The present website will be undergoing a complete re-design, so that the mission of the League of Light and the Pleiadian Renegades can reach more people more easily. In the meantime, enjoy browsing the pages here, and look forward to a totally new experience, coming soon!

(announced July 11, 2017)

A decade ago, the group I came to know as the Pleiadian Renegades, those who communicated to me from within the League of Light, began a series of preliminary "chats" introducing me, gradually, to the work that lay before me. The concept of opalescence, the philosophy of the numbers of creation 1 through 9, and who these beings were all began to be revealed. I've copied some of those early communications from my notebooks here for you to explore the underpinnings of the work, so you can see where the path took root and where it brought the concepts to the fore.

Preliminary communications


Other modes of communication

Besides writing, which I do both by hand with pen and notebook, and direct keyboarding on the computer, I also have received many drawings and writing in "alien" scripts. Some are whimsical, some mysterious, all of them intriguing for the source energy that comes through. To explore more of the background communications the League of Light shares in creative ways, click here.






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