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Changing the Matrix

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2 years 3 weeks ago #1 by Opal
Opal created the topic: Changing the Matrix
I've been thinking about the matrix lately, but not in the movie-sense of the word. The word "matrix" comes from the same words as "mother", and refers to the invisible, fine-energy grid that determines time and space in this world. Like an invisible X-, Y-, and Z-axis 3D grid. Our dense material bodies are part of the matrix, where the thought of "I am" collapses in density. Twists and tangles in the gridlines indicate misdirected energy and manifest in pain and illness. Around each of us is an area of the matrix grid that our thoughts influence. Some dense, heavy, twisted thoughts will have an effect on the gridlines to bend and contort. Clear mind allows the grid to have its natural pathways restored, energy to flow, reality to settle in peace. You can influence the matrix around you in any number of ways. I believe that conscious awareness of this grid and our energetic interplay with it can create an environment in which the kind of thoughtforms that allow the kind of violence that we see, especially against Mother Earth, to dissipate because they cannot hold their form. It takes a number of conscious minds to hold that kind of awareness, but I think it's our best work to do in dislodging the energetic forms from which violent acts originate. Once the seed bed is raked clean, the seed cannot take root and will ripple its unraveling throughout the matrix.
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