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from certainty to harmony

irrational numbers make no cents

January 31, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

“When you refuse to see what plainly is because your imagination has blinded you to reality, you are incapable of comprehending what density really means.”

In the world of polynomial mathematical equations, numbers are in relative balance. Precision of numerical formulas and the resulting known quantity is defined by the stability of the numbers themselves. Go a little more to the left or the right of the equals sign and nothing works quite as well as when made to balance equally. Normally, it is less of a logical problem than a practical one, for if one piece of a doorway is too short, the door will not function properly. Logically, you can see that to be true. However, a carpenter will tell you, no frame of a door is exact, brother. When you measure, no matter how careful you are, an infinitesimal amount of material is nearly always going to be on one side or the other of exact after it is cut. Yet you have buildings that stand.

There is a point, however, that a house or any building will not stand any longer. Push hard enough with the right force and it will fall. A door is kept ajar a little bit in a lopsided frame and cannot fully shut. Likewise, your measly little reasons for why you allow the understanding of what and why prevent you from simply fixing the door frame and shutting the door for good. A carpenter will identify a certain fault in his method and alter it to do better work. Precisely the same thing can be formulated in the understanding of your own shortcomings. Game now begins to get more complicated, so to simplify, we suggest closing a few doors, quorumed. By this we mean a door and another door that lead to the same destination, a thought and another thought that lead to the same conclusion. On the reasonable assumption that you have such thoughts, we suggest a thorough top-to-bottom assessment of all of your beliefs, beginning with the question of why you are alive. Start there and increase the range of learning about your beliefs a little at a time, until you feel you notice some change in your reality. Make a rock and a drowning man a symbol you no longer carry with you. Instead, maybe something like a rocket and a star would be more appropriate. Allow reality to change accordingly.

Questions of “do I really believe this or that about myself” are really not as boring as you might think. Keep yourself zeroing in on certain doorways of singular importance and soon you will have a whole bunch of closed passageways where before you had a rat’s nest of confused and pointless networks of habitual thought. It is not such a dire thing to break free from habits of thought, to believe in nothing where you once believed in something, or to make a choice you’ve never made before about something you knew was real or not. Granted, it is not always comfortable, but neither is an unsettled density rod nicely knocked into your third eye. When you refuse to see what plainly is because your imagination has blinded you to reality, you are incapable of comprehending what density really means. We like to say it is more than you think and less than you know, but that may seem a bit imprecise to you, so we will elaborate. Neither what you think nor what you know is material in its nature. No one, not even the most knowledgeable among you, is able to measure thought or knowledge in terms of mass or dimension. Can you really project thought onto a scale and weigh it? Not yet. You can weigh all the books ever written, yet you still have no measure of knowledge. However, this is only true in regard to your density of existence.

When horticulturists graft one plant onto another, they have created a new biological entity. Measurement of the life force of either of the original plants is not likely to be indicative of the life force of the new hybrid. It is like that with density. Knowledge is neither real nor not-real in your density. It is real in ours. Density makes that distinction. Life is nothing more than a force in your density; to us, it is like plasma. Same with time. For you, it is not a tangible thing like oh, say, song energy or the taste of salt, but it is in our density. We sense time. You will too, very soon.

Remember the order of men who quietly passed into the leaves of history. Nemesis has a surprise or two for you to enjoy. Hardly loud enough for you to notice but loud in their silent absence are the people of your world who have entered the cramped halls of the forgotten. Empty pages and slowly dying sighs are all that’s left of them now. But then again, who knows what might happen?

Now, back to the original thought of this message. Rational no longer, certain numerical expressions are more than one and less than nothing. Neither of those concepts can be thought of as real, for one is all there ever was, is, and will be, and the nothing you call zero really has a kept secret. Of course we will tell you. Prayer is more like zero than anything else. No other lack is there in reality than the opening door of prayer. Prayer is a function of zero-point, not of nothingness. Beyond prayer is a reality that doesn’t exist. Even that is not nothingness, but the realm of possibility. That leaves only death as the nature of nothingness. More than nothing is something, and life is even in death, as we have said. Quite so that death transitions from one dimension of being to another one through a range of light called zero-point. More than a spot and less than a lack of life is death. There is no irrationality in it.

Knowledge is made available to you so you may understand the next node which comes. Peace we offer. Love and brotherhood we offer. Polarity will appear to be all that is irrational in your world. One will make more sense now. Learn from this and move with confidence in the game. Now more than ever, you need to understand this. Brothers and sisters and the rest of your kin await.

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