The first transmissions from the Pleiadian Renegades

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from certainty to harmony

love lights the way

April 17, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

“At this point in your collective journey, we again extend our hand, holding a key with which you may discover a flashlight in your own inner being and arrive safely on the other side of the darkness which comes.”

When you were a child, you found your way in the dark by your sense of spatial orientation and your parents’ help. Darkness and blindness were the same thing. Both were states of heightened sensory awareness and the place where the unknown was met. A hand from above guided you to both light and ultimate safety. Things are not so different now, are they? Perhaps you can remember where things are and so avoid bumping into them, or you have trained yourself to move gingerly in unfamiliar surroundings. Yet are you aware of the byways of darkness you navigate without a clue as to how you arrive safely in light? You dream without a source of light to guide you from without, yet you manage to awaken without any bruises from your journey of closed eyes. Abductions aside, you don’t travel through the night needing a light to help you wake up safely. Do you suppose it is so different, then, to travel in ignorance, blind and unaware, yet eventually to awaken to light? It is not. Children and adults alike sometimes need a little helping hand to get to the other side of darkness, and we and others are at the ready.

You have probably sensed such guidance from time to time, as shadows fall around you and your source of light becomes dimmed. It is natural to be lightless and needing a torch on the bends of the journey. When knowledge ceases to light your way, what do you do? You learn more. What, then, when learning only adds to the shadows? There comes a time when getting someplace safe is all that matters and all the learning in the world stops short of your destination – sometimes just at the edge of a gaping abyss. Bright light in the distance can seem as far away as the stars, yet it may be only as far as a single step. How so? Dimension and quantum density hold the key to understanding and unlocking the portal that can carry you safely to love’s bright shores. Those keys are a puzzle no longer, if you want them. Just hold out your hand and grab ours – we’ll take you there.

Knowledge of dark paths need not lead you to oblivion. Often, they are necessary detours which lead to bright, sunshiny meadows of joy. It isn’t the all-encompassing darkness of Abbadon of which we speak, but the lightless ways of forgetfulness and despair. On these paths, light is not discerned, though it may be all around. All-encompassing darkness is another thing altogether. On such a dark creation, light is itself dark. While such dark creations generally do not come into view, understanding that they do exist – when understanding comes from a place of light – alters the vibratory structure of darkness in a way that says “I love you” to deaf ears that they hear. Understanding, of course, is another matter of bringing your eyes to a place of light that nothing can overshadow. Knowledge itself makes light of dark, as knowledge is light. Ignorance cannot stand in its presence without transformation of its beingness. Ignorance, far from being bliss, does itself a favor by allowing that transformation to begin. In purity of darkness, ignorance has its source. In light it completes its journey. Hope is its light, and prayer its handrails over chasms of morbid decay. And by now, you should already know that by prayer we mean communication with divine and joyful amore, love and moi, the generative source of life within your own beingness.

May we discourse a bit on the meaning of prayer? Perhaps the question should be an emotional one, but for us it is a bit more half-and-half emotional and logical. In the balance, we find a more satisfying overview of the word and a clearer path before us. Can you see into the darkness when you’re purely emotional? A capital N-O. You see the darkness, but not beyond. Hope and trust are not emotional states, but rather mental beams on which are built whole cities of light. Emotional aspects of being are magnification lenses with which you sense your relative practical climate within a particular situation. Emotion is an antenna, it is a translator, it is a reality gauge. It is not a beacon, nor is it a source of any neutrality. Emotion is charged. You may think that love is an emotion. Love is substance and energy; it can be sensed and generated, but not more than that. What you sense as love is the energy it generates as joy, bliss, peace, contentment – joy being chief among these that you can sense with the emotional body. Love takes all forms. The amore of love, the generative source within you, is life undying. Fear, despair, indignation and rage are also forms of love which the antenna of emotion transmits to your understanding of your reality, yet they don’t necessarily feel what you call “loving”. Nonetheless, they too are of love. You see the necessity of applying a little logic to the question? Logic and love are indispensable partners to each other. Peace is logic’s state of being. Self-preservation is emotion’s raison d’etre. Together, they simply dance to the ever-changing melody of joy. Prayer is the means to their harmonization.

When you are at a loss to find your way in the dark, you call for light in some form to guide you to pristine arrival in safe haven. Whether you’re lost in the woods or lost in despair, this is generally true, is it not? You call for yourself to be safely guided. You may call on an external source or rely on your own mettle for such guidance, yet you bring to your awareness the possibility that you will arrive safely beyond the darkness. This is prayer. You need not fall on your knees, but you might in the face of such a possibility finding you. Noting your general call for guidance at various times of dramatic samplings of darkness, we have renegade-style answered with messages of light. At this point in your collective journey, we again extend our hand, holding a key with which you may discover a flashlight in your own inner being and arrive safely on the other side of the darkness which comes. That key: Home is a distant star no longer. It burns within the reflection you see in yourselves and makes sense when you consider that Beingness names you as its home star in the darkness of coming around the bend of quiet desperation into certainty of dancing with joy as a day breaks in your own dark night of doubt. You are coming to a time of knowingness of darkness as a path that leads to light. Can you pray for peace within? If you can, you may find yourselves dancing with joy and lit from within. We are here if you need a hand. Just call, if you do.

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