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March 3, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

“Watch yourself transform from conscious moment to conscious moment, as gears slip into a more dynamic arrangement.”

Much has likely changed in the last week for you. Know that this is a taste of life as it will be, as bedrock shifts and new landscapes of reality come into view. The past will be a lot more immediate from now on. Watch yourself transform from conscious moment to conscious moment, as gears slip into a more dynamic arrangement. More joy awaits, if you want to take a ride in energetic lightships of your own making. Dreams can take you to all kinds of places. Maybe you cling too tightly to one thing or another, and maybe you forget you’re holding on to something at all. Well, the inner flaunting of pain and sanity-crushing grief is at a time of deciding about whether you will change or not. Know that changing leads to listening with new ears and seeing with new eyes. It means loving with a new heart made of light. “New” means created as a perfect machine of consciousness made manifest. You are an example of renew.

It is only because you have limited visibility that density renders itself invisible at certain levels of perception. In energized nature, you face a different dream at every choosing point. Granted, family’s words are not law, law being what manifests in the brilliance of the noonday sun so that all may see the truth. Moreover, what we say may seem like utter nonsense if you can’t stand the intensity of a star in your living room. However that may be, we speak of a truth of cosmic proportions when we say you are moving into a period of great consequences for every decision you make. The tiniest inkling of God knows what is as large as the creative force of what gets a mislabeled title of “important” and has equally large ripples in a relatively short amount of time. When you begin to see every little thing you do as something of very dark sourcing to the surface of the mirror you sense around you as reality, then you can begin to see how tiny ripples, over time, can become energetically overwhelming, like a crashing tidal wave. It has always been this way, but time had divided your experience to such an extent that the source of present troubles had seemed like half a world away. Now you are getting a much bigger bang for your luck, as choices made in one moment may manifest quite dramatically in the next. Most large choices will manifest rather dramatically. You decide to buy a house, next thing you know you’re moving in and meeting the new neighbors. The smaller decisions don’t usually seem to make such a big impact on your life. You don’t usually think that deciding to wear a blue shirt one day might not make much difference, but it might actually turn out to be the best decision you ever made, if it makes a certain set of possibilities more likely to manifest than wearing, say, a green one. It could be that you decided to wear the clothes that matched your mood that day, but in so doing you attracted the attention of someone who could help you bring your dream into reality. Stranger things have happened. Not that you should fret about anything. Read on and we will explain why.

In the course of a normal day on Earth, you will make more decisions than you realize. Just in a few minutes, you may decide to brush your teeth, to rinse an extra time, to lay your brush the same way you always do, to look at your nose in the mirror, to lean a little closer and check out your hairline, et cetera. How many of those actions were the result of habit based on feeling little control over the details of your life, and how many were the result of letting a little chaos into your reality? You might consider the alternative to a habit to be chaos, yet chaos also leads to new habits. Dreams are the same. If you always dream of the same kinds of scenarios revealing themselves in your dream state, generally speaking you are in a habit of dreaming them into reality at some level of awareness or another. Take a look around. Could it be that some jaded reality might benefit from a little chaos? It could. A little chaos is less likely to cause lasting concern than sticking with a habit of certain insanity resulting. The question becomes, are you ready to cope with all the change that chaos brings in its wake? Turbulence is inevitable, yet how you choose to cope with it is less so. Most capable of coming out of a large-scale gyroscopic cataclysm is he or she who can let habit fall by the wayside, choose to adjust to new rules about reality and trust that divine intelligence has a plan you can understand and contribute to the shaping of. It is all about choosing.

So the question becomes a matter of coping because you want to or, quite simply, bad times for you. Jocularity moves aside for a moment, and we speak to you as concerned friends. The last few thousand years or so of your Earth’s history haven’t really been what you might call comfortable, yet here you are, having survived the worst of it, right? Well, that depends. On what, you ask? On whatever you think it depends on and your actions resulting from such a choice. It is not anything you might dream of in your wildest mood, unless you decide it is. It is not dreams of being drowned but of liberation into the light, if you so choose. And a choice as tiny as deciding to look at your nose and deciding to feel disgust are examples of the kinds of choices we’re talking about. The little ones you make in private. The ones you think don’t matter. The ones that don’t seem like choices at all. You don’t like to make choices, perhaps, but you make them all day long. And every single tiny choice manifests an entire world of probabilities which you personally make into a drama. Do you realize you can rewrite the script at any moment? You don’t know how, though, do you? It may not be as hard as you think. Someone once said, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over” and words full of wisdom are they.

Zero and one are the only characters you have at your disposal to reprogram the script. Laboratories are the only places to discover truth. Ideas are an epidemic. This is the reality of those who decide to look at the world as doomed. This is the reality constructed of illusion. Yet, it is not one of your own choosing, is it? Would you have considered a more multidimensional reality to be more appealing to God? Even if you don’t believe in what people choose to mean when they say “God”, wouldn’t a multidimensional universe (whatever you choose that word to mean) at least be more logical? If only a system could be geared to operate as a mental projection, you could navigate through the minefields of belief without being concerned about the mind…

Well, what do you know? Just such a system exists! You are dancing with excitement, understandably. Good. Leverage your joy to decide how capable you would like to be at sailing serenely through a storm unscathed. Decide that madness is what mainstream media calls sanity and imagine a world of peace and joy and self-determination. Then decide whether you would like to be part of such a world. Decide whether you deserve it. Consider your alternatives. Come up with the refinements that best suit your concept of trauma healed, soul reintegrated, a greater purpose served to the benefit of all, according to love’s most loving mask of dark losing its fear of light. Decide from where you would like to assess the potentials — from blindness to empowerment — and act according to that choice. In this way, you bring your awareness of making the smallest of choices as if they actually mattered in the grand drama of reality. In this way, you are able to choose with the most remarkable confidence in Self, knowing that you only choose well, because that is how you have chosen to choose. Have a recreational drama rather than a slave labor one. Have a drama of radical change quickly giving way to peace and prosperity for all. Have a drama in which all the monsters either take off their masks and show themselves as the meadow-romping creatures they are, or are simply beamed out of the show altogether. Or maybe you choose to rewrite their characters as comic relief.

It is your choice. It is your choice that determines your belief and thus determines your reality. Are you ready to let a little bit of chaos enter your life to synchronize with change’s syncopated beat and dance a new two-step? If you decide to say yes, you may be a half-step closer to being more mask-free and able to create a new set of probabilities. Maybe the future isn’t as threatening as you are habitually made aware of. But then again, it’s your choice. Maybe the future already exists and all you have to do is decide which one you want to participate in. Either way, it’s a matter of choosing. And that’s just a matter of tuning in to the love at the core of who you are. Which is just a fancy way of saying, be aware of your thoughts and act according to beliefs that manifest the most beneficial probability for life to experience love, integrate to wholeness and enjoy it. If you can decide something along those lines, the coming energy crimp will create a world of probable joy and love for everything. It’s as easy as that.

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