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Co-creating miracles together

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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #1 by Opal
Opal created the topic: Co-creating miracles together
I think a lot of turbulence coming up, cross currents in and between time streams. You have already given clear suggestions on navigating through this time in a reading on the website: thank you. I am thinking for humanity to become even more aware of their [of our, no matter stellar origins or not--those embodied here, who took form] of our magnificence, our grandeur, Terra's humanities heroic qualities, the heroic tenaciousness of our Love.

Like that . You have spoken of often----the word that comes to mind as I request this reading is "reverberation". How what we are doing here reverberates throughout this universe of Free Will.
Our heroic effect on the whole. A holograph? I like "reverberation", but whatever words will help those who see/hear your reading grokk more fully who they are and their "place" in this universe more fully now. As what is happening, will happen, here reverberates throughout.....

during this period, lunar cycle especially from 3/15 to 3/23 there are a group of us focusing on making miracles. Receiving miracles is wonderful; but this focus now on creating miracles, on Co-Creating miracles together. It is part of our heritage---it is in the heritage of Stellar Magic co-creation. A joy to work together with you all, please do join us, that is becoming a great joy to me personally, working together. Yes I long to touch foreheads when that is---but meanwhile to touch this way co-creating. Miracles from a resonance of celebration, of hope-full-ness that you help to foster. Of what already is, a streeetch away, a reeaaach "up" to touch the New Earth and be conduits.

And to make miracles together.

This general reading got kinda personal but the focus of the words and sounds folks will see and hear if this seems right, their grandeur, magnificence---their heroic Love's reverberation pulsing throughout our universe.
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