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Are these the "real" Asket and Semjase?

1 year 4 months ago #1 by jonnyspa27
jonnyspa27 replied the topic: Are these the "real" Asket and Semjase?
I think we've talked about this before with Asket. I envision a warm hearth where she's wearing a big wool scarf, sitting on a couch, and drinking something from a mug. Hope to give her a hug someday. I get a very soothing feeling in her words from her transmissions. I'm very thankful for them :)

"Buy the ticket, take the ride."
- Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

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2 years 1 month ago #2 by Opal
Opal created the topic: Are these the "real" Asket and Semjase?
I get a lot of questions about my contact with Asket and Semjase. I also hear a lot of people are having direct contact with them in their own way, very real contact that's so big that they write to me about it. Here's what I understand about these two amazing women.

By their own communications with me, they do mention that they have had contact with Billy Meier. I haven't asked them much about that, because honestly my own knowledge of Billy Meier is rudimentary at best. I haven't dug into it more than to scratch the very surface. What I get about his interaction with them is that it left them disappointed in the choices he made. That's about as much as I know.

When I connect with the League of Light, I'm not always sure who is waiting to transmit a message. Some individuals have their own energy signature, which I recognize, but when Asket presented herself to me, I quite frankly brushed it off as fairy-tale dreaming. However, I quickly changed my mind when I connected more fully with her presence! She is straightforward, powerful, and exceedingly wise, and takes no nonsense in thinking or doing. Her presence is unmistakeable. She's like a CEO who would kick a door down if the mission requires it, and would be by your side no matter how tough the going gets. And her loving friendship makes me cry, it's so very tender and tangible.

Semjase presented herself after I accepted that I was indeed in an interdimensional relationship with Asket as part of the League of Light crew, yet I surely questioned the validity of the contact when it first appeared. Semjase has more the vibe of a starship commander (which, indeed, she is); the feeling I get when she comes to communicate is that I need to sit down and ask no questions, just take down what she has to say... and I get the feeling that she's walking with her hands clasped thoughtfully behind her back as she paces around near me. She's also no-nonsense, but she doesn't have the particularly sharp way of angling an eyebrow the way Asket does. Semjase brushes nonsense away, as she does with fear, doubt, and confusion.

The pictures you see of them on the site and the blogs are renderings done by someone I know who has also had direct interdimensional contact with them. The pictures capture their personalities and energetic presence as perfectly as can be... more perfectly, I feel, than any other picture I have seen of either of them. I invite you to accept their friendship, and their invitation, to connect with them. Use the pictures for meditation, and listen to their messages. The messages from Asket come directly from her voice. The videos of Semjase's messages are of me reading her written messages, with her presence right behind me. If you feel their presence, perhaps it's not your imagination!
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