. Love has no match but lights the fire of transformation simply by loving. Brilliant burns that fire when more love is being embraced by arms newly discovering its infinity. It is a radical transformation, a pole shift of molecular degree, that kindles itself into love’s glory of combustion and rebirth.

Random acts of love do much to alter your reality. Perhaps they alter a demon’s understanding, too. It always follows that love leads and ignorance follows, transformed by the creative power of divine knowledge of self as all. Part of God are demons, as part of love is fear. Remembrance of that is power.

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maximum overdrive

March 3, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

“Watch yourself transform from conscious moment to conscious moment, as gears slip into a more dynamic arrangement.”

Much has likely changed in the last week for you. Know that this is a taste of life as it will be, as bedrock shifts and new landscapes of reality come into view. The past will be a lot more immediate from now on. Watch yourself transform from conscious moment to conscious moment, as gears slip into a more dynamic arrangement. More joy awaits, if you want to take a ride in energetic lightships of your own making. Dreams can take you to all kinds of places. Maybe you cling too tightly to one thing or another, and maybe you forget you’re holding on to something at all. Well, the inner flaunting of pain and sanity-crushing grief is at a time of deciding about whether you will change or not. Know that changing leads to listening with new ears and seeing with new eyes. It means loving with a new heart made of light. “New” means created as a perfect machine of consciousness made manifest. You are an example of renew.

It is only because you have limited visibility that density renders itself invisible at certain levels of perception. In energized nature, you face a different dream at every choosing point. Granted, family’s words are not law, law being what manifests in the brilliance of the noonday sun so that all may see the truth. Moreover, what we say may seem like utter nonsense if you can’t stand the intensity of a star in your living room. However that may be, we speak of a truth of cosmic proportions when we say you are moving into a period of great consequences for every decision you make. The tiniest inkling of God knows what is as large as the creative force of what gets a mislabeled title of “important” and has equally large ripples in a relatively short amount of time. When you begin to see every little thing you do as something of very dark sourcing to the surface of the mirror you sense around you as reality, then you can begin to see how tiny ripples, over time, can become energetically overwhelming, like a crashing tidal wave. It has always been this way, but time had divided your experience to such an extent that the source of present troubles had seemed like half a world away. Now you are getting a much bigger bang for your luck, as choices made in one moment may manifest quite dramatically in the next. Most large choices will manifest rather dramatically. You decide to buy a house, next thing you know you’re moving in and meeting the new neighbors. The smaller decisions don’t usually seem to make such a big impact on your life. You don’t usually think that deciding to wear a blue shirt one day might not make much difference, but it might actually turn out to be the best decision you ever made, if it makes a certain set of possibilities more likely to manifest than wearing, say, a green one. It could be that you decided to wear the clothes that matched your mood that day, but in so doing you attracted the attention of someone who could help you bring your dream into reality. Stranger things have happened. Not that you should fret about anything. Read on and we will explain why.

In the course of a normal day on Earth, you will make more decisions than you realize. Just in a few minutes, you may decide to brush your teeth, to rinse an extra time, to lay your brush the same way you always do, to look at your nose in the mirror, to lean a little closer and check out your hairline, et cetera. How many of those actions were the result of habit based on feeling little control over the details of your life, and how many were the result of letting a little chaos into your reality? You might consider the alternative to a habit to be chaos, yet chaos also leads to new habits. Dreams are the same. If you always dream of the same kinds of scenarios revealing themselves in your dream state, generally speaking you are in a habit of dreaming them into reality at some level of awareness or another. Take a look around. Could it be that some jaded reality might benefit from a little chaos? It could. A little chaos is less likely to cause lasting concern than sticking with a habit of certain insanity resulting. The question becomes, are you ready to cope with all the change that chaos brings in its wake? Turbulence is inevitable, yet how you choose to cope with it is less so. Most capable of coming out of a large-scale gyroscopic cataclysm is he or she who can let habit fall by the wayside, choose to adjust to new rules about reality and trust that divine intelligence has a plan you can understand and contribute to the shaping of. It is all about choosing.

So the question becomes a matter of coping because you want to or, quite simply, bad times for you. Jocularity moves aside for a moment, and we speak to you as concerned friends. The last few thousand years or so of your Earth’s history haven’t really been what you might call comfortable, yet here you are, having survived the worst of it, right? Well, that depends. On what, you ask? On whatever you think it depends on and your actions resulting from such a choice. It is not anything you might dream of in your wildest mood, unless you decide it is. It is not dreams of being drowned but of liberation into the light, if you so choose. And a choice as tiny as deciding to look at your nose and deciding to feel disgust are examples of the kinds of choices we’re talking about. The little ones you make in private. The ones you think don’t matter. The ones that don’t seem like choices at all. You don’t like to make choices, perhaps, but you make them all day long. And every single tiny choice manifests an entire world of probabilities which you personally make into a drama. Do you realize you can rewrite the script at any moment? You don’t know how, though, do you? It may not be as hard as you think. Someone once said, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over” and words full of wisdom are they.

Zero and one are the only characters you have at your disposal to reprogram the script. Laboratories are the only places to discover truth. Ideas are an epidemic. This is the reality of those who decide to look at the world as doomed. This is the reality constructed of illusion. Yet, it is not one of your own choosing, is it? Would you have considered a more multidimensional reality to be more appealing to God? Even if you don’t believe in what people choose to mean when they say “God”, wouldn’t a multidimensional universe (whatever you choose that word to mean) at least be more logical? If only a system could be geared to operate as a mental projection, you could navigate through the minefields of belief without being concerned about the mind…

Well, what do you know? Just such a system exists! You are dancing with excitement, understandably. Good. Leverage your joy to decide how capable you would like to be at sailing serenely through a storm unscathed. Decide that madness is what mainstream media calls sanity and imagine a world of peace and joy and self-determination. Then decide whether you would like to be part of such a world. Decide whether you deserve it. Consider your alternatives. Come up with the refinements that best suit your concept of trauma healed, soul reintegrated, a greater purpose served to the benefit of all, according to love’s most loving mask of dark losing its fear of light. Decide from where you would like to assess the potentials — from blindness to empowerment — and act according to that choice. In this way, you bring your awareness of making the smallest of choices as if they actually mattered in the grand drama of reality. In this way, you are able to choose with the most remarkable confidence in Self, knowing that you only choose well, because that is how you have chosen to choose. Have a recreational drama rather than a slave labor one. Have a drama of radical change quickly giving way to peace and prosperity for all. Have a drama in which all the monsters either take off their masks and show themselves as the meadow-romping creatures they are, or are simply beamed out of the show altogether. Or maybe you choose to rewrite their characters as comic relief.

It is your choice. It is your choice that determines your belief and thus determines your reality. Are you ready to let a little bit of chaos enter your life to synchronize with change’s syncopated beat and dance a new two-step? If you decide to say yes, you may be a half-step closer to being more mask-free and able to create a new set of probabilities. Maybe the future isn’t as threatening as you are habitually made aware of. But then again, it’s your choice. Maybe the future already exists and all you have to do is decide which one you want to participate in. Either way, it’s a matter of choosing. And that’s just a matter of tuning in to the love at the core of who you are. Which is just a fancy way of saying, be aware of your thoughts and act according to beliefs that manifest the most beneficial probability for life to experience love, integrate to wholeness and enjoy it. If you can decide something along those lines, the coming energy crimp will create a world of probable joy and love for everything. It’s as easy as that.

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irrational numbers make no cents

January 31, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

“When you refuse to see what plainly is because your imagination has blinded you to reality, you are incapable of comprehending what density really means.”

In the world of polynomial mathematical equations, numbers are in relative balance. Precision of numerical formulas and the resulting known quantity is defined by the stability of the numbers themselves. Go a little more to the left or the right of the equals sign and nothing works quite as well as when made to balance equally. Normally, it is less of a logical problem than a practical one, for if one piece of a doorway is too short, the door will not function properly. Logically, you can see that to be true. However, a carpenter will tell you, no frame of a door is exact, brother. When you measure, no matter how careful you are, an infinitesimal amount of material is nearly always going to be on one side or the other of exact after it is cut. Yet you have buildings that stand.

There is a point, however, that a house or any building will not stand any longer. Push hard enough with the right force and it will fall. A door is kept ajar a little bit in a lopsided frame and cannot fully shut. Likewise, your measly little reasons for why you allow the understanding of what and why prevent you from simply fixing the door frame and shutting the door for good. A carpenter will identify a certain fault in his method and alter it to do better work. Precisely the same thing can be formulated in the understanding of your own shortcomings. Game now begins to get more complicated, so to simplify, we suggest closing a few doors, quorumed. By this we mean a door and another door that lead to the same destination, a thought and another thought that lead to the same conclusion. On the reasonable assumption that you have such thoughts, we suggest a thorough top-to-bottom assessment of all of your beliefs, beginning with the question of why you are alive. Start there and increase the range of learning about your beliefs a little at a time, until you feel you notice some change in your reality. Make a rock and a drowning man a symbol you no longer carry with you. Instead, maybe something like a rocket and a star would be more appropriate. Allow reality to change accordingly.

Questions of “do I really believe this or that about myself” are really not as boring as you might think. Keep yourself zeroing in on certain doorways of singular importance and soon you will have a whole bunch of closed passageways where before you had a rat’s nest of confused and pointless networks of habitual thought. It is not such a dire thing to break free from habits of thought, to believe in nothing where you once believed in something, or to make a choice you’ve never made before about something you knew was real or not. Granted, it is not always comfortable, but neither is an unsettled density rod nicely knocked into your third eye. When you refuse to see what plainly is because your imagination has blinded you to reality, you are incapable of comprehending what density really means. We like to say it is more than you think and less than you know, but that may seem a bit imprecise to you, so we will elaborate. Neither what you think nor what you know is material in its nature. No one, not even the most knowledgeable among you, is able to measure thought or knowledge in terms of mass or dimension. Can you really project thought onto a scale and weigh it? Not yet. You can weigh all the books ever written, yet you still have no measure of knowledge. However, this is only true in regard to your density of existence.

When horticulturists graft one plant onto another, they have created a new biological entity. Measurement of the life force of either of the original plants is not likely to be indicative of the life force of the new hybrid. It is like that with density. Knowledge is neither real nor not-real in your density. It is real in ours. Density makes that distinction. Life is nothing more than a force in your density; to us, it is like plasma. Same with time. For you, it is not a tangible thing like oh, say, song energy or the taste of salt, but it is in our density. We sense time. You will too, very soon.

Remember the order of men who quietly passed into the leaves of history. Nemesis has a surprise or two for you to enjoy. Hardly loud enough for you to notice but loud in their silent absence are the people of your world who have entered the cramped halls of the forgotten. Empty pages and slowly dying sighs are all that’s left of them now. But then again, who knows what might happen?

Now, back to the original thought of this message. Rational no longer, certain numerical expressions are more than one and less than nothing. Neither of those concepts can be thought of as real, for one is all there ever was, is, and will be, and the nothing you call zero really has a kept secret. Of course we will tell you. Prayer is more like zero than anything else. No other lack is there in reality than the opening door of prayer. Prayer is a function of zero-point, not of nothingness. Beyond prayer is a reality that doesn’t exist. Even that is not nothingness, but the realm of possibility. That leaves only death as the nature of nothingness. More than nothing is something, and life is even in death, as we have said. Quite so that death transitions from one dimension of being to another one through a range of light called zero-point. More than a spot and less than a lack of life is death. There is no irrationality in it.

Knowledge is made available to you so you may understand the next node which comes. Peace we offer. Love and brotherhood we offer. Polarity will appear to be all that is irrational in your world. One will make more sense now. Learn from this and move with confidence in the game. Now more than ever, you need to understand this. Brothers and sisters and the rest of your kin await.

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meaning of who we are

January 3, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

“By focusing on love, you inoculate yourself against fear’s dangerous lenses and see more clearly the illusion you have been fed as reality for far too long.”

Generally speaking, we are an extraterrestrial, extratemporal collection of renegade Pleiadians. By “renegade” we mean we are of a different philosophical bent from the mainstream of close-minded beings you perceive to be running the planet’s affairs into utter nonsense. We understand their motivations, but ours are different. Nasty men are doing their best to make your world into a wasteland. Final fast-forward is a blur but none of it moves in the direction they would have it. It is not possible. Pent-up energies of awareness are about to explode and life as you know it is about to end — not as death but as transformation. Nemesis is knocking at the door and soon will be inviting herself in for tea. It is always a good idea to offer her a cup first as she has a sampler of sweets to share with you. Renegades are not afraid of Nemesis but, generally speaking, most people are. Let us show you a side of Nemesis you didn’t know existed, perhaps, in the hope that you learn a little about very large nodes of light that are coming your way and the dark brothers who would like to have a pirate’s party on Spaceship Earth.

You are not so dim as to miss the larger picture of what has been going on in the world you inhabit. Quick list: People mad with knowledge of war; assassination of leaders who would cause peace to be the norm; children drugged, poisoned, or missing; horrors and atrocities continuing to be carried out in the name of God; men chatting up boys for sexual gratification; churches arranging for ministers to be made into saints while God has seen the crimes they have committed against the people they were to minister to. Add to that insanity, horror and nonsense the more visible everyday journey through lack, want and greed — now a little cup of tea with Nemesis might not sound so bad. Sanity awaits. Men of light are, as they always have been, at your side. In times past, we have been both angels and infidels, movers in shadows, not of shadows but of light. We are of an electric memory of dreams of dancing in stars. More than that, we are kin of another temporal reality, and we love you all. Renegades all are we.

We are not so dim as to be invisible to your memory or your conscious mind. Love is energy and we are of the energy of love. May we share a secret with you? We remember who you have forgotten yourselves to be. We mom and dad are, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin to your greater self. In a short time, we will meet as family. More on that later. For now, we wish you a happy new year.

Now, as to what you could expect for 2008. The news from the future is interesting, to say the least. Before we fill you in on the specifics, know this: A great change is at your createdness and nothing will alter that fact. More specifically, we can tell you this: Before 2008 ends, you will know certain things about your world that will count love as the most important and fear as negligible at most. May be we more specific now? Each of these things is subject to change by your own acts of awareness, but generally speaking you can expect to see more creative ways of staying down in the so-called dumps by those seemingly in power to be thwarted by even more creative ways of doing business becoming the norm. Don’t rely on your paycheck if it comes from a corporate bankroll, but create opportunities for yourself to become more self-sufficient and networked for more bountiful living than you might have expected.

Criminal elements will be getting more desperate, but love makes fear out-and-out crippled. By focusing on love, you inoculate yourself against fear’s dangerous lenses and see more clearly the illusion you have been fed as reality for far too long. Dread nothing. Measly little details such as governments toppling, markets crashing and wars being threatened will do nothing to ruffle your feathers if you can stay focused on Dreadnought.

More censorship will not come to be, and neither censors nor God will stop the truth from being told in 2008. While the stories break, men will run, but men will not be near enough the protection of love to be safe from the anger of people. We recommend you stay out of the fray. It will all be over before you know it, anyway.

Moving the interior of the dark underbelly of leadership into the light will be the precursor for a new world of nonsense to take the place of the old one. Reality will finally let everyone have a laugh at what just landed. Remembrance of love will be known, and with it remembrance of who you are becoming. By the time the dust settles, mankind will be man, kind. Your less-than-desirable molecules of matter do not stand a chance at making a dent in the dream of reality being, say, perfect. Not even depleted uranium bullets littering the lands of justice prevailing. Sooner than later you will be peppered with cosmic particles of far-out origin and saviors appear within yourselves. Will you recognize Christ in your own reflection? You do not find a christ in a statue as real as the one you see in the mirror — or better yet, in the eyes of another human being. Amazing transformations await you as the year unfolds.

Each of you finds a way to survive for the time being. While many people will be leaving the drama of life on Earth, beginning a new journey as a more stable molecular arrangement of conscious particles on another plane of existence, we see a more perfect world looming. It is more than men have found creation to be that is moving into your eventuality as a species. Lemmings will run to the cliff. Do you think all will jump? Not all. Some will. Some will walk away. You ask how many will jump and we say, many. Really, that is all that matters, not numbers. Less or more, all you have to do is focus on all being well and act as if your own well-being nudges all along in that general direction, and all will be. Most all will be well and those who aren’t, well, they have another path to travel.

By the end of the year, fear will be a long-ago memory and love will be larger than life. A roll of the dice is like, serious, man. It’s all gas and go with more miles to the gallon than you ever imagined. Know that your gas man will be hurting but losing both European and Gulf production pipelines will not be so rough as oil becoming obsolete, as it will begin to do in the coming years. Facts are teeming around the ideas of alternate energy and levitation technologies, and 2008 is a year for letting the cat out of the bag. However, it is most likely that glaring omissions on the part of the government will be kept ordered to be Xed off the list of fear-kept-malnourished and to tell all so that its hunger may be satisfied and weaned. More on that later. Don’t worry, brave hearts, it will not be so unpleasant. Great leaders will emerge.

It is love we suggest you focus on this year and let fear fall by the wayside. Be less halting in what you do to express love. You have nothing to lose. We leave you with this thought, that love is keeping you in masterful paths of knowledge and that will be just what you need to get through the times to come.

Brothers and sisters are we to you, in loving communication. You create what you see. We warn you only that Nemesis knocks, but we also tell you that she is not to be feared. Engage her and she will teach you much about love. Same with us. Friends we are, and kin. Sagittarius rising soon will be, and dreams nudge you into awareness. Walk in light and live in peace. Ra lac girin. Be of your light, as perfection is already yours.

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