The first transmissions from the Pleiadian Renegades

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from certainty to harmony

an old friend comes to visit

June 28, 2008

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

Coming to the realization that you might be watched by beings of an eminently friendly, loving disposition is the beginning of a process of welcoming old friends at your doorstep.”

An amicable feeling of past and future meeting in a joyful now may be on the edge of your world. Do you want to know what that would look like? Imagine a long-lost dear friend arriving at your door. After collecting your thoughts, what would you say? How would you feel? In what ways could such a reunion affect your reality? We can say a thing or two about such things, as we have been on both sides of the doorway when coming face to face with an old friend. It is a reunion with yourself in time, to see the face of one with whom you have shared the brightest, darkest, most joyful or violent episodes of your path. Who were you then, and who are you now? What defining moments do you choose to share about how you came to be who you are now? So many questions arise with the idea of joining then with now, and with sharing your visions of what you want to experience in the future. When such a convergence of timelines knocks on your front door, how will you greet it? Let us share a little of our experience thus far with a certain Earth-bound Pleiadian-originating human of no great fame or fortune, the one who transcribes our messages to you, the one who holds the pen and writes as we speak to her. She has no idea we mean to disclose our secret friendship, kinship, mentorship with the world, but it is, as she might say, part of the deal.

We first met Maryann (Amanda R. Ryan being a clever anagram of her name) when she was in service of love as a student of healing some years ago. It was her desire to know herself more fully that spurred our meeting. We merely responded to her invitation. Beyond that, we were unknown to her as her old friends, but due to some complex foldings of long time ago’s, she knew us not when we answered her call, as mentioned. However, she was not unknown to us, as we have shared much in other realities and in the greater reality in which your reality resides. Her invitation hit all the notes we needed to tap her shoulder and introduce ourselves – again. Our joy was great and as she has relaxed into the partnership of purpose, our joy has grown. Now she is beginning to see a remembrance growing, and our joy grows yet. And she has not yet fully opened the door on which we knocked.

Coming to the realization that you might be watched by beings of an eminently friendly, loving disposition is the beginning of a process of welcoming old friends at your doorstep. After all, not only are you not alone in this universe, you are also not the only people. We speak of the human race here, of which you and we are a part. How is it, then, that we can communicate without the use of technology? Maybe we use a type of cellular technology that has a non-local roaming area. Our cell phone is the writer of these messages. Clearly the technology you commonly call cellular is a holographic miniature of a greater phenomenon. There is no mystery, it’s how things move in the reality we both share.

Keeping your motivations pure ensures a good connection, as does integrating the shattered aspects of your soul’s expression in time. This is the groundwork for making contact with new friends. You, whole, healing and healed, with the semblance of peace and power, in harmony with yourself, can answer the door with the conscious awareness that you are love, that you invite love, that love responds to you and that love finds you. Do you want to open your awareness to the prospect of meeting new people who share common interests, who like to enjoy fun times, who said “We will meet again” long ago? It is with great respect for you, our brothers and sisters, with great love for you, our friends and neighbors, that we say now, we come near to your reality, and we have long anticipated reuniting with you in peace, joy and friendship. Be at peace and listen for our arrival. You have invited love. Love responds. Cordial greetings we send. One remembrance is worth a thousand words.

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