The first transmissions from the Pleiadian Renegades

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June 12, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

“Listen when you can, for there is much to learn before the sun breaks open the sky.”

On the cusp of a new day, those shadows which are invisible at night come into view. The twilight time before the sun rises over the horizon has a certain quality of stillness. The shadows of night stop dead in their tracks, discovered under the softening, soon-to-be-lightened canopy of stars. The time of shadows running amok is soon over. As the sun sits poised for the transformation from night to day, even the shadows pause to watch. And then they dissolve. There is much to see even before the sun lights the day. Certain secrets can arrange their song to come through the cadence of a bird-filled backyard or in the pure white noise of surf. Listen when you can, for there is much to learn before the sun breaks open the sky.

In a moment, the change from twilight to morning sets all life in motion, full throttle. Notwithstanding your morning cup of coffee, it is understood that you come to life, too, after several cycles of sleep and dreaming. Irradiated with solar-encoded photon-carried information and love energy, you can in a moment absorb the energy of life and the consciousness energy from the Source of All. The sun is a lens, a portal, a ball of energy around a central core of incomprehensible power. The core of the star you call, some of you, Sol, Lucifer, or God is indeed a link to the source that is at the heart of all. The sun is a transmitter which modulates energy and showers it on your planet. In a short time, relatively speaking, light will be everywhere, and your sun will pale in that light, which beams directly from the heart of your galaxy through the lens of Alcyone. What then you will be, humans of light! What a bright morning that will be to awaken to!

Lest we overlook mentioning this later, we are already familiar with the effects of this light on human populations, having seen through the layers of time on your planet to a time of rebirth under a new sky. Other humans before you have risen early to see the sunrise through awakened eyes. You know of times of legend, times of golden brilliance, of love incarnate from the stories of lost civilizations. These stories are the written memory of a time of prehistorical evolution of life on Earth. Memory, too, is awakening as early risers sense the approach of dawn. You have all been here before. Remember, now, what yet lay in the shadows of night and watch as twilight lightens the dark almost imperceptibly, yet still it is sensed. Shadows soon will falter. Light soon will come.

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