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birth of a new kind of human

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10 months 1 week ago #1 by Eleutherio
Eleutherio created the topic: birth of a new kind of human
You mentioned in December [of 2016]
" You will see yourselves completely differently by the mid-point of December, and end the year’s evolution with the dynamism of birth of a new kind of man. You will need only to look at each other to see this; there is no need to search for anything outside of yourselves.".
Please speak more to that. Causation in linear time can flow from the past or from the future,the "arrow" of time, causation from either direction in linear time.

More valuable I think from the future you have already addressed. Connecting [the tradition being a sine wave, a "S" curve], connecting that positive future to our present. And perhaps looking at a few months beyond that positive future----at the consequences coming out of that birth--
as we go into early 2017 from that "with the dynamism of birth of a new kind of man." in December.

For humanity to do I think, no matter what our stellar heritage; but you have already offered a helping hand, a positive "path of least resistance" [like scoring glass?]. And your sisters and brothers, the Galactic Federation also suggested:
Anica, speaking on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light "your experience will follow the chosen wave of change, with room to shift into a position of greater relative comfort [a Gentler Magical more powerful wave] still in the offing".

A gentler approach need not be the "longer", need not take more time. Gentler can be more powerful, can be Magical [we still tend to think dramatic devastation, evacuation etc. is the faster direct route; rather than the power of Gentle alchemy, the power of Gentle Magic.....indeed Loves Magic ]. >> You have time yet to awaken to gain the understanding you need to shift the whole of reality.<<

Well one of my rants... but you have offered a path connecting to that Gentle Magic, causation from December 2016 as well as a potential from the present through the GFL. So all directions in time covered .
For humanity to do, to embrace Love's Gentle [more] Powerful Magic but please give attention to that
>> birth of a new kind of human<<
in this Global Reading.

Thank you.
Much love

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