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LIGHTWAVE SYNDICATE: Echoes through time come together into harmonic resolution now. In this space and time defined by the gathering of consciousness and individual presence, we enter into a new realm of understanding of what it is to see in everything a spark of divinity. In the words of the Pleiadian Renegades, whose presence also is entwined with our own here, it is a Nine school that happens when minds combine. Feel at home here, for this is the landing area as well as the launch pad for inner reflection and outer exploration. Take a look around. In one now, create another. Enjoy!

The Opalescent Nine site is in the midst of a total transformation.

You'll find it reborn as Nine's Path, an enhanced and upgraded online experience.

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Mythic Thinking & Archetypes (No topics)

Our ancestors didn't make up crazy stories about their world. They observed and recorded, and the stories passed through time to us as myths, legend, folklore, and song – as well as the pictures carved in stone (petroglyphs) – have some very real truths to tell us. We just need to know how to read them.

Archetypes (No topics)

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Strange Books (No topics)

"The Book of Veles", "The Voynich Manuscripts", and other esoteric titles populate this literary feast.
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