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September 9, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

You stand on the brink of discovering how big love is. What comes next is what you allow to be.

Creatures of habit you tend to be, as a race. It is a way of being that no longer looks like a viable idea. The changes in your personal lives and in your world are slow compared with the changes that loom on the horizon of your collective experience, of that you can be sure. It is a good idea to take a moment, when you find yourself acting, speaking, or thinking from habit, to pause, allow your awareness to settle on what is before you, and release your habitual process to the moment. Can you do that? It is the best practice for transforming an Earthbound consciousness into a galactic one, and pretty soon that is what you will be doing. Let’s take a practical example for a spin and see where we end up. It will likely be a lot closer to home than you now are.

Many of you who read these words have a habit of not allowing yourselves to really believe that you can effectively act to bring about the kind of change that would shift the ambiguity in the mass consciousness of the planet so that you can experience freedom and awareness of our presence in such a way that the question of your present power structure’s honesty and integrity is finally put to rest. You have been traumatized on many levels to the extent that to deviate from the habit of mental slavery causes a learned response of fear to grip you at the core of your being. Effective control over your behavior is practiced by those elements of your current reality matrix, resulting in shock becoming second nature to you in your existence within the matrix. It’s how things have been, and to a great extent it’s how things still are. It’s a dangerous habit, for it leads to the step beyond slavery, which is loss of the ability to dream. Rather, the loss of the belief in your ability to dream leads to a dissolution of your identity as divinely created emanations of love’s exploration of beingness. You are not ever able to be separate from love, but at a certain point of belief tipping towards unbelief in terms of your connection to and identification with love, the belief in your separation from love becomes so strong that without belief being challenged it becomes the perceived reality.

That’s where many people on your planet are at the moment.

If reality as it is perceived is to change on a planetary scale, all that needs to change on the individual level is the belief that it can. It does not have to change for the worse, nor does it merely have to alter its appearance while remaining at the most basic level unchanged. It can change utterly into a new reality, and you can find yourselves free from slavery, free from tyranny, oppression and secret machinations if you believe it. You can believe that you are in the transition from slave to self-determined being. You can believe that your efforts to alter your reality, however minor they may seem at the time, do in fact ripple unhindered and unobstructed into a larger field of play. You can believe that by believing in love as perennially renewable, universally encountered creation, that you are not and never can be separate from it in any of its joyful manifestations of power, wisdom and life undying. There is no law against it. You will not be lost to love by believing in it. In fact, you may just find that everything you had believed heretofore about anything will transform into an undeniable, complete and illusion-busting confirmation of the divine in all things – even that which you had believed was evil. Are you willing to believe in a love so big, so all-encompassing, so powerfully real that nothing can convince you in anything less? If ever there were a time for that to take hold in the consciousness of your people, it is now. You stand on the brink of discovering how big love is. What comes next is what you allow to be. As it is for you, it can be for all. Are you willing to let fall some habits of thought, some ingrained acts of expression, for the sake of recognizing yourselves as something other than slaves to that which has always been? As you mull over the myriad ways in which such a simple practice of being aware can alter the course of your days, know that we are waiting for the moment to come when our appearance is most welcomed in the hearts of humanity. Do not be fooled by imitations, folks – you have the habit of believing everything you hear as truth. The time has come for you to believe in your ability to know without question who you are and what you are not. It is your turn to play the trump card in the deadpan game of What’s Next. Know that the deck is still stacked in your favor. If you play your hand right, you might just tip the score in the direction of peace, prosperity and joy for all.

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