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LIGHTWAVE SYNDICATE: Echoes through time come together into harmonic resolution now. In this space and time defined by the gathering of consciousness and individual presence, we enter into a new realm of understanding of what it is to see in everything a spark of divinity. In the words of the Pleiadian Renegades, whose presence also is entwined with our own here, it is a Nine school that happens when minds combine. Feel at home here, for this is the landing area as well as the launch pad for inner reflection and outer exploration. Take a look around. In one now, create another. Enjoy!

The Opalescent Nine site is in the midst of a total transformation.

You'll find it reborn as Nine's Path, an enhanced and upgraded online experience.

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Vestiges (No topics)

Art, language, texts, architecture, music and more all keep alive the threads of an ancient, golden epoch and lead us to reintegration of a collective humanity.

Ancient Writings (No topics)

Rich libraries lost and found, stories remembered.
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Clues left from another time give tantalizing glimpses of other technologies and scales of structure.
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OOPArts = Out-of-place artifacts (things that "shouldn't be there")
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