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There's nothing more satisfying than having a copy of the wisdom of the stars on hand, right with you, for inspiration, reflection, and reality exploration. Whether you like to go paperless with digital e-books or you enjoy the comfort of curling up with a printed book, your options are wide open. Print and Kindle

League of Light titles are available as print-on-demand via CreateSpace, an amazon subsidiary, as well as in Kindle format. Expect the same level of service and availability that is famous for. Various e-book formats

Offering more options in formatting and availability, Smashwords gives you a lot of flexibility with how and where you're placing your order. Serving more than 200 countries and more online outlets, you're sure to find the download that's right for you... including Apple iBooks, Kobo, B&N and more.



The Book Depository: PayPal option and free delivery

Your book order via The Book Depository feeds directly to the CreateSpace print-on-demand system, guaranteeing a streamlined process and fast (did I mention free?) delivery the world over. If you like to pay by PayPal, this is your option of choice!



Other options: Alternatives to

Don't want to order from Amazon? No problem. Plenty of online booksellers list League of Light books, and you can probably order direct from your favorite reseller. Alibris, Books-a-Million, Powell's, and Better World Books all can help you get a copy in your hands.



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